Anchorage headed for snowiest winter on record

Heavy snow is falling in Alaska’s largest city today, adding to what already has been the snowiest period for Anchorage since records-keeping began.

The weather service counts a snow year from July to June. From July 1 through Tuesday, Anchorage has received 81.3 inches of snow.

If the pace keeps up, Anchorage is on track to have the snowiest winter ever, surpassing the previous record of 132.8 inches in 1954-55, said weather service meteorologist Shaun Baines.

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2 thoughts on “Anchorage headed for snowiest winter on record”

  1. I used to live in Fairbanks. The extreme cold & dark make the snow last much longer. Unlike a sunny place with average winter daylight hours. Not much melting goes on. Most of that snow will be there until break- up. Hang in there Anchorage!

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