Already freezing in Finland

“We have had plenty of frost during resent nights in Finland,” says reader in Finland.

Frost was present in the west and north with clear weather.

Also in the south, frost was -2.8 degrees in Kiikala, 2.1 in Kemiö, -2.2 in Jokioinen, -1.9 in Kokemäki and -0.8 in Niinisalo.

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7 thoughts on “Already freezing in Finland”

  1. Well if it’s this bitter cold already in Finland so close to Greenland in early August, there is NO WAY in hell that Greenland lost all that ice.

  2. Warm air rising center continent, center mass, heading North.
    Cold air heading South from Arctic into Finland. Also cold N wind Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland. cooling UK then heads onshore and goes back through the loop.
    Still snowing in parts of Greenland , Svalbard , and arctic N AK, Canada later this week.
    All these observations seen on

  3. The business cycle follows the solar cycle. Yesterday’s crash was a symptom of solar min. The ’09 crash was right on schedule.
    I saw the Global Trade YoY chart a few days ago and we are right at ’08 level headed straight DOWN. My ears started popping !
    I saved the chart and will paste it separate if it can’t be linked here.
    The chart was from Zero Hedge’s 7/31 article “Trucker bust begins”
    It’s the perfect storm.

  4. might just be me?
    but I find utterly out of season weather like frosts in summer news worth reporting
    heat in summer…not so much
    pity the msm dont grasp the importance of the cool at the wrong time, on animals and food crops,forage etc.
    when the food shortages DO hit, they will be “amazed” they had “no warning”
    never before(maybe..maybe not considering religions) have so few with intelligence managed to stuff entire economies and cultures around so badly..
    hmm oh theres communism pol-pot idi amin and similars that did this
    and gee hasnt that! turned out so well…( S/)

  5. These frosts last week and weekend did some serious damage to potato crop. Most finnish potato farms are located in these frost bite areas.. After couple of days the crop loss is now visible (blackening of foliage and stems) and seems like many farms (especially those located in frost prone low lands) have lost most of their potato crop.

    Here some links (use google translator to read the headlines available for non-registered readers)

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