Almost 11 inches of snow in Minnesota

Almost 28 cm – On the 9th of May!

Area Snowfall amount (inches)
Duluth, MN 10.6
Cloquet, MN 10
Maple, WI 9.9
Two Harbors, MN 8.5
Malmo, MN 6





3 thoughts on “Almost 11 inches of snow in Minnesota”

  1. Warmists in the US don’t like to point out that with a such a late end to the melt season, and a much delayed start to farm land ground temperatures recovering to 5C to 6C to allow seeds to germinate, coupled with an early start to next winter which may be in Oct rather than the expected November.
    That shortened growing season will reduce crop yields and place more farmers on the economic knife edge.
    The same situation exists in Europe, much of central Europe is still in the grip of a late winter, caused by a meridional blast of warm air from Africa which started the growing season, which in turn has been replaced by the reciprocal Northerly we have seen over the last two weeks in a cold UK and caused massive damage to frost tender shoots.

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