Already more than 24,000 deaths from coronavirus?

I have not been giving coverage to the coronavirus scare because I thought the news was already way overdone. But if an article posted today on Taiwan News is correct, this virus may be far, far more fatal than we’ve been lead to believe.

The Communist Party of China has been accused of underreporting coronavirus cases and deaths, and late Saturday evening (Feb. 1), the Chinese news service Tencent may have accidentally leaked real data on Wuhan virus deaths, according to Taiwan News.

According to the Taiwan News,  Tencent showed confirmed cases of coronavirus in China at 154,023 on its webpage “Epidemic Situation Tracker.” That number is 10 times the official figure at the time. Tencent listed the number of suspected cases as 79,808, four times the official figure.

Most ominously, the death toll listed was 24,589, vastly higher than the 300 officially listed that day.

The number of cured cases was only 269.

Are these the true figures? I don’t know. But the Chinese government’s panic and the way they have quarantined entire cities definitely makes me wonder.

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  1. Designer virus. Was the city it started in also host to a Chinese bio weapons facility? Read that story somewhere just once, cant find it now.

    • I saw an an aerial photo of Wuhan are showing the Bio research building about 3/5 kilometres away from the meat market where authorities claim the virus originated. It may have been caused by a leak, hopefully accidental of Bio research experiments!!
      A question!! Why does USA’s Centre for Disease Control have a facility in Central Africa, home to the Ebola Virus. I would like to believe it’s for research into combating tropical diseases.

      • The theft from the BSL 4 lab in Winnipeg and the arrest of that Harvard professor Charles Lieber, after collaborating with and receiving TON of money from the Wuhan lab should leave no doubt at all about the skulduggery involved here.

        Any lingering doubts should be crushed by simply observing the draconian actions of the CCP.


    in the 1990s China was among the countries with the highest suicide rates in the world (above 20 per 100,000 per year), or 2.8 million of the total population per year…. or 7700 per day.
    116.6666667 x 24,0000 = 2.8 million

    Just like 400 ppm CO2 sounds like alot when it’s only 1:2500ths of the atmosphere
    everything is relative
    one day 132 next day 24,000 – governments never lie or twist the stats – never

  3. oops, slipped a zero on the earlier post, mea culpa

    in the 1990s China was among the countries with the highest suicide rates in the world (above 20 per 100,000 per year), or 280,000 of the total population per year…. or 770 per day.
    12 x 24,0000 = +/- 280,000

    Just like 400 ppm CO2 sounds like alot when it’s only 1:2500ths of the atmosphere
    everything is relative
    one day 132 next day 24,000 – governments never lie about or twist the stats – create new theatre out of whole cloth – never

  4. oops, slipped a zero on the earlier post, mea culpa

    in the 1990s China was among the countries with the highest suicide rates in the world (above 20 per 100,000 per year), or 280,000 of the total population per year…. or 770 per day or about one person every two minutes
    12 x 24,0000 = +/- 280,000… now shut down a country….

    population growth of 713,000+ this year (or over the last 36 days) or
    about 20,000 per day so at even if it was 24,000 deaths per day (not total) attributable to the FBFV 2020 alone total would barely hold the population growth in check

    Just like 400 ppm CO2 sounds like alot when it’s only 1:2500ths of the atmosphere
    everything is relative
    one day 132 next day 24,000 – governments never lie about or twist the stats – or create theatre out of whole cloth – never
    search: china shut down

  5. Sounds like a mistake since the official number infected was just over 24000 today, the official number of deaths was only 460.
    But they are only able to report the number of tested patients with the virus so there will be many many more infected, we are nowhere close to catching up to the true number of infected and the virus is still spreading. I believe we will hit 1 million before it is all “over”.

  6. Why would this company have access to these numbers?
    Why is it that only one person outside of China has died?
    I am, as always, skeptical.

    • From what I have read, this virus is particularly lethal to people that have been vaccinated against SARS or have previously had SARS or a similar disease. Since SARS did sweep through a larger part of the Chinese population versus the population in the rest of the world, if that is true, then they will suffer far more deaths relatively speaking.

      Tencent is an official news agency in China, I believe, so they may have access to inside information that other news agencies might not.

      The impact on the world economy is not going to be small – many companies around the world rely on parts made in China. There is nothing in what is happening in China to feel smug or “good” about. I pray they get a handle on this in a hurry, especially if this truly is more virulent to people that have suffered from SARS or something similar in the past.

  7. The WHO raised some eyebrows in the Swedish state controlled news yesterday by recommending travel to China “because they had been so cooperative”.

    We’ll see about that.

