America First Energy Conference – “an amazing day”

“Satellite measurements “show conclusively that carbon dioxide (CO2) has played no significant role in altering Earth’s temperature.” – Paul Driessen

Note: All AFEC sessions – including Carbon taxes, cap & trade, and other bad ideas, Fueling freedom and prosperity, Cafe standards: Why they need to go, Climate lawsuits against energy companies and the government – may be viewed on the conference web site:


“The recent America First Energy Conference was a crucially important event that all Americans need to hear about,” writes Paul Driessen. “In the following article, Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris describe some of the fascinating presentations made at the New Orleans conference, especially those that demonstrated why inexpensive, abundant fossil fuels are critical to the freedom and prosperity of America, and ultimately the entire free world.

“The results are absolutely appalling, said Kathleen Hartnett White, when the poorest people in the world are forced to use costly solar and wind energy – and are deprived of inexpensive, efficient fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide, Dr. Roy Spencer explained, is not the great threat that environmental extremists make it out to be; it is a miracle molecule that makes life possible on planet Earth.

“The conference underscored that President Trump is right to boost our nation’s fossil fuel output and help the USA and world rebound from the green energy disasters of recent years.”


America First Energy Conference – “an amazing day”

New Orleans event reveals much of what has been hidden from the energy debate

Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris

“It will be an amazing day,” Dr. Tim Huelskamp announced at the start of the America First Energy Conference (AFEC) held August 7 in New Orleans. “You’re going to learn a lot … about so many issues – issues many in the media do not want us to know about.”

Indeed, we did. As Huelskamp, former Kansas Congressman and now President of conference organizer The Heartland Institute, explained to the audience of 225, packed into that single day were presentations from leading representatives of government, science and think tanks determined to set the record straight on where America stands and where it needs to go on energy. Here are samples.

In his morning keynote address Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry summarized the benefits of energy independence. “An energy independent America creates a safe America; it creates a prosperous America. It builds the middle class. It provides good jobs, good schools. It gives government the ability to give teachers a raise, to give our police and firefighters raises. It secures the safety and liberty of the entire world.”

21,000 square miles of corn fields to power just one city

Using the electricity required to power the Houston metropolitan area as an example, Landry discussed the impracticality of trying to replace fossil fuels with alternative energy. To produce that power using corn ethanol would require over 21,000 square miles of corn fields.

“Think about that footprint!” he exclaimed. To produce the same amount of electricity from wind power would take almost 900 square miles of wind turbines, or 150 square miles of solar panels, he added.

CO2 has played no significant role in altering Earth’s temperature

Roy Spencer, Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, was an ever-present voice at the conference. He received an award for valor in the face of extreme opposition to his outstanding work on satellite measurements, which show conclusively that carbon dioxide (CO2) has played no significant role in altering Earth’s temperature.

In his panel presentation on CO2, he made the unarguable case that there are no negatives for the rising amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. It is a miracle molecule that makes life possible on Planet Earth.

Kathleen Hartnett White, Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment, Texas Public Policy Foundation, talked about the positive impact that her book “Fueling Freedom: Exposing the mad war on energy,” coauthored with Steve Moore of the President’s transition team, has had on the US energy picture.

She also focused on the horrific impacts outcomes forced upon world’s poorest families, when they are deprived of efficient, inexpensive fossil fuels in favor of costly solar and wind energy that can never compete in the free market without major taxpayer subsidies.

Joe Leimkuhler, vice president of drilling for Louisiana-based LLOG Exploration, shocked the audience with incredible data on the efficiency and economics of continuing to developing our vast offshore oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico.

Because of the great advances in development of shale gas through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, less attention is being paid to more conventional off shore vertical wells. But in fact, three-dimensional seismic data, combined with technological advances that allow multiple wells from the same platform, have costs down and yields up.

Leimkuhler said that in areas of the Gulf of Mexico that are currently open to leasing (i.e., the Central and Western Gulf) more and more offshore leases are likely to receive bids in the future, due to the increased value of Gulf Coast Crude relative to oil from fracking. For the Gulf Coast refineries, offshore Gulf of Mexico crudes provide higher yields of the more valuable products desired by the market (fuel, diesel).

We must end the war on fossil fuels

Sterling Burnet, Editor of the Heartland Institute’s Environment and Climate News, moderated a panel on coal, oil, and natural gas. Panelists demonstrated America’s good fortune of holding huge inexpensive reserves that can maintain America’s energy costs dramatically below that of other nations. Burnett said we must end the war on fossil fuels by continuing to explain the economics, safety and efficiency of coal, oil and natural gas.

He described the large numbers of coal fired plants that were shut down by the Obama administration. This trend must be stopped, Burnett emphasized. Coal needs to be brought back as a great American resource in the hearts and minds of the American public.

