Any Connection Between the Gothenburg Excursion and the Layer of Black Ash Around the World?

I also think the excursion was responsible for creating the Carolina Bays, the millions – yes, millions! – of huge elliptical depressions gouged into the ground at the same time. Many of those depressions were bigger than some modern-day cities.

This article by a long-time reader was triggered by my recent article New Study Warns: Magnetic Catastrophe that Wiped Out the Neanderthals is Due to Hit Again.

Any Connection Between the Gothenburg Excursion and the Layer of Black Ash Around the World?

Michael Jenkins

It is interesting that the Gothenburg Event of about 12,500 years ago seems to have occurred at about the same time, or perhaps 300 years after, the Younger Dryas Impact event. Evidence of the latter continues to pile up, despite continuing resistance by the scientific establishment, of a devastating break-up of comet tail debris around 12,800 years ago, which mostly rained down on and melted much of the 1 to 2-mile thick Laurentide Ice Sheet that covered eastern Canada at the time, with a large but lesser impact on the ice sheet that covered western Canada.

Above that black ash layer around the world, most of the megafauna that existed up till the firestorm and ensuing deluge ceased to appear in the fossil record — mammoths, short-faced bears, giant sloths, saber-tooths, etc. Much like like the way dinosaurs suddenly disappeared from sediments above the K-T boundary layer 65 million years ago.

Many of the megafauna were still thriving, like the mammoths, right up to that point in time when the black layer was laid down around the world, when most of the world’s biomass was burned. Also, interestingly, there are indications that the geological north pole may have been quite a bit further south before the Impact event, somewhere in northern Canada, since we know that Siberia had a much warmer climate at the time, with vast herds of mammoths grazing in Siberia, who were all suddenly flash frozen before their meat could spoil, or before some could finish digesting the buttercup flowers they had eaten hours earlier.

The Siberian climate has remained bitterly cold after that event until thawing of the permafrost about a century ago exposed these killing fields of countless numbers of mammoths that apparently died en masse, and the instant drop in temperature, and perhaps change in the earth’s axis or crust movement pushed Siberia into a frigid northern zone, freezing their huge carcasses in place in temperatures so low and so quickly that the meat and stomach contents didn’t spoil.

What I wonder is whether there might have been any connection between the Younger Dryas Impact and the Gothenburg event, though it is hard to see how the comet impact could have triggered the magnetic reversal 300 years later, if the dating for both events is accurate.

Perhaps it was just the planet’s bad luck to have two such catastrophes in such a short period, wiping out most of the megafauna in North America, and the entire Native American Clovis Culture at the same time. Notably, Africa was largely spared, with relatively few large mammals there going extinct, since it seems not to have been hit by much, if any, of the comet debris.


Note from Robert: Yes, I think the Gothenburg excursion is directly linked to the black ash layer around the world, and I think they happened simultaneously. But I have strong doubts of a comet impact. Scientists love to blame comets when they can’t figure out what happened.

I also think the magnetic excursion was responsible for creating the Carolina Bays, the millions – yes, millions! – of huge elliptical depressions gouged into the ground at the same time. Many of those depressions were bigger than some modern-day cities.

“The Carolina bays – Giant paw prints in the ground”
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I discuss the Carolina Bays in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.

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  1. Over the years I’ve warned many folks that I’ve recommended your books to, to be careful as to when they start reading them as they will be compelled to to read them front to back all in one sitting so be prepared to be ‘taken over/entranced’ for at least a few hours each time. No joke… and the passages about the Carolina Bays are amongst the most facinating. Anyone here who hasn’t read your books and figures they know enough about the Ice Age Astro/Geophysics/Eugenics just by frequenting this site deserves to be stuck in an elevator for three days with Satan Klaus Schwab.

    The Club of Rome and the WEF
    The most influential group that spurred the creation of Klaus Schwab’s symposium was the Club of Rome, an influential think tank of the scientific and monied elite that mirrors the World Economic Forum in many ways, including in its promotion of a global governance model led by a technocratic elite. The Club had been founded in 1968 by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei and Scottish chemist Alexander King during a private meeting at a residence owned by the Rockefeller family in Bellagio, Italy.

