Almost 7 feet of snow already

Snow is already piling up in upstate New York, and winter has not yet officially begun.

16 Dec 2017 -According to the National Weather Service, the town of Redfield is snowiest in the state with 82.6 inches (209 cm) of snow as of Friday.

Copenhagen comes in second with 74.1 inches, Osceola is in third place with 49.8 inches of snowfall, and Colden comes in fourth at 47.7 inches.

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10 thoughts on “Almost 7 feet of snow already”

  1. Over what period of time did this come down? That is important.

    If this was in one day, then just wait till Winter.

    If this is in one week, just wait till Winter

    How are people going to live in these areas when it will be IMPOSSIBLE to move, shop, drive, etc.? If this is 7 feet in one week, and it snows for 4 weeks, my American High School Math tells me there will be ( 4 times 7………26, nope….36, nope….) AH, 28 feet of snow !!!!

    That is taller than a 2 story house. That is taller than a snow plow can plow it….taller than a snow blower can blow…….I see problems ahead. I see frozen people.

  2. That is the way to use some of this info. If it happened 30 or 40 years ago, it has happened and not unusual. Just rare. It is not unusual for a volcano to blow. Just doesn’t happen very often. The problem will be IF this snow does not melt by next winter. And the rest of the winter may be warmer than now, and melt it all. We’ll see.

    • But this is the warmest year the planet has ever seen so they claim and snow will be just a memory, which makes this heavy snowfall a bit inconvenient as Gore would say.

  3. But you all seem to forget, as with your body’s , it has pulse and cycles, are we at the beginning ,? of the next one if we look at global warming information, meaning AL GORE , LOL man is bad , but we were not DRIVING SUV 100,000 PLUS YEARS AGO , if we were so body forget to put that inmy historical data lol

  4. Lake effect snow isn’t anything to get excited by, especially in the snow belt region downwind of Lake Erie, e.g. Buffalo N.Y.

    Having said that, has anyone looked at the temperature profiles of the Great Lakes this year compared to the last couple of years?
    This is for Lake Superior. Lake Erie has slightly less ice extent than last year on today’s date (DOY 352, Dec 18th) BUT … look at the surface temperature and whole lake volume temperature. It is only a 1.4°F difference between 2017 and 2016 but 6.2°F between 2017 and 2015. That’s a whole lot of thermal inertia the lake has lost (as have the other Great Lakes.)

    For instance, if my math is correct, the 1.4 degree temperature decline in Lake Erie, which has 127.6 trillion gallons of water in them, at 8.3 lbs per gallon, and with the heat capacity of water being 1 BTU/lb °F,
    127.6 trillion x 8.3 x 1.4°F temperature difference =
    1.482712 x 10-15 BTU’s worth of energy lost to the atmosphere,
    and with 1 BTU = 0.000293071 kWh …
    that means Lake Erie alone has lost the equivalent of 434,539 GWh worth of thermal energy, or ~255 million barrels of oil (1 barrel = 1700 kWh).

    Hopefully I did the math correctly (using several online calculators) but the take-away is this: the thermal capacity of water, on this planet, is mind bogglingly enormous. The oceans control the atmospheric temperature, not the reverse.

  5. With that much snow, perhaps they should call the link republicanandchronicle! Most Democrats don’t care about snow, only record heat!

  6. Just throw the snow against the house and you’d have insulation for heating your house use it to save a few bucks….Also bury any exposed piping outside in the snow that will keep the pipes from freezing….Those are a couple tricks we use in Northern Minnesota.

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