    • The WHO is a disgrace. Its head is an Ethiopian and it’s no secret that Ethiopia is indebted to China on a vast scale. Effectively, China is running the WHO.

      We still have heads of health in several Western countries bowing to WHO directives (eg approving open travel up to a few days ago). The same crew who seem to think the WHO is above criticism.

  8. I’m concerned even by the official figures.
    Out of all those infected to date, only 4 percent are currently reported to have recovered. That number is about double the fatality rate of 2%. But that tells me that, as of now, given the cases that have been RESOLVED one way or another, your odds of succumbing are as high as 1 in 3. Now if the recovery numbers start to ramp, I could see that prognosis in a different light. (The WHO said today reports of effective treatments are erroneous.)
    So I’m watching recovery figures as closely as fatality numbers. At very least, it gives you an idea of what to expect from treatment. Well over 90% of those infected, are still sick. And large numbers are in the critical category.

    • WSJ has an article out today (2/6) that Chinese hospitals are turning away all but the most severely sick, suggesting that medical facilities are at full capacity. So, official statistics won’t reflect the number of ill. Rather, they will just reflect hospital capacity.

      • Of course many are extremely skeptical that the official numbers that the Chinese government is giving us are accurate. Anecdotal reports seem to indicate that the situation is far worse than we are being told, and that includes firsthand testimony from a funeral home worker in Wuhan…

        One worker at the Caidan Funeral Home, in suburban Wuhan, has claimed employees are working “24/7” to deal with the bodies, reports Epoch Times.

        The worker said staff are exhausted and are working without proper equipment.

        Identified only as Mr Yun, he said: “90 percent of our employees are working 24/7 … we couldn’t go back home.”

        Chillingly, he claimed: “All Wuhan cremation chambers are working 24 hours.”

  9. To paraphrase former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, “We have known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.” I am reassured somewhat by the New York Times story reprinted in the Seattle Times (no paywall) regarding the first US patient successfully treated in Everett, WA. It would appear a well run local health department and a first-world medical system is critical in getting a handle on this when future patients appear in the US. As for when cases appear in third world countries with a large Chinese business and construction presence, like Venezuela with inadequate basic medical care, I think real trouble begins. We will see.

  10. If the Taiwan News death statistics for coronavirus are true, then it is devastating news. China is obviously treating the virus very seriously, or there would not be such a lock-down.
    Western societies would not tolerate such lock-downs and lack of freedom, so we must really hope that this virus does not spread rapidly outside China. We need a vaccine URGENTLY !

    • From what I have read, this virus appears to BE a virus being developed as a vaccine. Makes you wonder just how much we really know versus what we think we know.

      • I laugh when I read comments like this that insinuate that vaccines contain toxic heavy metals. Can you imagine the lawsuits against the pharmaceutical companies if it was actually true……

        • The pharmaceuticals are absolved of any lawsuits.Our Govt granted them immunity. Cannot sue them for damage. Thank Reagan for that. and look at the Millions paid out by the governments “Vaccine adverse event reporting system”. and BTW these toxins are listed ingredients on the paper insert.

        • Congress indemnified pharma against lawsuits over vaccines.

          Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Protecting Vaccine Makers …

          May 05, 2018 · In the 57-page opinion written by Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court explained that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA or Act) preempts all design-defect claims against vaccine manufacturers brought by plaintiffs seeking compensation for injury or death caused by a vaccine’s side effects.

    • We need to break the chain of transmission urgently. If the virus is a hyper-mutator a vaccine might be nearly impossible. One could do the research of course but it may be academic. Vaccines have to genetically match the virus they are treating other wise they are ineffective in providing immunity.

      • ” … break the chain of transmission urgently”.

        Quoting Dr. Gabriel Leung, Dean of Hong Kong Medical Academy … ” implementing substantial draconian limitations on population mobility …” is the number 1 priority in fighting this monster.
        His press conference is a must watch eye opener (30 minutes of English only the most succinct online version).

        Not sleeping for 4 days straight, his colleagues analyzed and then projected the future scenario.
        75,000 then infected in Hubei.
        Peak infection to occur late March in Hubei, 2 weeks lagging in surrounding regions.

        The lancet projected an R0 of 2.68 with a doubling time of 6.4 days.

        BIGGEST danger, of many, is the 14 day, asymptomatic incubation period with contagion existing on a scalar shedding model (little day 1, more day 5, much more day 10, etc).

        In addition to skin and aerosol transmission, fecal spread is also possible. That is, open lid toilet flushing/poor bathroom ventilation, etc such as the 300+ infected by SARS in Hong Kong in 34 story building back in 2003 (worth the read, that case).

        The fact that this virus can exist for several days on doorknobs, keyboards, pets’ fur is also well known (Hence, all that white fog, open air decontamination efforts by the Chinese).

