How alligators survive “global warming” – Video

How alligators survive in a frozen pond.

Here’s an updated video on how they’re doing:

Thanks to Jean S and Dean Koehler for these links

This is how alligators survive “global warming,” says Jean.

9 thoughts on “How alligators survive “global warming” – Video”

  1. While this is an interesting insight into survival techniques of animals just how do alligators, a reptile lacking mammals’ ability to regulate body temperature above a cold environment temperature, lower their body temperature and metabolism underwater to survive ?

    One should research before putting the mouth in gear.

    Surely they are just victim of the environment and it is the absolutely amazing properties of water which permit life to exist ?

    Imagine if water bodies froze from the bottom up !

  2. Thanks for posting Robert… that other video I had not even seen… cool (ha ha). Tho if I saw a gator I would not be chipping away at the ice trying to get him/her out!

  3. I wonder how the pythons in the Everglades are doing? Those things are really scarey, hope they do not survive the cold … but I suspect they would just hibernate or something.

  4. Jean S.

    Pythons are not poisonous.

    Don’t come to Australia as 7 of the top 10 deadly land snakes are here ( including the number 1). The Cobra is about number 20 on the poisonous list and rattlesnakes are even further down.

    Plus we have big saltwater crocodiles in the north ( bigger than alligators), which probably need some culling ( since we started protecting them they have really flourished).

    You cannot swim in the north of Queensland in the summer due to super poisonous marine stingers, and in the winter the croc’s come up on the beaches to warm up. The worst is the small Irukandji. They fire their small stingers with the acceleration of a bullet.

    We have not even gotten onto the subject of spiders

    Another day in paradise.

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