An unforgiveable scam – Beware the weasel words of a politician chasing your vote

“Without CO2 in the atmosphere there would be no life as we know it on our planet.”
– David John Haskell

An unforgiveable scam – Beware the weasel words of a politician chasing your vote

Without CO2 in the atmosphere there would be no life as we know it on our planet
David John Haskell

It is very sad that so many good people have been taken in by unscrupulous people and disingenuous politicians concerning carbon dioxide and that a generation of children are being needlessly frightened out of their wits.

Greta Thunberg’s book is titled, ‘No one is too small to make a difference’ and astute folk will tell you these are the weasel words typical of a politician chasing your vote – they have no meaning in science in the sense that a grain of salt will make no meaningful difference to the salinity of the oceans. Therefore in relation to carbon dioxide I am reminded of the words of H.L.Mencken (1880-1956), who stated, ‘The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary’.

Surely those who claim carbon dioxide (CO2) to be a pollutant that will bring about catastrophic global warming need to return to their science lessons. For without CO2 in the atmosphere there would be no life as we know it on our planet.

The most significant contribution to the greenhouse effect is water vapour and all those ‘wicked’ photographs of power stations emitting lots of supposedly harmful emissions are very misleading. Power station cooling towers actually emit steam (water vapour) and not obnoxious gases – steam is water vapour which comes from evaporation of boiling water. Both are invisible and both are gases in that they are molecules which adhere to gas laws.

When water vapour or steam becomes visible it is when the vapour has condensed into solid droplets of water or particles of ice – a couple of lessons of how steam turbine power stations operate would not go amiss for many folk.

It is also misleading to claim there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere at 400 parts per million (ppm) for at this level it is roughly one-third for optimum plant growth. To be sure, about 18,000 years ago the planet came dangerously close to losing all plant life, when CO2 levels approached 150 ppm – below which plant life cannot sustain photosynthesis and as such will perish. Is it little wonder then that the knowledgeable Dutch pump CO2 into their greenhouses to encourage plant growth.

As mentioned earlier the main driver of greenhouse warming is water vapour and before global warming became a political issue, it was generally accepted among physicists that water vapour contributed to between 60% and 90% of the greenhouse effect.

Carbon emissions are a smoke screen (excuse the pun), a con, a scam, and the actual danger that threatens mankind, is that of over population. This real threat manifests itself in the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest, and many other forests around the globe, over fishing of the world’s oceans, pollution of rivers, lakes and seas, pollution of the land and the pollution of the atmosphere by obnoxious gases and particulates, the menace of plastic, the spread of disease, pandemics, civil unrest, wars, the list is becoming endless – there is now not a single place on the planet that has not suffered from desecration, pollution or exploitation.


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  1. There is no back radiation greenhouse effect – the model mathematics advanced as describing this are flawed at best and completely wrong. This is easy to establish mathematically by using Planck’s law to construct Planck curves for the “equations” used in climate science and adding the results up as they and showing their mathematics is false.

    If their mathematics is wrong all of their models are wrong also.

    The major reason for any “global warming” can be ascribed to the fact that the populations of western countries, largely freed from the daily grind of finding shelter and food, became interested in environmental concerns.

    Remember acid rain which was destroying the black forest region of SW Germany. Acid rain was blamed on sulphur di-oxide which originated as particulate emissions from burning coal for electricity and industrial purposes as well as from large volcanic eruptions.

    Technological advances lead to the almost complete removal of these particulates from emissions.

    Over time the atmosphere cleared, acid rain was virtually no more, and the resulting effect was a reduction in Earth’s albedo.

    This allows more solar radiation in and this will inevitably result in global warming whether or not the solar radiance has changed.

    The graphs from the Nimbus satellites clearly show this.

    How do I know this is a fact ?

    Because it is plan B for the lunatic climate clowns !

    If reducing CO2 fails the alternate is to emit SO2 particulates to the stratosphere to reflect more solar radiation back into space and perhaps turning the sky purple.

    This really is what is proposed by these lunatics.

    So we had to remove the particulates to stop acid rain.

    This resulted in a lower albedo and lead to more solar radiation reaching the ground and hence some warming.

    Now to stop it they intend to raise the albedo by returning the very particulates we were terrified of more that half a century ago to the atmosphere.

    Ice Age potential anyone ?

  2. Oh, and by the way – hands up all those who subscribe to mass murder and genocide !!

    I certainly don’t, especially as the “too many people” argument is as evil as you can get !