    Among its first accomplishments was a 1972 book entitled “The Limits to Growth” that largely focused on global overpopulation, warning that “if the world’s consumption patterns and population growth continued at the same high rates of the time, the earth would strike its limits within a century.” At the third meeting of the World Economic Forum in 1973, Peccei delivered a speech summarizing the book, which the World Economic Forum website remembers as having been the distinguishing event of this historical meeting. That same year, the Club of Rome would publish a report detailing an “adaptive” model for global governance that would divide the world into ten, inter-connected economic/political regions.

    The Club of Rome was long controversial for its obsession with reducing the global population and many of its earlier policies, which critics described as influenced by eugenics and neo-Malthusian. However, in the Club’s infamous 1991 Book, The First Global Revolution, it was argued that such policies could gain popular support if the masses were able to link them with an existential fight against a common enemy [Global Warming and Covid-19, 21, 22…]
    ht tp://

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      Tony Heller
      Only RWF/ vetted sites. looks like it’s picking up traffic… 0.13 million hits came pretty quick during the past few days… can hear hard/soft ice age/eugenics related comments from Aim4Truth, AW, Jeffy, Sky News and many others now… could maybe make a new side panel “Eugenics” catagory under Earthquakes. This site and this linked “reality” is going to become evermore “main-current” within the awakened current alternate news goto(s). I literally dreamed in the summer of 2019 (with the long memo I sent out mostly to you and Rolf) of seeing this exact, exact cross-pollination take place right here, right now. Gracias Amigo for all your work in making it so with style and class Herr AI Mr. Roboto (I know I can only half imagine how busy you must be and it looks like it could be time for a new sub-catagory… you are the sysop… will the globalists allow this level of truth?… well it looks like the other guys are already starting to run with it). I’m guessing combined ’Ice Age/Eugenics’ could become THE public meme for the 2020’s and yours is the only ’ real’ blog with the exact right name at the right time. No need to resent Turney, you have been nailing it for decades (in this world being early is the same as being wrong… but no longer… it is finally SHTF, including the umpteen weather records being broken ww) on all fronts ww now. Cheers.

      • Regarding the uptic in the traffic here, I may be to blame by mentioning this site and the Rekyevik quake swarms on RBN, What Really Happened, radio show! Mike Rivero gets alot of coverage.

  2. The Carolina Bays were created by a MASSIVE flood sweeping across the area. It happened during the Gothenburg excursion- and the Laschamp excursion, and every other excursion. Floods come with the excursions, a mile deep wave sloshed across North America, wiping out everything it could reach.

    • Dougla Vogt believes that the giant tidal waves were caused by the Earth stopping rotation in one day and the oceans continuing to pile eastwards by force of inertia over the continents, and then sloshing back westwards. Evidence for this includes the numerous deep ocean canyons found all over the world. Ben Davidson believes that when the Sun nova-ed the tectonic plates reared up and down as part of their crustal displacement, causing mile high tidal waves. Both theories would account for the Carolina Bays, and also Noah’s Flood, accounting for how Noah’s Ark managed to end up on Mt Ararat in what is now Turkey.

  3. The layer of black ash seen around the world seems to support Douglas Vogt’s theory that the Sun novas cyclically every 12 063 years, and that this ties in with the 12 063 year magnetic reversals. Everything on the daylight side of the Earth is burnt up by a 1500 C heat blast from the Sun, which lasts from 6 to 8 hours, and then again burnt by the solar dust cloud rushing away from the Sun at 1500 per second. On the other side of the Earth the sudden evacuation of the atmosphere causes an instant ice age, which explains why we see evidence of flash frozen mammoths in Siberia, with buttercups and undigested food in their mouths and stomachs. The Carolina Bays depressions were likely caused by solid ejecta material from the Sun hitting the Earth. Scientists always like to blame comets or asteroids because they never want the public to took to the Sun as a cyclical nova star. For more information see The Diehold Foundation on YouTube and also Ben Davidson,s You Tube channel Suspicious Observers.


    THERE is in the legends of the Scandinavians a marvelous record of the coming of the Comet. It has been repeated generation after generation, translated into all languages, commented on, criticised, but never understood. It has been regarded as a wild, unmeaning rhapsody of words, or as a premonition of some future earth catastrophe.

    But look at it!

    The very name is significant. According to Professor Anderson’s etymology of the word, it means “the darkness of the gods”; from regin, gods, and rökr, darkness; but it may, more properly, be derived from the Icelandic, Danish, and Swedish regn, a rain, and rök, smoke, or dust; and it may mean the rain of dust, for the clay came first as dust; it is described in some Indian legends as ashes.

