Already the snowiest September on record in Edmonton – More on the way

And it’s still summer!

“It’s officially the snowiest September on record for Edmonton,” says The Weather Network.

Temperatures will remain well below seasonal this week and there’s the potential for another 20 cm of summertime snow in parts of Alberta by week’s end.

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30 thoughts on “Already the snowiest September on record in Edmonton – More on the way”

  1. Thank goodness for a great growing season here in southern ontario. Abundant rain and ample warmth has meant plentiful high quality local fruits and vegatables all season long…and pretty darn cheap too.
    Broccoli cauliflower cabbage kale chard lettuce tomatoes peppers name it all abundant and of wonderful quality. And the fruit has been very good too. Im still enjoying ontario grown peaches…sweet and juicy and flavourful.
    My garden has thrived and continues to do so..been harvessting fruit and veg all season long.
    Currently im enoying home grown pears and grapes while i wait for my american persimmons to ripen…theyre just starting to turn yellow.
    My condolensces to alberta…thats why i dont live there..snow in september..geese gimme a break.

    • “My condolensces to alberta ..snow in september..”
      Snow in September indeed. Now imagine what just a slight cooling in climate would do to Alberta… forget about growing any crops.

  2. I live here and what the article doesn’t say is the winter also ended in May, we had no spring and no fall. I cannot find one person alive that can remember this 9 month winter cycle. Please bring back global warming. Oh and buy energy stocks if this trend continues you could make a tidy profit.

    • I agree. In May it was snowing and then bang we had summer. (Like a switch turned on!) September comes along and bang 20 degree drop in high temps and we are still marching towards winter since then. Rarely see double digit highs. (Switch turned off!) crazy haven’t seen this ever in my life here in Alberta!

      Not sure the reasons for this but felt I’d back the comment and add that I too can’t find any Albertan who remembers a no spring/fall in any year!

  3. I remember having snow in Minneapolis, MN on Sept 25, 1985.
    The reason I remember it was a Friday and I was out fishing and a snow squal came. It dropped about a tenth of an inch (2.54mm) BUT it stayed COLD all year and SNOWED much more of course.
    I now live in the Phoenix, AZ metro !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh please, Julian – like “southern ontario” has NEVER had bad weather. One year Alberta gets it, another year “ontario” gets hit. And, believe it or not, we bask in summer-like temperatures in the winter. Down here in southern Alberta I’m enjoying the cool weather. No crop anywhere is certain, so come off your high horse before you fall and get hurt. “Pride goeth before destruction…”. So sick of the Centre of the Universe (aka “southern ontario”).

  5. Why do ALL and ONLY white populations have to be ‘diverse’ and ‘multicultural’? this is not demanded of any non white peoples anywhere.
    Diversity is just about taking things that are white and making them non white.
    The demand for’ diversity wont stop until the last white kid is Chased Down.

    Its White Geno Cide
    Its Anti White

      • No, this person is NOT on the wrong article.

        War has been going on and “zap”, like Cassandra, is attempting to warn those who are too blind to see what is happening and what is coming.

        This War has been going on for at least 200 years, by the way.

  6. Dear Edmonton:

    Stop making us look bad. We all know the science has been settled!

    Sincerely (ha!)
    Every Last Climate Scientist Ever

  7. well, global warming proponents did say that there will be extreme temps of Both hot and cold before the runaway starts.
    receding glaciers, early arctic sea ice, record heat, record cold in places is all happening
    could be natural, could be manmade or a combo of both, but it Is happening

    • OK. Then lets try your “logic”.

      The world is undergoing Global Warming and thus there will be fluctuations, BUT, it is still Global Warming.

      Well, guess what. The world is undergoing Global Cooling, and thus there will be fluctuations. BUT, it is still Global Cooling.

      Then there is just: The World is undergoing normal Climate Changes (as it has for 4 BILLION years), and thus there will be fluctuations…….

      Your comment has no meaning nor value.

  8. I was in a Michigan summer so hot that corn popped in the fields. Windblown into cattle pens, the cows thought it was snow and froze to death. The fools! They are holding their thermometers upside-down!

    The entire population must be re-educated. I recommend the Ludovico technique, and doubling the Carbon Tax on Everything.

  9. Why the hysteria? This is Alberta! It can snow literally each month of the year. Beware of mainstream media making things bigger/smaller/better/worse/colder/warmer/wetter/dryer than they actually are.

    I also agree it is going to get colder (due predominantly to a GSM on its way), but I don’t think this is a “sign” of chillier things to come. If this becomes a continuing event — longer and earlier winters in more and more places — then, yeah, I’d say something is going on. Wait a year or two (or three).

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