Myron Ebell, Director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, led the Trump administration’s transition team on energy regulation. At AFEC he reviewed the many regulations being eliminated.

Eliminated twenty regulations for every new one established

He noted that President Trump called for two rules to be eliminated for every new rule that would be established in his administration; but in fact his administration has eliminated twenty regulations for every new one established. We still have a long way to go to fully unencumber America’s economy, Ebell said, but the start has exceeded most expectations.

Marc Morano, publisher of the influential Washington, DC-based, revealed that many of America’s most strident leftist environmental activist groups are heavily financed by Russian money in an effort to hurt the US economy through inhibiting the use of fossil fuels and promoting the waste of government funds for research into implausible man-caused climate change.

Morano’s new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, is considered one of the most complete guides to the true history of the greatest fraud in history, man-caused climate change.

It was heartening to learn the participants in Panel 6: Reforming the EPA all felt the new administrator Andrew Wheeler will carry on the excellent work of former administrator Scott Pruitt. The problem is, and will continue to be, that the vast majority of EPA staff remain Obama appointees who will continue to impede efforts to make significant reforms. In spite of this, changes for the better are occurring almost daily as Wheeler meets with state groups across the country.

In his keynote address at the conference’s closing session, philosopher and President of the Center for Industrial Progress Alex Epstein explained how to win the energy debate. First establish an agreement on the correct framework, one that is even handed, precise and values human health, living standards and betterment. Then the facts in support of fossils fuels are more likely to be well-received.

Epstein, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, showed a video of his exchange with Senator Barbara Boxer of California at the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Boxer wondered what a philosopher was doing lecturing the committee. He smoothly answered, “to help you learn how to think clearly.” This brought the house down.

All AFEC sessions – including Carbon taxes, cap & trade, and other bad ideas, Fueling freedom and prosperity, Cafe standards: Why they need to go, Climate lawsuits against energy companies and the government – may be viewed on the conference web site:

Everyone needs to watch these educational conference presentations. It was a day to remember.

Dr. Jay Lehr is The Heartland Institute’s Science Director. At AFEC, he moderated the conference panel “Why CO2 emissions are not creating a climate crisis.” Tom Harris is Executive Director of the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition. He is a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute and moderated the conference panel, “Fueling freedom and prosperity.”


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  1. And now that we have conclusive evidence and the raw data recently released by NOAH and NASA showing both poles extending almost exponentially since 2010; has been revealed that all 4 ice and plume reporting satellites will be decommissioned at the first of next year? Going “black op”?
    Kinda spooky reading between the lines?

  2. This will be dismissed as just being a group of “Deniers” holding a meeting. States have increased taxes, companies have received hugh Government Subsidies, peoples lives have been changed and regulated by Governments, individuates have made vast personal fortunes, companies, the UN has been trying to become the World Government, have been forced out of business all based on the evils of CO2, How can the World back off CO2 driving the Climate?

  3. Those who know – know that CO2 is not a contributor to Atmospheric Temperatures. However, Must we really end the war on fossil fuels? ….

    “”Panelists demonstrated America’s good fortune of holding huge inexpensive reserves that can maintain America’s energy costs dramatically below that of other nations.””

    1. Burning Fossil Fuels IS Detrimental to Quality Of Life.

    2. Life remains Weightier than Economic$..

    3. With Tens of Trillions of Taxation Dollars at Stake, AGW Alarmists shall never cease Lying about CO2…


  4. stop for a second and consider why the hell would russia be bothered at all with usa fuel?
    they SELL fuel to eu/ asia n china, so putting people off of it, is not conducive to biz
    especially usa NOT being a target market in any way
    usa IS interfering in eu etc trying to flog your gas to eu
    as well as trying to place sanctions embargos ON eu use of russian gas/fuels to sell more of yours to them.
    funny thing?
    IF usa was actually doing so well re self sufficiency in coal gas oil etc
    then WHY????are you importing boatloads of arabs oil still?

  5. It was with sadness that I saw Morano’s comment that leftist eco-nut groups were being “heavily financed with Russian money,” when in fact they have always been heavily funded by Soros. I didn’t bother to see what other things he might have had to say. And, IF the Russians WERE trying to weaken the US economy, I wouldn’t fault them since we have been trying to destroy theirs for years with sanctions.

    I am dead set against export of energy resources. I am tired of hearing “we have a 250 year supply of coal” or “we have over a 100 year supply of natural gas or petroleum.” So what? Let’s sell it overseas and let the rich grab a nice profit, and in 30 years, as demand spirals up, the poor people in the US can pay double the price for the resource since it will once again be in short supply. I don’t see selling the future for the gain of the wealthy today. WHEN there is something that will continue to bring low cost energy “for the average American,” then let the rich make their money grab. Until then, do like Gadaffi was doing in Libya and use the natural wealth to benefit the entire nation, not just the billionaires and wannabes.