    First, there is, as in the tradition of the Druids, page 135, ante, the story of an age of crime.

    The Vala looks upon the world, and, as the “Elder Edda” tells us–

    There saw she wade
    In the heavy streams,
    Men–foul murderers
    And perjurers,
    And them who others’ wives
    Seduce to sin.
    Brothers slay brothers
    Sisters’ children
    Shed each other’s blood. {p. 142}
    Hard is the world!
    Sensual sin grows huge.
    There are sword-ages, axe-ages;
    Shields are cleft in twain;
    Storm-ages, murder ages;
    Till the world falls dead,
    And men no longer spare
    Or pity one another.”[1]

    The world has ripened for destruction; and “Ragnarok,” the darkness of the gods, or the rain of dust and ashes, comes to complete the work.

    The whole story is told with the utmost detail, and we shall see that it agrees, in almost every particular, with what reason assures us must have happened.

    “There are three winters,” or years, “during which great wars rage over the world.” Mankind has reached a climax of wickedness. Doubtless it is, as now, highly civilized in some regions, while still barbarian in others.

    “Then happens that which will seem a great miracle: that the wolf devours the sun, and this will seem a great loss.”

    That is, the Comet strikes the sun, or approaches so close to it that it seems to do so.

    “The other wolf devours the moon, and this, too, will cause great mischief.”

    We have seen that the comets often come in couples or triplets.

    “The stars shall be hurled from heaven.”

    This refers to the blazing débris of the Comet falling to the earth.

    “Then it shall come to pass that the earth will shake so violently that trees will be torn up by the roots, the mountains will topple down, and all bonds and fetters will be broken and snapped.”

    [1. Anderson, “Norse Mythology,” p. 416.]

  5. Long-term astro-geophysical patterns –Earth’s galactic orbit, orogenic thickness of plate-tectonic crust etc.– imply the Younger Dryas “cold shock” was more an accident-of-fate than a terrestrial phenomenon.

    In 2012, a years-long global research project under Emeritus Prof. James P. Kennett (UC Santa Barbara) deduced that the Younger Dryas chill-phase ended North America’s big-game hunting Clovis Culture amid massive human die-offs. In 2020, researchers from Baylor and Houston universities plus Texas A&M reported that 3-year analyses of sedimentary layers in Texas hill-country’s Hall Cave indicate recurrent volcanic cold snaps from 15,000 – 9,000 YBP, compatible with Prof. Kennett’s findings absent cometary/meteorite impacts.

    If the Carolina Bays indeed reflect a mile-high tsunami washing in from southwest Atlantic regions, this was likely not analogous to North Atlantic Storegga Slides c. BC 5200, a residual subsidence that drove a towering tsunami down the English Channel to Gibralter, traversing the Mediterranean to Eurasia’s Dardanelles, Straits of Bosporus and Sea of Marmara. Obliterating the fragile Euxine Sill, Noah/Utnapishtim’s classic Flood washed east, inundating the mile-deep Euxine Basin with its legendary Atlantean civilization to form the deathly Black Sea in a mere forty days. But if the Bays are not a post-glacial, submarine phenomenon, an offshore impact seems most plausible.

    On human scales, these natural catastrophes seem few-and-far-between. But from Mesopotamia’s Dark Millennium (BC 3800 – 2800), likely due to episodic slowing of the Labrador Current’s North Atlantic meridional thermohaline sea-surface oscillation, to the subsequent Bronze Age Collapse (BC 1200 – 1150), “the worst disaster in (Eurasian) history, more calamitous than the collapse of the Western Roman Empire” (Emeritus Prof. Robert Drews, End of the Bronze Age, 1993), human cultures’ viability skates on exceedingly thin ice (intended).

  6. You don’t believe in the Fimbul Winter?

    according to data from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), the eastern Aussie state of New South Wales (NWS) has just suffered its coldest summer season since 2011.

    That’s the first winter without a summer for them.

  7. There is only one way the mammoths could have been flash frozen with buttercups in their bellies. This would have been by a massive ice-ball comet exploding on atmospheric entry and raining near absolute zero ice over the northern hemisphere. The ice impacts would also have created the Carolina bays and having been formed by this impact event, would also show a high degree of directionalism as evidenced by their identical elliptical orientation.

