Anthropogenic Global Warming – Fact or Hoax?

“Serious science doesn’t matter if you have the press in your pocket.” 

“Here’s an excellent science-based overview of the global warming fraud,” says jounalist Kirk Myers. “Loads of good information that even the layman can understand, a treasure trove of facts that expose the junk science behind the global warming fraud.”

Anthropogenic Global Warming – Fact or Hoax?

Editorial by James A. Peden

(Excerpts) – “After the hockey stick was accepted virtually overnight without close examination ( like the Piltdown Man ), along comes Al Gore, a long-time “environmentalist”, ( who made near-failing grades in science and math in college ) who decides to make a movie out of it.

The hockey stick goes up on the big screen, and Gore boards a mechanical lift with cameras grinding, pointer in hand as he rises in unison with the blade of the stick which starts growing upward toward the ceiling.  No longer are we talking about tenths of a degree, the temperature is rising like a puff pastry, and headed toward the attic.

It all began with the word “if”. 

If the hockey stick tip continues to rise (lift starts going upward, the audience holds its breath ) then… and along comes computer animations of New York flooding, Florida underwater, and poor little Polar Bears struggling to board the last piece of ice floating in the open Arctic Sea. (sigh…) It ends with Hurricane Katrina and Boston almost losing the pennant.

It is Hollywood at its finest, and the Deacons of La La Land give it an Oscar.  Even the Nobel Committee is impressed, gives it two thumbs-up and a Nobel Prize to Gore and the other members of the IPCC for the many lives that will be saved in the future because of this brilliant early warning.

Making, perhaps, Al Gore the richest former Vice President in history

And, there’s still time for we miserable humans to “save” the planet by buying “carbon offsets” accomplished best by investing in Al Gore’s British company which buys stock in other companies that will benefit from a world-wide global warming hysteria (keeping a healthy cut) and making, perhaps, Al Gore the richest former Vice President in history.  That will buy a lot of SUV’s, jets, and large mansions with mega-electric bills.  Everyone wins except the taxpayer and businessman, who are soon to pay a very heavy price.”

The most likely culprit? Our old friend, the Sun.

“So what’s really causing the endless cycles of warming and cooling, if it isn’t a constantly changing “Greenhouse Effect” – with man to blame?  Man wasn’t producing much CO2 in the past million years, so he hasn’t simply been turning the greenhouse up and down at will.  Just look up – one of the most likely culprits is our old friend, the Sun.”

See entire editorial:

About the editor

James A. Peden – better known as Jim or “Dad” – Webmaster of Middlebury Networks and Editor of the Middlebury Community Network, spent some of his earlier years as an Atmospheric Physicist at the Space Research and Coordination Center in Pittsburgh and Extranuclear Laboratories in Blawnox, Pennsylvania, studying ion-molecule reactions in the upper atmosphere.  As a student, he was elected to both the National Physics Honor Society and the National Mathematics Honor Fraternity, and was President of the Student Section of the American Institute of Physics.  He was a founding member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, and a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  His thesis on charge transfer reactions in the upper atmosphere was co-published in part in the prestigious Journal of Chemical Physics.  The results obtained by himself and his colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh remain today as the gold standard in the AstroChemistry Database.  He was a co-developer of the Modulated Beam Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, declared one of the “100 Most Significant Technical Developments of the Year” and displayed at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

14 thoughts on “Anthropogenic Global Warming – Fact or Hoax?”

  1. Lying is a means to an end. Our America bites the dust; the Lib/progressive’s America is a third-rate husk of what it once was. Over 90% of media folks vote Liberal, so why would we be surprised at the garbage they consider what is the “correct” story to print? Fiddlin

  2. Seems to me that most people wants to be brainwashed by massmedia, everything else they hear/read are “tinfoil people rants”. Yeah, yeah, yeah… vote for a new president and everything will be fine. The new president will do EVERYTHING for you, he will even think for you. Humanity is more or less willingly becoming mind controlled slaves. Thank you Robert Felix for your “war against the machine”.

  3. It seems to me that Al Gore is probably guilty of fraud with his global warming garbage. If he makes money which seems the case, then he should be charged with fraud for the money he has fleeced from people, corporations and soverign countries.

  4. Terrific article by James A. Peden — thanks for turning us onto it, Robert. Long, but well worth reading to the end.

    I would add one footnote to his article, where Peden mentions that the state climatologist of Washington was fired for failing to follow the AGW Party Line on melting glaciers. Over the past several years, this makes either 4 or 5 state climatologists that have been fired by liberal governors, which I have seen reports of, all for their heresy.

    The other states firing their state climatologists, as I recall, were New Jersey, Delaware, and Oregon (and I forget the other one, which may have been Washington).

    Politics trumps science every time, except in the real world of nature.

  5. Alexis de Tocqueville warned us about this almost 200 years ago when he wrote, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”
    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,
    Vote the dictator out while we still can.

    • Alexis got it from Plato, who was no fan of Democracy.

      I prefer Karl Popper’s critique of Plato which is a bit more optimistic. Karl’s thoughts are on how to ward off Socialism in it’s Nationalist and Soviet variants.

      very applicable to our current situation.


      • for any one interested in following up on that reference, I refer to:

        “The Open Society and Its Enemies, Vol. 1: The Spell of Plato”

        wherein Popper lays out a Philosophical frame-work for resisting the totalitarians rising in the 1930’s. (same issue we have now)

        followers of Robert’s site may also be interested in Popper’s:

        “The Logic of Scientific Discovery”

        wherein he develops his criterion of “Falsifiability” to distinguish Western / Philosophical / Scientific thought from Tribal / Socialist / Fascist / Communist thought.


        1. getting hotter proves AGW
        2. getting colder proves AGW

        this hypothesis is not “falsifiable” and hence is NOT Western, Philosophical or Scientific thought.

        contra example:

        1. more sun spots yield higher temperatures, agricultural surpluses, the Arts flourish, and Civilization advances
        2. fewer sun spots yield colder temperatures, agricultural declines, starvation, hungry barbarians at your door-step, and Civilization regresses.

        this hypothesis is “falsifiable” or “testable”, and hence is Western, or Scientific thought.

        note that it’s not a requirement that it be either true or false, but that it MAY be proved wrong by experiment or observation.

        hope this helps folks get their minds around this topic.


  6. The article begins with stating that in the MWP temperatures were about the same as they are today. In that time the Vikings settled in Greenland, which was green then. Temperatures worldwide were higher in the MWP than they are today. As temperatures are declining again, it is very unlikely we will ever see a green Greenland again in the coming ages.

  7. oh but but the mans isnt a “climate scientist”
    and he doesnt have a snazzy model to prove?? anything..
    and he doesnt have best buddies at nature and ipcc
    so its all iggerant tinfoil stuff..
    couldnt possibly be correct.
    sarc off.

    re the 1st comment, yup the dictatorship plans are well under way,
    all the exec orders lately scream wake up and run.

  8. I’ve been following Ice Age Now, and other real science sites regarding the climate for quite a while now. I guess that makes me a vile “denier.” After reading the full article, it made me want to go outside and bang my head against a tree. So many learned men and women who know what real science is all about, so many charlatans and frauds convincing the ignorant masses, with the help of the non-investigative reporters of the news media, that up is down and hot is cold … and give up more of your money for higher energy prices, etc. It reminds me of living with my first wife. (Sometimes, I just had to go outside and bang my head against the nearest tree.)

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