Antarctica Hit by unprecedented 50,000 earthquakes in 3 months

“The area already is under scrutiny for its melting ice cap, and some have suggested buried volcanoes could be a reason.”
Spot on! I’ve been saying this for years.

25 Dec 2020 – Scientists at the University of Chile’s Seismological Center say that Antarctica, normally a stable region of the world, has been hit by thousands of earthquakes in just the last three months, “more than a thousand earthquakes a day.”

The estimates range from 30,000 to 50,000, some measuring less than 1 on the Richter scale, others up to 6, reported Israel365 News.

The spot is the Bransfield Strait, a 60-mile-wide body of water extending for some 300 miles.

The report explained that before the quakes, the strait was expanding by about one-third of an inch per year. Now it’s moving at six inches annually.

If there are volcanoes, they also could explain the seismic activity and the huge chunks of ice falling off of ice floes into the ocean.

“It is also possible that the shaking is being caused by methane vents opening up. Earlier this year, a team of researchers with Oregon State University has confirmed the first active leak of sea-bed methane discovered at McMurdo Sound situated in the Ross Sea. Scientists believe that there is a large amount of methane sealed beneath the ocean floor off the coast of Antarctica,” the report said.

Do you suppose this increase in activity has anything to do with the recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn? How about the Grand Solar Minimum?

See entire article by Bob Unruh:

Report: ‘Stable’ Antarctica feels 50,000 quakes in 3 months

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7 thoughts on “Antarctica Hit by unprecedented 50,000 earthquakes in 3 months”

  1. I think you might want to change the title of that book to ‘fire and ice’ as it appears we are seeing a significant uptick in volcanic and seismic activity, as well as significant extreme weather as we dive further into this GSM! Ah, to be blissfully unaware of all the lies surrounding you … seems most are just that!

  2. Yes, you HAVE been saying this for years, Robert! It’s amazing that they have taken this long to ‘discover’ the things you wrote about so long ago. It must be annoying that they seem to ignore the fact that you already wrote about this…

  3. And . . . if this activity results in volcanic eruptions that melts gigatons of ice melting that results in a few inches of SLR, their ‘experts’ will immediately blame it on AGW/ACC/CACC.

  4. It just amazes me how far behind many scientists and news outlets are regarding the activity in Antarctica.
    The idea of methane hydrate being released with all the volcanic activity down there, now and in the past, should be e a no-brainer.
    What will be interesting is when will this hit the mainstream? And will mainstream still blame global warming or climate change, rather than a dynamic planet right under their feet?
    I just don’t think they teach critical thinking anymore.

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