Alps – Trains reach stranded tourists

Seven-meter (23 foot) walls of snow on either side of the road – higher than the road is wide.

Trains have begun running to the Swiss resort of Zermatt, where more than 13,000 tourists have been trapped for two days because of heavy snow.

The local railway firm said services resumed on Wednesday evening after tracks had been cleared of snow.

The unusually heavy snowfall has caused havoc across the Alpine region, and led to several casualties.

See dramatic photos showed workers cutting through the a 7m (23ft) wall of snow:

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4 thoughts on “Alps – Trains reach stranded tourists”

  1. Gotta love the BBC…
    “Despite the fact that they were stranded for two days, the tourists in Zermatt had reported being in good spirits and the tourist office described the atmosphere as “relaxed and comfortable”. Some even described it as “romantic”.”

    Snow can never be any sort of actual threat to humans in BBC land, just re-frame it as an opportunity for romance.

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