And we wonder what is heating the seas

Video – Kilauea Lava Runs into Ocean

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this video

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  1. I understand the entire North-South center of the Atlantic is one long rift. To me, that means we can take what we see happening on the Big Island and run it from the South Pole to the North Pole?

    That being true, there must be a constant flow of lava from this fissure. Are there any pictures?

    What of the THOUSANDS of Volcanoes under the surface of the ocean.? Indonesia has, like ,150 Volcanoes so the ocean bottom(s) must have Thousands? And how many of them are spewing out lava………….and thus heating the Oceans?

    Where can we find the data?

    • Much of the data can be found in older posts on this very important site. Thank you Robert.

    • My mother’s family was from the Azores… .right smack in the middle of it. Otherwise, I might have considered checking the place out for possible retirement (not that I even speak Portuguese).

      But my understanding is they make a big deal out of some cooking techniques in some place called Furnace (I forget which island)… where they use the existing vents to cook meat etc.

  2. Lava on its own is probably a minor factor but if you have a constant flow of hot water from geothermal springs and plenty of them that might make a difference in local water temperatures and chemical composition of the water.

  3. One of the more exotic threats associated with volcanoes is toxic gas. In addition to the gases the lava itself emits, such as sulfur dioxide, and hydrofluoric acid, the lava can interact with seawater to produce what is called laze, or lava haze in the form of highly corrosive hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid mist, which has claimed lives at the Hawaiian park.
    Also of note is that these lava flows with their hydrofluoric acid could form CFCs, the so called ozone depleting chemicals in the atmosphere.

  4. best lava meets water clip ive seen;-)
    low tide allows the lava to make a decent layer reaching out
    then the tide comes in…
    hawaii gov i gather gets to claim “new land” if any manages to stay above sealevels when its over
    looks like a few people might be having new much higher land to try n rebuild on later if theyre brave/foolish enough to do so?
    i dont remember Laze warnings on other beachmetting lava before
    is it because of the specific lava type in Hawaii i wonder
    seems to be the nasty black razorsharp glass type

  5. Hawaii, one of the most volcanically active regions in the world (volcanoes contributing to atmospheric CO2), in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Ocean degassing another major contributor to atmospheric CO2) is a rather odd place to measure the earth’s atmospheric CO2. It’s rather far from the industrialized regions, so can’t really be measuring man-made CO2.

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