Another Ship of Fools Frustrated by Large Quantities of Ice

“An Arctic expedition designed to raise awareness of the perils of man-made climate change is being frustrated by unexpectedly large quantities of ice,” writes James Delingpole.

The expedition is already 4 to 6 weeks behind schedule having been held up in the Laptev Sea by ice, the kind of ice which experts “assure us will soon disappear permanently from the Arctic in summer.”

I love how Delingpole ends his article:

One of these days, someone’s going to get themselves hurt on one of these polar Ship of Fools expeditions. But until that day, I say: “Bring them on!” If idiots want to freeze their balls off, take City investment firms and insurance brokers for a ride, and make utter dicks of themselves for our delectation and amusement while making a mockery of current climate ‘science’, then I’d say they are performing a truly valuable public service.

See entire article about the latest “Ship of Fools”:

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13 thoughts on “Another Ship of Fools Frustrated by Large Quantities of Ice”

  1. History proves one thing and that is that too many people don’t learn from history. Too many feel and believe instead of think and know.

    • 🙂 reckon theyre feeling a bit cold n stupid about now
      and might..just might..
      start to think they have been utter idots and misled by those who DO know better and are lying anyway

      of course if they are the usual class of greentard Darwin award candidates
      the fact theyve been globally embarrassed and wasted huge funds and risked their lives and anyone having to rescue them(as often happens)
      will not impinge on their Gaia-icefantasy-syndrome.
      in their tiny minds
      they is heros!

  2. This article from Dellers is a bit late as they are in open sea now. However, you have to wonder what that delay has done to their prospects of getting through the NW Passage as Summer has gone now.

    • Even if they make it the fact of the amount of delay and ice they have run into must give them pause.

      This year it’s going to be very cold. The ice is already forming in many areas. Started in August. If they are smart they well get this over with before they are ice locked.

    • Hardly a worthwhile expedition though – it is not and most probably never will be a viable shipping route.

      Everyone forgets or doesn’t know 2 US subs surfaced in clear water at the poles in the 50’s or 60’s or both – can’t remember and can’t be bothered researching it – Tony Heller has it somewhere.

  3. Shucks, I take it they didn’t get holed by an Iceberg, and the suvivors eaten by Polar Bears.
    For warmists, mores the pity.

  4. Is it a one way trip? If not it may become one. The Climate is changing (again) ad it’s already getting colder. Returning might prove a bit difficult.

  5. Ship of fools ?

    No !


    As for soon someone is injured, man I hope so !

    These lying Devils deserve what they get, and come to think of it, their Liar & Chief Obama can give the eulogies blaming their deaths on Global Shmooling, a word that He can “twist” left into His Pathological Twisted mind just about anything his lying mouth can falsely dream up and maybe, just maybe, Mr Liar & Chief can swigle down a few shots of CO2 to show everyone how He uses Himself as a tool to reduce supposed greenhouse gases !

    Oh, and one more thing…

    Whorllary Rotten Clinton for President (At least there’s something who can tell the truth???)

  6. They cheated, They took the southerly coastal route along
    mainland Canada, What is considered the NW passage is
    the route north of Banks Island. And it has been full of
    ice all summer. Bunch of crooks. Ed

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