Almost middle of summer and still no Northwest Passage

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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17 thoughts on “Almost middle of summer and still no Northwest Passage”

  1. Certainly a bit of blue behind those orange “median ice age 1981 – 2010” lines …

    • And in 1958 USS Skate became the first submarine to surface at the north pole. In 1962 Skate and another surfaced in CLEAR WATER at the pole.

      In 1987 no less than 3 US subs surfaced in clear water at the pole.

      Apparently the Earth recently had high ocean surface temperatures generated by the Sun’s radiation – nothing to do with CO2 – so it is little wonder than warmer oceans melt sea ice.

      The ice at the Arctic is highly variable – there have been unwarranted panics over too little or too much ice there even dating back 100 years.

      But no north west passage is unusual as the currents near the land masses melt the ice in these areas first – just look at where all the blue is – especially that large expanse between Greenland and Scandinavia where the gulf stream flows to.

  2. Nevertheless the author of the charts is trying the best to show that the ice area is less than “mean”. How can we answer our opponents taking into account this data?

  3. Back in 1936 the Hudson Bay company sent two ships, without ice breaker escort, through the North West passage.

  4. So much for those idiots who told us 17 years ago that the Arctic would be ice free by now – and that temps would be as hot as the Jurassic!

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