Almost July, and the Boston show pile is still alive

The mayor’s office has announced a contest to guess the date the snow is finally gone, the prize being a meeting with the mayor.

BTW, the pile is at sea level.

See photo:

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13 thoughts on “Almost July, and the Boston show pile is still alive”

  1. I think it’s still there past August… You are witnessing the first re glaciation of N America. LoL

  2. I would have thought covering it with black plastic to absorb more heat from sun, would help with melting, or maybe there is no heat from sun.

    • The depth of material prevents further ice melt. Same thing happens on top of glaciers. The rocks build up to form an insulate layer.

  3. It appears to be well covered in detritus. As sunlight warms and melts the surface a capping of material would develop. At some point the depth of that layer would shield the snow from sunlight and thus perpetuate the life of the snow pile. I guess it will be there for a fair while yet because it takes a lot of warmth to melt ice into zero degree C liquid water.

  4. If you win the contest, and guess the date, you win a meeting with the mayor, something that costs nothing, accomplishes nothing, and leaves the “lucky” winner with nothing of lasting value. If I’m going to enter a contest, I’ll buy a ticket for the multi-state Power Ball Lottery. A chance at a couple of hundred million dollars sounds a lot better than a chance at getting to meet some politician for a few minutes, and coming away with a handshake and a smile as a reward.

  5. I guess kids will know what snow looks like in Boston 70 years from now in July but will no longer have summer…

  6. Long Wharf snow pile a sign of New Brunswick’s bad winter
    Up close, the pile is littered with garbage and has a dark grey colour. June 27, 2015.
    Remember that awful winter New Brunswick was hit with? Well, some of that snow hasn’t disappeared yet.
    In Saint John, the remnants of some of the 20,000 truckloads of snow haven’t fully melted, as evidenced by the pile located at Long Wharf along the city’s harbour. This site was just one of the many snow dumps used by the city.
    Up close, the pile is littered with garbage including coffee cups, bricks, bottles and even a pillow.
    The snow itself has turned to dark grey, a far cry from the snow white of a winter that seemed so long ago.
    In February, the city declared a state of local emergency as it was unable to deal with the amount of snow clogging city streets.
    By the end of winter, Saint John’s 52-year-old snowfall record was shattered.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/long-wharf-snow-pile.jpg

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