Analysis: Trump KO’s ’60 Minutes’ on ‘climate change’ – Trump’s skeptical remarks were ‘scientifically, politically and economically accurate’

“President Trump’s climate remarks were scientifically, politically and economically accurate.”
– Marc Morano, Climate Depot

Analysis: Trump KO’s ’60 Minutes’ on ‘climate change’ – Trump’s skeptical remarks were ‘scientifically, politically and economically accurate’

By Marc Morano

The mainstream media once again attempted to challenge President Donald Trump on “climate change,” but Trump emerged unscathed by refuting typical climate claims with accurate and remarkably scientific comments in an October 14, 2018, 60 Minutes interview. (Even the mainstream media acknowledged Trump’s overall interview victory: See:  Variety: ’60 Minutes’ Was Outmatched by Trump – ‘He won every segment of the interview’)

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A Climate Depot analysis finds that President Trump’s climate remarks were scientifically, politically and economically accurate. Finally, the United States has a president who understands “global warming”! See: Full climate transcript: Trump: Scientists who promote ‘climate’ fears ‘have a very big political agenda’ – [As Variety noted, Trump understands how to battle the mainstream media: Reporter Lesley Stahl asked Trump about “the scientists who say [the effects of climate change are] worse than ever,” but was [she] unprepared to cite one; knowing, now, that the human factor will not work on Trump, a broadcaster should be prepared to cite hard facts in a faceoff with the President.]

President Trump to 60 Minutes: “I think something’s happening. Something’s changing and it’ll change back again,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a hoax. I think there’s probably a difference. But I don’t know that it’s manmade. I will say this: I don’t want to give trillions and trillions of dollars. I don’t want to lose millions and millions of jobs.” … “I’m not denying climate change,” he said in the interview.

Reality Check: President Trump is frankly giving his assessment of man-made climate change and his understanding is in agreement with some very high profile scientists. Trump has been remarkably consistent with his climate views, demanding that the “The Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore” in the wake of the Climategate revelations in 2010.

Analysis: Trump KO’s ’60 Minutes’ on ‘climate change’ – Trump’s skeptical remarks were ‘scientifically, politically and economically accurate’

10 thoughts on “Analysis: Trump KO’s ’60 Minutes’ on ‘climate change’ – Trump’s skeptical remarks were ‘scientifically, politically and economically accurate’”

  1. Climate change is indeed real as climate has been changeing since earth has been here.but humans having a major play in it has not been proving and is an we have some impacts? Absolutely we do have some with things like uhi but it not and will never be enough to over ride the nature cycles and for sure we won’t pervent the next big glacer cycle.and as I have stated I dont disagree that we should keep earth clean but there are ways and much better ways in doing good environment things with out all the spending.

  2. not just goracle but ALL the nobels handed out for what is- and continues to be- :NON science masquerading as fact/science and disproven many times over!
    any credence the nobels had was negated utterly by these lousy decisions to award to such a dodgy fustercluck of recipients

  3. This has been a Gullible Democrat Hoax since the beginning of the climate education take over by anti-carbon greens 40 years ago. It is only after the normal cyclic process resets after a seven cycle Warm period, including Sc20 into a GSM like Dalton, Wolf, Oort, and the 585AD LALIA GSM that morphed into a Volcanic cool period follow three separate T6/T7 eruptions on a worldwide basis, that politician are able to refute biased fake news interviewers with real facts, rather than having to accept green propaganda, as reality.
    Climate effects are lagging, dependent on how quick the oceans give up their captured heat. Peer reviewed science, real science shows that the effects of a GSM start to show in the fossil records 10 year after the start of the GSM, as temperature falls, so too with CO2, but the lagging time frame may be much longer than 10 years.
    I still say that one of the largest contributors to the rise in CO2 levels is the deep ocean returning leg of the overturning current, as that cold sea water rises to the surface in the mid tropical oceans it releases its load of CO2 which was rained out during the deepest part of the LIA, the Spoorer GSM. That LIA period has a further 250 years of heaviliy laden CO2 sea water to flow out.

  4. Given the condition of the USG balance sheet Trump and the government he leads couldn’t afford to spend another cent on anything. Time to stop making a financial mess and start cleaning it up.

  5. How refreshing it is to have a pragmatic president who
    can see through the Global climate scam started by the
    infamous fabricated “hockey stick”. Time he held those responsible to account or they will always smear honest
    climate scientists.

  6. Trump won the 60 Minutes interview because THEY HAD TO RUN IT UNCUT AND UNEDITED!!!!!! 60 Minutes (The American CBS Television Network version, I think there is a program by the same name in Australia), is notorious for doing hatchet jobs the people it interviews, and always has been. I recall reading a magazine article to this effect in the 1980s. It’s very easy to edit videotape to make people look stupid or smart, and appear to say things they didn’t say, or appear not say things they did say, which ever option suits your agenda. They couldn’t do this in Trump’s case, and had to agree to run the interview substantially uncut, OR ELSE…

  7. It’s so refreshing to have a realist in charge of administering the federal government. President Trump is a hardnosed operator, and won’t put up with any baloney, fraud, or any propaganda. A guy that can read a balance sheet is not going to fall for the psychological warfare that has been waged against the American people for 55 years. Luckily only 30% of the U.S. population has been deceived by the Operation Mockingbird program.

  8. The cold war was resumed during Obama’s reign through the US-orchestrated Ukrainian coup. Trump is taking it a step further with the resumption of the nuclear arms race. Although he is doing the right thing w.r.t. climate/environment, he is losing face with his global policies. In the Skripal case he accepts Theresa May’s verdict, “It has to be the Russians, who else” although nothing was proved. Kashoggi was murdered in the Saudi consulate, but Trump considers “rogue killers” feasible. Sanctions against Russia, but money talks for Saudi Arabia.

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