Antarctic sea-ice extent 193,000 sq miles higher than average

That’s ½ million square kilometers more ice than average – Where are the breathless headlines?

193,000 square miles – That’s the size of Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia and Maryland combined.

Again, I ask, Where are the breathless headlines?

Or is there an agenda here?

“What if the North Pole was gaining sea ice, and the South Pole was losing sea ice?” asks the Steven Goddard website.

“Alarmists would come up with an ad hoc theory explaining how it confirms the models, and proves global warming.”

“Junk ad hoc climate science has no rules other than confirmation bias, and keeping the funding stream alive.”

2 thoughts on “Antarctic sea-ice extent 193,000 sq miles higher than average”

  1. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi on polar ice: ‘Over the past 30 years there has been a rise in the southern ice cap! One would never know it given all the hysteria about the northern ice cap’. I agree that media hype ignors the big picture,the same satellite takes images of the arctic and antarctic but the true data gathered conflicts with certain agendas…therefore,it has to be manipulated for the unsuspecting masses. They want to project the guilt on the common man as an AGW factor via co2,so the cooling anomalies around the world must be swept under the rug to continue the smoke and mirrors deceipt.

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