        This stuff is the real deal, sad to say.

  11. I was wondering about the rural areas where the supposed source was from the snakes/bats
    people there would be dead or in a bad way and no one was mentioning it
    I see theyre now using drones to spray disinfectant around
    pretty daft.
    now on this am radio a virologist said they had NOT actually decided what vecors dna was in the virus(goes against what all other media are reporting inc the labs in aus)
    he stated they found the virus traces in the WT areas of the market NOT the wildmeat section
    BUT not so wierd if you look to tainted water supply and that Biolevel 4 lab may well be upline in the water supply
    it doent have to be intentional
    theres prior incidences in UK and USA where sterilisation sections broke down and contaminated product got into sewers and local ponds/waterways.
    think the most recent one i read about was a canadian? lab waterprocessing /sterilising section failed.

    but yes deaths being hidden and a lot from november earlier dec were missed entirely.
    that cruise ship now has 10 confirmed and another 20? or so suspected awaiting results/

  12. When we were in China, this was generally accepted correction for the official news. Disasters were under-reported at 10:1. At that time, the youngest generation ran their own websites with accurate numbers. The fact that Xi is saying this crisis may be an existential threat to the State leads me to believe it is a whole lot worse than “official” reports. Wuhan is a dark and dismal place but the center of the heavy industries like steel and heavy manufacturing. I have never seen the sun shine there. Can you imagine living there with this threat hanging over your life?

    • Earl
      Actually, from the various sources I have been following, that 10 to 1, or, at least, 8 to 1 real world/CCP numbers seems to be consistently accurate.

  13. The response to this virus is certainly overblown in comparison to the official numbers. The location of the outbreak, Wuhan, combined with the desperate response by the Chinese government has convinced me that this is an epidemic to be prepared for.

  14. from the beginning the only information thee has been that is reliable is what the Chinese government is doing in response. They have been ramping up the panic mode almost daily. the truth appears to be an overwhelming death rate attached to a mam made virus. I dont know why anyone would believe any thing but horror in what the Chinese are doing. the world is in disillusion and its kinda funny or scary. overall this is risk management 101. in the end you must error to the side of survival. they have no honor!!!!!

  15. Steve bannon being told there are over 1.5 million cases already

    Now the response makes sense

    • Bill

      Sounds about right.

      India, Indonesia and Thailand may be the next instructive – albeit horrific – examples of what is to come in under developed nations.
      The 14 day, asymptomatic yet still contagious, incubation period is completely uncharted territory.

    • OK – did that BUT I have to say I’m not overly convinced over the credibility when the story at the top left of the page was titled “An Aborted Baby Speaks” !

      Reminds me of all the trash one sees in glossy magazines – you know – stuff like every celeb couple is in divorce proceedings – links to affair with aliens etc.

  16. Governments: Don’t worry Coronavirus isn’t that bad.
    Elites: “Not everyone is gonna make it to the future”
    We are going to depopulate the world and then assert totalitarian system (future-NWO-transhumanism, …)
    Might pay to have a look at Madonna’s Eurovision performance – a huge amount of material there including at the 6:00 to 6:17 mark.
    Notice the crown on her head–signaling the corona/crown virus while she is standing next to people with masks on–again a signal to the coronavirus. Notice the x over the left eye a signal to death .

    • @Adoni – the red arch on the stage reminds me of the biohazard symbol.
      I’ve read most of the medical journals posted online that reported on patients outside of China and “ground-glass lungs” seems to be a lingering side affect from the virus. So, the guy in Seattle may be declared “recovered” but to what extent?
      Too many unknowns at this point and we won’t really know until it’s all over just like the SARS virus. In the meantime, stock up and prepare to hibernate if need be.

    • Madonna is speaking a narrative from another one of here ‘songs’ called Dark Ballet, which in itself is a concern, but the words being spoken while the masked people start to ‘die’ is as follows:
      They are so naive
      They think we’re not aware of their crimes
      We know
      But we’re just not ready to act
      The storm isn’t in the air
      It’s inside of us
      I want to tell you about love and loneliness
      But it’s getting late now
      Can’t you hear outside of your Supreme hoodie
      The wind that’s beginning to howl?

      Then she sings:
      Not everyone is coming to the future
      Not everyone is learning from the past
      Not everyone can come into the future
      Not everyone that’s here is gonna last, gonna last

  17. I think Taiwan is Fake news. If the death rate was/is 15% or more, then from the 265 cases outside China there should be at least 40 people dead, and not 2. So I think that was a fake news report to sensationalize their story.