    Remember history, brown shirted youths besotted by the words of Hitler espousing the evil Jews need extermination.

    Anyone who subscribes to this Malthusian BS, especially when modern technologies allow for more from less resources and the evidence that only wealthy societies actually care about the environment, is simply not worth listening to !!!

    • “The solution to overpopulation – kill off 3/4 of the female population of the world – over population is their fault anyway – they keep having babies!”

      “This way we need to murder far fewer people directly as an equivalent number of males, deprived of sex, will voluntarily commit suicide.”

      My god these Malthusian anti humanity maniacs are truly insane – how could anyone advocate such atrocities ?

  3. Bim-Bom Bang Bang RWF or Timmy to Tony, Timmy to Tony, come in Orson or whichever Waldo you are today… … or… whichever of the Ice Age Now Renegades of the Intellectual IceAgeRightNow not-Dark Web…

    sort of the: (without the globalist shills)

    Papa George Soros [Papa Grumpy Grinch 1] takes aim at ‘authoritarian’ Presidents Xi and Trump, says his “new university network” would help promote [Grumpy Grinch ReGreta 2] and [IPCC] type “critical thinking” in an age of intolerance. […and the new CO2 Climate (Warming) Change Lysenkoism]

    I know I’m stll on my two day computer blackout Orson, but it sort of looks to me like Papa George Soros has been given tenure as the “New World Globalist Dean of Re-education”:

    …where ol’ George (Papa) Stalin Soros – SoRoS is a ( like “deified” like in (of the whole BNWO (Brave New World Order) or now in “Newspeak”… …the (New University Network World Order) and our newly established Saviour Grumpy Grinch ReGreta will likely be given academic tenure (to sit at the right hand, and the Wholy HRC on the “Left”) to continue to “re-educate the masses” with the advanced level “New Lysenkoism” version of “CO2 and the “New Carbon Cycle Physics 101” to the masses.

    Save these articles on “real carbon cycle” physics while we still can:

    Signing off, Veritas, pulchritudo, pulchritudo Veritas. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Et cum spiritu tuo and Nanu Nanu Orson;)

  4. Note some of the YouTube comments below the video above:

    trans [Grumpy Grinch ReGreta] type kids was the breaking point, any society that does that to its youth is doomed

    Canada is leading the charge on the decline of the west. Thanks to its drama teacher. [as above]

    I can’t believe the changes I have witnessed in my life, I’m 50 in a couple of wks and I know that my later years in life will not be like my parents or grandparents, they struggled in the beginning of their lives, We will struggle at the end.

    No nation has ever survived the replacement of its people. Multiculturalism was always designed to destroy America and the West in general……. but then again, the globalists who brought them here also require a group of people who are technologically illiterate and haven’t the ability to evolve socially, who are just smart enough to run the machines but too ignorant to understand they are slaves. Do they have the right people? They wouldn’t be here if weren’t.

    The NFL ad that played in the middle of this actually made me feel nauseated.

    Hard times create strong men
    Strong men create good times
    Good times create weak men
    Weak men create hard times

    History repeats because the same entities have always been in control. [as above]

    Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering to dupe average people into accepting–or even demanding–their own enslavement. – Larken Rose

    CO2 Climate Change Hysteria Hoax [as above]

    “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality”…Ayn Rand.

    Everyone blaming everyone else while passively watching it happen…

    God this just makes me sad.
    Thanks for the truth man. I can’t even watch the news or read the news anymore. It just makes me sick and I’m repulsed by it.

    then why do they drone on and on and on and … on
    about “diversity is our strength”

    Men fight and die for their rights, women[Mr]s fight to take them away.

    The Transgender Agenda – The Plan To Turn Your Children Transgender

    They Live

  5. I will take exception to the last para
    theres plenty of places untouched and undamaged by man
    overfishing to breed farmed fish using wildcatch for fishmeal is an issue
    and yes ceratin nations/areas are overpopulated
    so why the hell does americas health aid refuse conception/abortion/sterilization services to the places it goes to “help”
    the right to lifers maybe need to go see starving teenage mothers with already poor babies at birth and likely with Aids as well, and the filth disease and misery theyre going to endure for their short and cruel lives.
    and then we have the mid east populations having kids to be soldiers to fight their holy(shit) wars.
    never going to change that mindset. its only been 4 centuries of stupid after all.

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