Almost entire Sweden with subzero temperatures

Sweden – Homeland of Greta Thunberg.

4 Oct 2019 – The chilly weather continues, with a cold start to the day after a night of frost, or at least ground frost, far south in the country.

Even Saturday to be chilly: Rain and snow over the sea in the east seem to stay the most there, over the sea thus.

Sunday: Fairly unchanged The clouds dominate during the day, and the likelihood of a little rain or showers increases slightly again over mainly Gotland.

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday: Milder in the South. In the north, however, still chilly.

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15 thoughts on “Almost entire Sweden with subzero temperatures”

  1. It is a proof fridays for future are working… Jokes apart, S. Augustine said: “Truth is like a lion, you don’t need to defend it just let it free, it will defend by itself “. So I just keep waiting and see what is coming on.

    • Just saw the Swedish “baby eater” on Ice Age Farmer.

      What’s going on with these people? Is Sweden a portal for demonic spirits into this world, or is the proximity to the melting arctic ice cap (sarc) driving them bonkers?

      Let’s chip in and get them a one-way ticket to the Northwest passage.

      With any luck, they’ll be the first to get covered by glaciers. They are not contributing to world stability.

    • funny how I was also thinking that as usa goes into shiver mode as well.
      so we could send one to each pole to ensure the ice remains
      and WE get some peace and sanity back;-)

  2. I’d say Geta’s loss of credibility is assured. She would do well to find a nice young white man to snog up to and stay out of the lime light.

  3. The last deep glaciation of the northern hemisphere about 40 thousand years ago was initiated by glacial advances in the Fennoscandian mountains of Scandinavia. So it’s worth keeping an eye on snow and cold in Sweden.

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