April Blizzard Buries Iceland Under 5 ft (1.5m) of Snow – Video

Residents in Hveragerdi in Southwest Iceland called it “the largest snow they had ever seen in their town.”
Not just the largest springtime snow, but the largest snow ever.

In the Northern fishing town of Sigluforder the story was the same, with buildings, cars and streets buried under feet of snow.

Heavy snow and total whiteout conditions (blizzards) spared few regions, and red warnings – the Nordic island nation’s highest level of alert– were issued nationwide.

Local meteorologist Einar Sveinbjornsson called it “perhaps the worst weather [of the entire season], given how extensive it was and given how many territories it affected.”

As if that weren’t enough, the unprecedented blizzards followed “a long, snowy, windy, winter,” according to @powderhounds1.

Anomalous Spring Blizzard Buries Iceland In 5 Feet Of Snow, Forcing Residents To Dig Themselves Out Of Their Homes

April Blizzard Buries Iceland Under 5 ft (1.5 m) of Snow: Hveragerdi residents called it “the largest snow they had ever seen in their town”

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3 thoughts on “April Blizzard Buries Iceland Under 5 ft (1.5m) of Snow – Video”

  1. Way to go Iceland! Break a leg!
    Deniers unite! Late season storm here in Nome too. Not too much snow though. Ice miners got a little more time. Icepack consolidated and setting up now. Last winter, one for the record books here! This year may be late but sudden breakup.

  2. But I just read in the NY Times that: “As temperatures rise across the Arctic nearly faster than any place on the planet, all of Iceland is grappling with the prospect of a future with no ice.”

    If the NY Times says there is no ice, there must be no ice. Right?
    I am certain that the Times will now claim they only said there would be no ice – but they didn’t say you wouldn’t be buried under mountains of snow.

    And they wonder why they are called “fake news’.

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