Already winter in Russia

I’m posting this because it shows, in my mind at least, that the United Nation’s warnings about imminent global warming catastrophes are a total lie.

Where snow has already fallen in Russia – Meteonovosti

Today, the snow has covered most of the Magadan region with the exception of the coast.

The maximum snow depth in the continental regions of the Magadan region is 24-27 cm (9.5 to 10.5 inches), in some places up to 70 cm (more than 2 ft). In Chukotka and Yakutia, snow depth is from 3 to 16 cm.

Snow cover in the Trans-Baikal Territory ranges from 9-20 cm high in the north, 1-3 cm in the east, 5-10 cm in the mountains.

Snowfall in these regions of the Far East and the northern territories of Russia at this time of year is normal. This year is no exception.

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12 thoughts on “Already winter in Russia”

  1. I don’t buy that last sentence about this being normal. Maybe snow in these areas yes but not already 2 feet in early October.

  2. CO also.

    Temps in Denver this next Sunday projected at 26 and 12.
    F, not C.
    Those highs are FORTY degrees below normal for the date.

  3. It could be winter down to Arizona soon, the Mexican border, in early October. Simutaneous to snow in Colorado, rain in central Alberta. Haven’t figured out how all that works, yet the United Nations has it all figured out.

    • That’s not likely for the low desert regions. However, for some reason, lately we have seen snow in the mountains of Mexico south of us while in Yuma we were enjoying nice weather. So that’s possible.

  4. a friend living in middle russia said hes getting temps of 2 and 3c in the mornings already, and the govt has a set date to turn steamheat hes a bit chilly already.
    while the set dates are not always perfect, the people DO get very very cheap heating supplied to all buildings to ensure unlike eu uk usa and even aus that people do NOT die of cold if they have an abode to be in.

  5. Again please look at my ideas ref googling for ideas as to how Russia copes with exceptional winters.
    I suspect it takes more than a generous serving of vodka to get by LOL.
    Stocking up and feeling prematurely festive yet fair.
    (Means enjoying more whisky than my doctor thinks reasonable LOL.)

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