  6. I wish people would stop using divisive language such as ” the greatest fraud in history, man-caused climate change.”

    CO2 driven climate change through its “greenhouse effect” is allegedly total valid science when you ask ANY of these so-called sceptics but “man-caused climate change” is “the greatest fraud in history” ???

    The statement is absolute nonsense – man DOES and always will cause climate change.

    Australia is said to have more drought due to CO2 driven climate change and I say bullshit.

    IF Australia has more drought it is more likely to be due to our farming practices, overstocking and allowing cloven hoofed animals destroy our thin nutrient deficient soils. these change rainfall patterns and silt up rivers and coastal oceans.

    Keep the eye on the real problem and stop claiming man can’t change the local environment which obviously impacts local climate.

    If they mean CO2 driven climate change is “the greatest fraud in history” and the “greenhouse effect” is basically irrelevant then they should say so BUT watch the division emerge when the so-called sceptics defend their “holy grail” – the back radiative greenhouse effect.

    Man does cause environmental impact – Kilimanjaro’s snow cap losses are due to reduced precipitation caused by deforestation of the surrounding plains – reduced canopy reduces uplift reducing precipitation. Increased urbanisation results in local temperature increases.

    CO2 is beneficial.

  7. America’s Plan has been to oust Russian natural gas (GAZPROM) from the European market and substitute it with its own liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments.

    US President Donald Trump expressed his outrage at European countries supporting the Russian Nord Stream 2 project instead of buying more expensive US-made LNG.

  8. Reality check: the poorest people in the world are poor largely because they haven’t had access to cheap fossil fuels, ever, they can’t afford them, I am unaware of any place in the developing countries or the poor countries that poor people are forced to use expensive solar / wind energy, instead of cheap fossil fuels. We need some data to back up these allegations.

    I’m a lawyer with an undergrad BS in physics, law and science run on facts, evidence, no bare allegations that the poorest people in the world are poor because they;re being forced to use expensive solar energy.

    Solar / wind energy are very recent developments, they cannot explain generations and centuries and millenia of poverty in the past.

  9. We know for pretty sure that the economically recoverable reserves of oil and gas are finite, and will likely be exhausted in this century – that doesn’t mean there will be no oil and gas, but as the reserves are depleted the cost of going deeper and deeper drives the cost of production and the point of sale prices up, and up.

    BP – that’s British Petroleum – has estimated that existing oil reserves will maintain current production until circa 2050 – that gives us a 30 year window to move in to evolve from oil and gas to renewables before the cost of energy starts going inexorably up, assuming BP’s estimates are reasonably correct.

    Bottom line, oil and gas are finite resources, and strip mining coal is very dirty and does millions of tons of environmental damage, therefore it is imperative – economically – that we evolve to renewables as our primary energy sources in this century.

  10. Right now America has an oil / gas glut because of the invention of fracking which has opened up the Bakken and other fields that previously were not economic.

    That will last for awhile, but not forever. Before fracking the US was spending approx. $1 billion a day to import oil mostly from OPEC countries. Do we really want to go back there in 10, 20, 30 or 40 years?

    Energy dependence on foreign oil sources is both an economic destimulus and a national security risk.

    Imagine what would happen if we were importing $1 billion worth of oil a day, again, and North Korea put torpedoes on a few hundred small boats, fishing boats, light freighters, yachts, that could roam the world and in a single day sink all or most of the oil shipping bound for the US.

    Liberals mistakenly assume that CO2 from burning fossil fuels is the sole or primary cause of climate change (the climate has been changing all the time for hundreds of millions of years), and Conservatives mistakenly assume that the supplies of oil and gas will last forever.

    They’re both wrong.

  11. “Satellite measurements “show conclusively that carbon dioxide (CO2) has played no significant role in altering Earth’s temperature.”
    That should be changed to read ” no role” , remove significant.Roy Spencer believes in the ‘green house effect’ which is completely false theory based on faux science.
    Another bee in my bonnet…’fossil fuels’ OIL IS abiotic, hence is NOT derived from fossils. It cant be as alot is too deep. Some oil reserves have actually refilled. Peak oil is a myth designed to make people believe we are doomed by using up all the precious reserves. Oil is derived from chemical processes in the earth’s interior, unknown processes not yet understood. Russian chemists have shown that oil cannot be produced from vegetation highly compressed over long periods. Hydrcarbons that are also a major part of Earth’s natural gas reserves are also in plentiful supply on Saturns Moon TITAN! So where were the fossils on Titan? Not only that they are in interstellar space!

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