Another video from Kazakhstan

1½ meters (almost 5 ft) of snow. Which would you prefer? This? Or global warming?

30 Jan 2020 – Kazakhstan – The images speak for themselves

10 thoughts on “Another video from Kazakhstan”

  1. nasty indeed, that poor pony..but then I realised the owner was most likely saving it from a worse fate in a snowed in paddock.
    others mightnt have been as lucky either;-(
    and anything small that didnt have shelter would be in deep trouble(and snow)

    • Them Siberian ponys are toughest horses on the planet. But I guess Pompeo’s visit had a chilling effect. Gangster Diplomacy very well understood thereabouts.

  2. The man with the horse should tie a snow shovel across the saddle and head south. When he hears for the first time, “What the heck is that on your saddle?”, he should get off the horse and live there from then on.

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