Another blizzard for Churchill – Grocery shelves already bare

Another blizzard for Churchill – Grocery shelves already bare

With no deliveries in nearly three weeks, residents are desperate for groceries. 

19 Mar 2017 – Just two week after an historic blizzard hit the Northern Manitoba town, yet another blizzard is blasting the area.

Churchill has been under a local state of emergency since March 10, after the area was hit with 60 cm of snow over three days.

No bread or vegetables are for sale at the local store and meat is scarce, said local resident Lana Bilenduke.

“Everyone’s in a crisis until we get our groceries in.”

Churchill, Manitoba  – 10 Mar 2017 (Keith McDougall/YouTube)

The company the owns the rail line that brings supplies into Churchill has cleared the tracks and is trying to get supplies delivered as soon as possible.

Churchill Deputy Mayor Shane Hutchins said a freight train hasn’t come into town in nearly three weeks, and people are still digging out from the earlier historic blizzard.

“I’ve lived here 50 years and no, we’ve never had anything like this.”
said Hutchins.

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14 thoughts on “Another blizzard for Churchill – Grocery shelves already bare

    • fighting in the streets there would be slow and using snowshoes:-)
      the older locals would , one hopes, have a standard well stocked pantry before every winter.
      the most beautiful places usually have drawbacks like being stinking hot/dry/or severely cold
      the good times make up for the crap ones usually.

  1. May I recommend keeping 2-3 months of canned, frozen and dried goods on hand. Otherwise life may end up not going so well.

    • anywhere isolated or extreme pretty much guarantees wise people DO keep emergency supplies. if the stores are many miles away as in many places in Aus, if you dont make sure you have everything (and spares )then you tend to go without or learn to make do.
      the biggest boon is the long life milk n creams
      theyre not so healthy but they beat powdered milk/canned ugh stuff, or nothing, which used to be the prior options

      • I agree Laurel… and I can’t imagine why anyone living where they get blizzards (even in a big city) wouldn’t stock up before every winter, something I was taught to do as a kid. On the other hand my dad grew up in the depression and knew even in the country you had to be prepared.

        Around where I live (southeastern VA, but in the country)… everyone knows we need to stock up, especially before winter or hurricane season. I live on a farm that is semi-isolated, in that if there is a snow or ice storm … even though usually not all that deep (4-5 inches maybe) the roads are treacherous and they never plow so we can get trapped out here for a few weeks. No way for EMT to get through, no fire trucks… we are on our own.

        People watch out for each other and we all keep extra supplies on hand and share if someone runs out of something in particular. To say nothing of the fact that those “hillbillies” or “rednecks” as they call us… tend to know how to garden and at least the boys and lots of the girls know how to fish and hunt.

  2. Perhaps we should keep a tally of all these record events and revisit them next spring and see if the trend continues. Should next year continues the downward trend, it won”t belong before we start hearing the HIGH PRIESTS claiming “Cooling is the new Warming”

  3. As Instapundit has said:

  4. Imagine how well stocked store shelves would be if everyone was forced to stop using petrochemical fuels for transportation of all goods.

  5. Will we recognize the initial onset of a major glaciation in time to save most of the population? This event in Churchill is probably just a blizzard but at some point we will see a series of weather events that can not be considered normal for winter.
    When do we call it a major glaciation and move south Robert ?

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