    • There is a theory, explained on Suspicious Observe Youtube channel and the Youtube channel hosted by the “Diebold Foundation:.

      It is scary as hell.

      It appears, now and then, the Sun explodes off a layer, called a micro-nova. This mass of heat and material struck the “American” side of the planet, vaporizing all the ice, all the water and blew the atmosphere off that side.

      The results (one of many) is the RAPID flow of air from t he Siberian side to fill the vacuum. This resulted in an instantaneous Pressure drop, which resulted in an instantaneous Temperature drop (PV = nrT). This would have taken only a few seconds to freeze everything on the “opposite side of the world in the upper hemisphere.

  8. Wait a sec! “Twisted magnetic ropes connected to the sun” ?aren’t you overlooking the obvious.
    It’s the ‘similarly aligned’ oval shapes, that in fact points to the conclusion that a bolide was responsible. How would ‘magnetic explosions’ (a crude metaphore ) create oval shapes depressions all aligned with that mammoth crater in NW Greenland? The only argument against a bolide explanation was that no meteorites were found in the ‘Carolina Bays’ . That argument is easily overcome by ice ejecta.
    In reference to Tunguska, some meteoric material has been found. As large as it was it didn’t start any fires.
    (Howard.Today, the general consensus is that these massive elliptical scars were somehow created by a comet or meteorite exploding above the earth. ) Noooo!!
    Impacting the earth so hard it altered the Milankovitch cycle.

  9. Thanks for all the interesting comments. I’m not entirely convinced by the comet impact theory, and the magnetic excursion theory proposed by Robert also seems to have a lot going for it. There is also a theory popularized by Dr. Robert Schoch that a solar event, an enormous CME, “fried” one side of the earth, which is somewhat analagous but, I think, less convincing.

    But I tend to agree more with the increasing evidence being piled up by the Comet Research Group of 63 scientists from 55 universities (, who are doing the research without funding from the science establishment, which is fighting a fierce (and frequently dishonest) rear-guard battle in the peer-reviewed literature, but consistently losing as new evidence comes to light, such as the platinum and iridium layer at c-12800-12900 in the Greenland ice cores, recently discovered, and carbon spherules and nano-diamonds, created by extreme impacts (meteors) and nuclear blasts, found in the black layer in many locations. Diamonds need two things to form: heat (above 2000 degrees) and pressure (of about 100,000 atmospheres).

    I would note also the discovery of the Hiawatha Crater, a large impact crater under the ice in northern Greenland, which appears to have blasted away the ice and rock at the same date that began the Younger Dryas, since the current ice layers over that part of Greenland are no older than about 12,800 years, unlike much older layers going back a few hundred thousand years elsewhere on the island’s ice sheet.

    There’s also the matter of the Carolina Bays all being aligned in a direction pointing to, roughly, Toronto, as do similar features in Nebraska, so something clearly radiated out from southern Ontario to Nebraska, the Carolinas, Georgia and other states, which sounds a lot like an impact to me, rather than solar radiation (a CME), so I’m pretty dubious about Schoch’s theory.

    The Bays have a teardrop shape, with the pointy end aimed towards Ontario, and sediment piled up at the wide end, but with no sign of any foreign (i.e., meteoric, or displaced) material to be found. That to me is the “iffy” part of the comet impact theory, which posits that the 100 million megaton blast from the comet hitting the Canadian (Laurentide) ice sheet threw out giant chunks of ice at supersonic speed for hundreds of miles in all directions, causing the Bays and the Nebraska lakes, and then melted away, leaving no residues. Sounds neat, but it’s hard to believe that even such a giant explosion could throw ice chunks that far and fast.

    It seems all 3 operative theories have their flaws, and the text-book published Establishment isn’t buying any of them, or anything that doesn’t conform to the Uniformitarian dogma, so they argue against and ridicule all three. But the balance seems to be shifting.

    I’ve been working my way through this series of analytical reviews of the professional literature on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis debate, but am only up to Part 7, as it is hard slogging, but very interesting.

    It’s a wonderful and important mystery as to what actually caused the devastation that began the Younger Dryas, which may take a long time to sort out. We had better sort it out, as a species, or we may become extinct the next time such an event occurs. (Assuming there is anything we could do about it.)

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