Animals instantly freeze to death in Kazakhstan – Short video

We wonder how the mammoths and mastodons froze to death. This video might explain it.

These animals in Kazakhstan apparently froze to death when the temperature dropped to -72.4°F (-58°C) on January 20th, 2021. (I’m guessing there’s no global warming in Kazakhstan right now.)

Does this video give a true depiction of what happens to animals at such a low temperature? I’ve never experienced such cold, so I don’t know.

The coldest I’ve ever experienced was minus 36F (-37.8C). That happened in Vermont when I was 16 years old and driving my very first car. I hopped in the car to go see my girlfriend, and when the car started moving forward it felt like I had  flat tire. What a miserable time to get a flat tire, I groused. I got out of the car and walked around it looking to find which tire needed to be replaced. None of them were flat.

Got back in the car and started driving forward, and again, it felt like I had a flat tire. Got out of the car again and looked more closely at the tires. At that point I noticed that a couple of them were flat on top and I realized what had happened.

You know how your tires look when you park the car for the night? Slightly flat on the bottom? Well, it was so cold that all four of my tires had frozen that way, flat on the bottom. I got back in the car and started driving, and after just a few miles the tires had warmed up enough that the ride became (comparatively) smooth.

Have any of you ever experienced minus 72F degrees?

Thanks to Ron Ewing for this video

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  1. When I was a boy, about 1954, on a beautiful winter morning, I took my little brother to milk the cow. As I helped him through the fence, I saw a grey spot expanding on his nose and as I blew on it, it shrank. I carried him to the house and looked at the thermometer; it was -50. I checked the one on the back of the garage; -50. It stayed -50 for two days, but it was perfectly still out, so no chill factor. -20 in a roaring blizzard was much worse. Montana

  2. I have worked beyond the polar circle and -37C is also the coldest I ever been out in. Some of our teams with diesel vans had to have the vans running for two weeks without end – they turned the engine off only when taking more fuel at gas station.

    Other than that – we work outside, telecomunications, so we are well equipped. It all comes down to the fact that things that you can do in a day, take a week when its below -20.

    And beware of metal constructions – if you touch them with your skin, you might glue yourself to it 🙂

  3. How could such a “flash freeze” stop creatures in their tracks, frigid as standing stones, unless temperatures abruptly dropped from (say) -50 degrees Fahrenheit to -74+?

    Is this a “williwaw effect”, or do extreme low-temps somehow occur in pulses, like Lake Ladoga’s sudden “phase shifts” from super-cooled, sub-freezing water to thick sheets of ice?

    Quite plausibility, near the Würmian Glaciation’s peak (or trough), Ice Age mega-fauna such as woolly mammoths suffered this sad fate. But we’d be most interested in the regional dynamics, the cryogenic mechanics of this en bloc refrigeration. Has anyone proposed experiments?

  4. ah that was the link i sent that had vanished!
    damned savage cold it was longer when I first saw it it showed the bloke nudge a sheep and it fell over totally rigid frozen, foxes and other creatures also

  5. I was in Chicago on a weekend on 1981 ( maybe 1982?) and the wind chill was I think about -54F and the straight temp was probably around -25. I went out on the street that evening to walk down to the Sears tower (called something else now) and I got about a 1/4 of a block and turned right back around to return to my hotel. My skin on my face was literally freezing and was hard to the touch. I had been walking straight into a brisk 20 mph wind so I felt the full -54F wind chill factor. But that’s nothing compared to -72F with no wind chill factor!

  6. Minus 56 degrees F is the coldest that I have experienced here in North Dakota. The city of Parshall where I live holds the record for the state of -60 F which it set on February 15, 1936. At -56, my oil turned to jello.

  7. This is all the Eddy Solar Minimum. Less sunspots, loosened magnetosphere, increased cosmic radiation hitting earth’s surface, jet streams change dramatically, magnetic poles drift. The earth’s plates get pulled and stretched by either gravity or a form of magnetic force. Scientists aren’t sure. But this is all normal and expected for a grand solar minimum. In fact, it will get worse. A mini Ice Age is inbound and world crop and food production is about to become a very serious issue bc of this.

  8. Chukotka is cut off from the world: Heavy snow storm in Anadyr. Russia Blizzard. So reads the video title and I don’t think there’s much to add.

    Must be Hell to have to struggle through such conditions.

  9. Animals do not freeze while moving. They curl up in a ball or lay down on their side and don’t wake up. Says the Observer,
    “This video is fake because they use animals that are already dead and put them upright to make it look like they were frozen in motion. These are people in villages who do this. They are pranks, very stupid pranks. This kind of video has already been published last winter and even the one before, so we know that people do it regularly”.

  10. I have been in Fairbanks at -50 and it routinely gets down to -30 to -40 at our cabin north of Willow Alaska
    You have to be very careful at those temperatures

    • It is – disappointing that this site is getting caught up in fake news and conspiracy theories – I used to count on it for countering the fake news . . . .

  11. The first article I ever read on your website Robert was about the dinosaurs freezing to death with food still in their stomachs.

    Do you ever get that Deja Vu feeling?

    • So, who are you thinking MADE the “fake” dinos with ‘fresh’ food still in their stomachs (and mouths, I’ve read)? Or, as they died, were the dinos hoping to play tricks on future species?

      Don’t let frauds make you discard the unexplained. Keep looking for the explanation that fits…

  12. Maybe that’s why the Green Communists wants to reduce temperature in 2030/2032? What will the present gentherapy, proposed as a normal vaccine, do in such a situation?

  13. Worked in -60 deg C or F (same same) a couple of times… once at the top of Sierra Yoyo Desan Road (SYD Road), located north and east of Fort Nelson, BC and also once offshore on a frozen Arctic Ocean near Tuktoyaktuk. Yes, the tires become polygons and your head or helmet bounces off the ceiling of the truck because there is no flex in the foam in the seats. The vehicle exhaust makes stationary visible thermocline streams about 10 feet above the road as you drive that just hang there for hours. The air feels less fluid and more like viscous liquid. Rig hands walk around like penguins not wanting to raise their arms above 45 degrees and steel hammer unions smash like glass when hit with a sledge hammer.

    When it is at the level well below just “freezing the balls off a brass monkey” it’s often described as being “colder than a witch’s tit” or just ‘effin cold for short. When everything gets too brittle it’s time to shut down before everything including the men and equipment get bust or seized right up. It feels like being in a surreal tank of semi-liquid CO2… and if you got the balls to take a whiz outside you might think that you are hearing the northern lights crackle while it brings a little tear to your eye… prolly like those dogs in the vid.

  14. Mammoths have alot more body mass than dogs in the first place. Though my dog will eat anything and a buttercup would last about 1 minute in her stomach. As in Siberia the Alaskan mammoths are found in broken twisted jumbles with other extinct megafauna. So my mind says freezing wasn’t what killed them. But an ice tsunami ougt to fit the bill and an impact event the most likely culprit !

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