Appeared with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast a.m.

If you missed it, the interview is now up on YouTube.

My part begins at about 12:09 minutes in.

Thanks to Gee Wilikers for letting me know about this

You can also listen here or download to your MP3 player.

You’re looking for Tuesday, 6 Mar 2012, hour #1.

Note: A reader who tried this says you have to be a member of C2C member in order to gain access to the recording.

We talked about the coming ice age, ice-age cycles, the devastating winter in central Europe and Alaska, glaciers growing in the Himalayas, magnetic reversals (scientists now say the next reversal is “imminent”), volcanoes … and I don’t remember what else George came up with.

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I’ve been on the radio many times with George, and was very pleased to meet him in person on one of his trips to Seattle.

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    • Hi Andrew, This is the only link I have. I just clicked on it right here in the comments section, and it worked perfectly. Please try it again.

  1. Great show. One of the callers committed on the winds in Las Vegas. I live in SoCal and wind is always blowing now. Man it’s gettin creepy!!

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