Amtrak train stuck in snow since Sunday night

Running out of food – 183 passengers on board – Record-setting snowfall

“Shades of the famous stranding of the S.P. “City of San Francisco” in Donner Pass, back in January, 1952,” says reader Don Villeneuve. “It is curious to me why Amtrak took so long to make an announcement of this problem.  News of this stuck train was very slow to reach the media.”

An Amtrak spokesman told CNN that the delay was caused by “numerous blockages from snow and fallen trees.” He also said there was “no viable way to safely transport passengers or crews via alternate transportation, and that conditions were continuing to worsen.

Stalled passengers could look out their windows and see a deserted stretch of Oregon Highway 58, closed due to snow and ice. The town of Oakridge couldn’t really offer much assistance, because they had lost electricity due to the weather, passenger Rebekah Dodson said.

By this morning, at least a foot of new snow had accumulated in the area, far more than the 1.1 inches that Oakridge averages in February.

Record-setting snowfall

Eugene, about 44 miles northwest of Oakridge where the train was stranded, was hit by a record-setting 9.5 inches of snow on Monday, the weather service said.

UPDATE Feb. 26 at 12:15 p.m. ET:
 A locomotive is currently pulling the train back to Eugene, Oregon.

Amtrak train with 183 passengers stranded in Oakridge amid snowstorm

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11 thoughts on “Amtrak train stuck in snow since Sunday night”

  1. Amtrak’s Coast Starlight (SEA-PDX-LA) has one departure in each direction daily. Most of the time. A very scenic route, about 36 hours end to end – some of the time. Fires, floods, mudslides and snow periodically interfere with that route. Somebody should mention to Rep. Occasional-Cortex that trains have to travel through the mountains during winter. Airplanes can fly over them.

  2. And more trains are part of the Democrat’s boondoggle known as the Green New Deal.
    We failed to stop Obamacare.
    Will we fail to stop this power grab?

  3. Shows the complete stupidity of the New Green Deal. Depending on rails means that one bottleneck can shut down traffic going from Washington to California.

  4. I would guess it likely that an Amtrak train doesn’t “over fuel” for any trip, thus it would have had only enough diesel on board for anything approaching normal delays. This train must have been nearly completely out of fuel, so it must have only been able to run generators to keep the car’s heaters running, if that. If it required an external locomotive to pull it back to Eugene, they will be lucky if they don’t have people suing for cold weather injuries. Looks like there is going to have to be policy changes on how much fuel needs to be hauled, After all, weight is expensive to haul when it isn’t needed.

  5. I have been interested in railway projects for a very long time. Trains are a serious passion of mine. I read about plans for a rail Silk Road connecting China to Europe. You would need mile long trains departing every 3 minutes to replace the ships currently transporting the goods. Very nice idea because have you ever seen a train sinking? Then they can never lose navigation ability. On the negative side you worry about political instability and of course train failure, even something as seeming petty as a sheep on the line. Delays will not just inconvenience. They will cost money. Big money.

    Other plans were for a bullet train route crossing Russia to Alaska. Not possible with current bridge and/or tunnel technology (or budget) but the safety record of trains far surpasses that of ships and planes.

    But hear me out over this idea. Build not a wall but a bullet train route from San Diego to El Paso. Then the rest of the border follows the Rio Grande, forming a natural border so we don’t need to worry about that.

    • Without a Wall we become a 3rd World dump.

      No 3rd World dump ever built a train.

      You can have one, or the other, but not both.

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