    China’s Mass hysteria is what is the biggest concern. How many people in China have colds and flu and are scared that they got Corona virus and are getting tested? How many are staying home, even though they may have Corona Virus? Too many questions remain.

    • the Chinese government officials are afraid for their own family’s and are in full blown panic. thousand of internment camps with no medical just beds to live or die. Spraying cash money . taking thousands off the streets forcible and they go by by. people beginning to fight police, towns people barricading town so that fire dept cant even get in, people beating people suspected of be near ground zero. complete social break down in all quarantined areas that do not have enough police or military

      they need to come clean and tell t he world what the know about their creation.

      This will likely end with the fall of the existing government with a return to Maoist rule.

    • Of course it is fake – it came from Taiwan and we all know the Taiwanese government and media just love China.

    • Vandy

      None of us know.
      What IS known is that the incubation period is up to 14 days, asymptomatic yet still contagious.

      The worldwide travel of Chinese during their New Yesr is seeing, literally, millions returning to universities, workplaces, families all over the globe.
      By end of next week, February 14 or so, more clarity should emerge.

  18. The problem being: We have no reliable way of determining what is happening in China.

    Are the official numbers the truth? Is the “leak” the truth? Or is the truth something entirely different?

    Impossible to extrapolate from such unreliable information. GIGO.

    Better to watch what is happening with this virus outside China, and that is very strange. It is NOT racing through schools, nor infecting service people who clean toilets in hospitals and hotels, nor those who handle dirty dishes in restaurants. This virus is mighty particular who it infects.

  19. Synthetic military grade bio-weapon, designed in a class 4 secret facility; plasma based nano-bots which require no host to replicate.

    Is me, or were these class 3 and 4 labs set up for population control and not for war against standing armies? Karma is a bitch China, be careful what you wish for. Feel so sorry for China’s citizens whom had no playing role in this.

    If first report of 80,000 infected as of December 2nd last year from a health official inside Shanghai is an accurate number being reported then, one can surmise the numbers are most dramatic by now.

    How does one stop a synthetic military grade weapon of death? It is long over due that We The People call for the ending of this nonsense before we are all thrown into the incinerator! Shut down all these nasty human hating labs and the people that run and support them!

  20. If the fatality rate is one in six it would be justified to take this pandemic more seriously. I was under the impression that the fatality rate was a mere 2 or 3 percent. Bad for the 2 or 3 percent but not a threat to the species group( mankind) in general.

  21. Even MORE significant..

    QUOTE – Another strange phenomenon that netizens have noticed is the mortality rate, as the government death tolls are routinely maintaining an exact percentile for days on end. Many noticed that in the early days of reporting, the government put the death rate at 3.1 percent.

    Jan. 22: 17 deaths / 542 infections = 3.1 percent
    Jan. 23: 26 deaths / 830 infections = 3.1 percent
    Jan. 24: 41 deaths / 1,287 infections = 3.1 percent

    By late January, the government apparently decided to set the new official mortality rate at 2.1 percent. As can be seen in the image below, the mortality rate was kept at a precise 2.1 percent, regardless of the numbers from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3:

    LINK –

  22. Guy-
    We the People died out a long time ago. The US is neither a democracy nor a republic. It is a stealth autocracy.

    So just hush up and drink your Kool-aid.

    John the 1st-
    Bless you, my son. If everyone were as skeptical as you, we might have a chance. But most of them will drink their Kool-aid and get on the train.

  23. As of this post, 2/6 – Thursday – travel restrictions have just been put in place for Jiangsu Province and its 46 million inhabitants.
    Several highly respected entities project the peak of infection in China to occur in mid April.

    For those interested, several online people are posting running videos with updates, John Campbell being one such as a verbose, but informative contributor.

    FWIW, I have been assiduously following this since mid January and now say – with NO equivocation whatsoever – that this pandemic is shaping up to be the biggest catastrophe in my entire life.
    Early to tell, but China – as we have known it – is careening into becoming some as yet to be recognized entity in under a year’s time.

  24. Final post …
    State of Kerala, India … well smaller than combined Connecticut and Massachusetts in area, population ~35 million …
    Just announced “monitoring” of almost 3,000 people, with over 2,700 being restricted to their homes.

    Buckle up, folks.

  25. Zika Virus before the Rio Olympics?

    Now we conveniently get Coronavirus in the run up to Tokyo 2020?

    There has been viscious media coverage of every ‘foreign’ Olympics since at leas Vancouver 2010 and the 2018 World Cup was preceded in UK with six months of ‘Russians will murder you, do not go’, prior to the media sending hundreds of parasites on expense accounts to tell everyone how wonderful Russia really was.

    If you think this is about strategic warfare, stock scams, people control, you are at least thinking with an open mind……..

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