AOC accomplishing a lot


Thanks to Pat Harris for this photo

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  1. Of “dumb blonde” jokes, there is no end. Of Coco Loco, despite bizarre-o appearances to the contrary, within some 16 – 19 months there likely will be.

  2. She has really nasty attitude.
    Who paid for her 125K education, follow the money.
    BU is the big loser here.

    • I used to live in the Boston area and worked for the city for a department that had a lot of collaboration with BU.

      BU isn’t the big loser ‘because’ of her… she is rather just evidence of a political PC problem they created themselves…. by giving “special” treatment to various PC types. I’ve seen it before, and I would say a BU degree is worthless at this time.

      They coddle snowflakes with specialty degrees and scholarships (provided they have the “desired” race/ethnicity/sexual orientation or gender identification). I’ve seen more than one person as dumb as a doorknob… end up receiving an unearned doctorate from BU.

  3. The owner of this blog is making a really stupid mistake.

    RESPOND to the comment section, or , at least “publish” the comments.

    People read sites like this for Information, but , more than that, they like writing “comments” and seeing them show up…..DUH

    I am a “genius” (I have been told that so many times that I am sick of it……….I KNOW I AM A F’n GENIUS…I knew it before you did…that is why I am a genius and you are not…)

    So, spend a small amount of Federal Reserve Rothschild Notes and get somebody to post the comments, or stop accepting comments………………

  4. Accidentally
    and even then when its not umm err you know like, its still pretty thick when it manages those brief interludes of viable speech
    shes a living examle of opening your mouth and proving your’e dumb, beyond all doubt

  5. AOC= An AGW $1Trillion dollar joke, on every Western country tax payer. It come to something when every Western Met Office paid for by the taxes of every working person in those counties is part of that joke, producing Hot models which have to be reset downwards every 5 years, to cover up the propaganda.
    Green propagandists removing or down grading Solar Warm Periods from electronic scanned data bases, for example Mann’s hockey stick graph and NOAAs selective temperature predictions over the last 30 years. The US government need fix both NOAA’s data management processes and interference and EPA which depends on the fraudulent data manipulated by NOAA.

  6. Winter returned to Yamalo-Nenetsky – Мeteonovosti-RU

    The North Atlantic cyclone, which complained to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, brought snowfall and snowstorms to the region. Up to 25 mm of celestial moisture fell. The wind in gusts reached 22 m/s. A snowstorm was raging in Salekhard, the amount of precipitation falling in less than a day was 19 mm, and wind gusts reached 18 m/s. Because of what several flights were canceled. And the snowdrifts piled up very impressive. What caused serious problems on the roads.

    Central District: Both rain and Frost- Мeteonovosti-RU

    Last day, May 23, in the Central District, the weather changed rapidly. The day began with warm and sunny weather, and in the second half of the day it rained, the air temperature dropped. At night, the region was dominated by a vast anticyclone, with clear skies in the north of the district the air cooled to -4°C. On May 23, heavy rains passed the Kostroma region (up to 16 mm of precipitation fell). In the Ivanovo and Oryol regions, rain (21-25 mm) was accompanied by thunderstorms. And in the Moscow region is also gusty wind, up to 17 m/s. Rainfall was 19 mm. By the morning of May 24, frosts of up to -3°C were noted in Yaroslavl, and up to -4°C in Kostroma regions.

  7. As a blond I support her in her efforts to put an end to dumb blond jokes. She is doing a bang up job so far! I and not an American but I can name you the 3 branches of fed gov (leg, exec & judicial). She is in the fed gov and can’t? Really? WTF?

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