Anomalous cold continues across Europe’s Nordic Nations

New cold records in the forecast.

Europe’s Nordic nations will remain decidedly colder than average in coming days with still no sign of summer in sight, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

“There is no heat out there,” says FMI Meteorologist Jari Tuovinen. Instead, there will likely be a new cold record or two set along Finland’s Eastern border tomorrow.

Tuovinen predicts a chilly 10C (50F) on July 8, breaking daily-max temperature records on the downside for the month of July.

Norway is expecting even colder temps — a few degrees C below zero is forecast, with a similar story in neighboring Sweden.

Furthermore, the rest of Europe’s recent and extensive bout of anomalous cold looks set to intensify over the next 10 days, particularly in central and eastern parts:

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4 thoughts on “Anomalous cold continues across Europe’s Nordic Nations”

  1. As far as I remember it isn’t unusual, not regular. Remarkable that heating up to above 16 degrees above ‘normal’ is always mentioned but not cooling down 16 degrees under ‘normal’. Neither it was pointed to the snow that felt in the Norwegian mountains. But that’s all part of the holiday-economy which will come to an end.

  2. hope enough reporters get frostbitten to mention it;-)
    all the arctic circle reporting is on the warmish(due to another blocking high) over alaska..nary a mention of the well below avg COLD- same old biased msm
    greenfunding adverts pays their obscene bills for the power and priveledge of media untruth

  3. Can someone tell us what’s happening over farther north North America? Is it similar to Europe? I am not very far north, about at Calif Oregon border

  4. Robert
    The News is reporting 113 deg temps in France and 100 deg + in Paris and Germany. What happened to the heat wave in Europe? It looks like from your weather map the hot humid air from Med is being trapped in the South of France and Spain because it is blocked by dense cold air in Scandinavia and eastern Europe? Do you have any information concerning heat wave?

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