April 2021 on track to be the frostiest in Britain for 60 years

Experts warn it will cause severe damage to the harvest of plums, cherries and other soft fruit.

And for gardeners whose flowers have been suffering from the cold, the news will come as little surprise.

28 April 2021 – There have been 13 days of air frost in the past month, making it the frostiest April since records began in 1960, provisional Met Office data shows. The previous record holder was April 1970, with 11.

The conditions have caused havoc for many farmers and growers. Guy Barter of the Royal Horticultural Society said: ‘Considerable damage has been experienced in many gardens with flowers such as camellia and magnolias being scorched, and cherry, plum and pear blossom injured so that the fruit crop will be reduced.’

Despite the cold nights, this month is also on course to be among the driest on record. So far there has been only 7 per cent of the average rainfall for the time of year. Mark McCarthy, of the National Climate Information Centre, said: ‘We’ve been seeing a high frequency of frosts overnight throughout April thanks largely to persistent clear skies.’

Across the four nations, England has reported 12 days of air frost and Wales 11 days.

Scotland has reported 16 days, making it the frostiest April since records began in 1960.

Northern Ireland has currently seen eight days of frost, not yet exceeding its current record of 11 days set in April 1983.

Coldest April in 60 years … and yet, and yet, we should all be concerned about global warming.


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This story is from a from LEADING UK Daily Paper, says Lyn.

7 thoughts on “April 2021 on track to be the frostiest in Britain for 60 years”

  1. Yet the Mail’s Peter Hitchens sold his credibility in exchange for a vaccine passport just because he is expecting a summer.

    What a loser!

    • Please do not twist this weather report by attacking Peter Hitchens for having a vaccine passport demanded by some. I have had 2 Astra Zeneca vaccines and I am fine at 74 years of age. The UK has done a brilliant job with its vaccination programme, thanks to NHS workers and volunteers.
      Peter Hitchens wrote an excellent Mail on Sunday article regarding “Green Dogma”, in which he expressed great concern at the UK govt’s green energy policies. The electricity from renewable sources, DOES NOT EXIST AND CANNOT EVER EXIST, to power 68 million people who require 55000MW for normal winter use; 150,000MW for 2 hours a day to charge 30 million electric vehicles[EVs] to travel a mere 37 miles a day and umpteen MWs more if we are to replace cheap gas central-heating with hydrogen boilers. Now, Peter Hitchens is one of the FEW UK journalists with
      THE GUTS to say the green policies cannot work.
      The proof is on the UK National Grid web-site, Gridwatch.co.uk. Just look at wind, solar and bio-mass electricity totals.
      Bio-mass energy is largely obtained by cutting down American and Russian FORESTS, turning the timber into wood-chips and burning them in Drax Power Station which was built to burn coal. How is burning trees considered green, when the same UK government is promoting tree-planting to “save the planet” ? It is hypocrisy of the worst kind !!
      HE IS ON OUR SIDE !!

  2. News of cold temperatures are all lies. The “experts’ assured us that due to Global Warming Britain would have a Mediterranean climate by now.

  3. It is not just the lack of rain but the persistent cold coupled with the wind is just dessicating everything. Today the wind has dropped but there is very little sun and so the house is much colder with no help from the conservatory. And at 2.30pm the heating would be on now if the timer permitted.

    • You need to be on a timer to turn on your heat? I guess I don’t understand your statement. You aren’t permitted to just go turn on your heater?
      I apologize if I sound dense but I guess I just don’t know what your statement implies. Here, at my home, I just turn on the heat or AC as needed.
      Hope things improve for your there. I was able to visit London back in 2017. We had a pleasant time. London was good but going to the countryside was great! If I ever get a chance to go back, I will definitely spend more time exploring outside of London in the surrounding communities.

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