Almost 26 Inches of snow for Billerica

14 Mar 2018 — Many residents in Billerica, Massachusetts, about 22 miles northwest of Boston, got up bright and early yesterday morning to tackle the thigh-high snow piled up on their driveways.

“It takes three hours. My snow blower ran out of gas twice. You just keep chugging away,” said Dominic Ciulla.

But compared to last week’s nor’easter, this storm didn’t seem all that bad. That storm knocked out power for almost all of Billerica, a city of about 40,000.

“Giant trees, 50 to 100-year-old trees were collapsed,” Ciulla said.

This time around, no power outages were reported.

Here are some of the cities reporting 2 ft (60 cm) or more of snowfall:

Methuen 28.3″
Uxbridge 27.8″
Milford 26.6″
Billerica 25.6″
Dracut 25.5″
Holden 25.0″
Douglas 25.0″
Andover 24.6″
Haverhill 24.3″
Burlington 24.2″
West Newton 24.0″
Sharon 24.0″
Bellingham 24.0″

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3 thoughts on “Almost 26 Inches of snow for Billerica”

  1. ‘My snow blower ran out of gas twice.’

    I wonder how he will get in future with his electric snow blower? I guess he can have a sandwich and a cup of coffee – or tea as we say in England – while he waits for the battery to recharge…..if there is any power.

  2. Did anyone else notice that the chart behind the weather-lady was (purposefully?) deceptive?

    By any kind of math I know, 4″ is more than 5 times smaller than 21″ – yet the chart showed about a factor of three difference. That diminishes the visual impact of how much MORE snow we got. And boy oh boy did we get hammered. Snow up over my knees, and where one of my daughters lives it was almost hip-deep for her.

    • A very good point. If you look at charts in climate “science” they are often designed to emphasize point to be made, or de-emphasize a fact they don’t want to underscore.

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