Don’t be an April ‘Earth Month’ Fool

Don’t be an April ‘Earth Month’ Fool

“Anyone claiming the Earth is warming is blowing smoke up your skirt.” – Alan Caruba

Don’t be an April ‘Earth Month’ Fool

AA - Earth Month3

By Alan Caruba

The annual calendar is filled with days and months designated for the purpose of calling attention to some event, personality, or cause. The U.S. celebrates the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington that fall close together. There’s Mother’s and Father’s Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day, Valentine’s, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas.

But who decided that April was “Earth Month” or that April 22 is “Earth Day”?

Why are we expected to worship the planet that was here billions of years before we showed up and will likely be here long after we manage to destroy ourselves with cataclysmic wars. And it is worship that is at the heart of these two events. That alone should tell you how essentially pagan they are.

AA - Earth Month2 The notion that the Earth is in peril borders on idiocy

This Earth Month will celebrate its 45th anniversary, having begun in 1970 and, not surprisingly, its theme is “Our planet in peril.” Our planet is not in peril. It’s been around for 4.5 billion years and short of a rogue asteroid or our getting sucked into a black hole, the planet will be around several billions of years more. The galaxy in which we live is relatively predictable and stable, so the notion that the Earth is in peril borders on idiocy.

Well, idiocy, if you think that it is in peril from us, the human species. This is at the core of the environmental mindset. It appears that merely using the Earth as a place to live is reason enough to hold us responsible for everything that naturally occurs to it.

Environmentalists do not like the human race and will not hesitate to tell you there are too many of us. They do what they can to reduce the population through disease by, for example, banning DDT and any other chemicals that protect us from insect and rodent pests that are major vectors for the transmission of disease.

According to the 2015 Earth Month Network, Inc. announcement “There are literally hundreds of problems and issues plaguing our global environment, i.e., climate change, global warming and their effects; and the continuation of polluting our delicate ecosystem just to mention a few.”

Which is it? Climate change or global warming? There hasn’t been any dramatic global warming in the past 19 years during which the planet has been in a natural cooling cycle, along with the Sun which we depend upon to warm us. So anyone claiming the Earth is warming is blowing smoke up your skirt.

As for climate change, that has always been occurring. Short term it’s called the four seasons. Long term it takes the form of ice ages, major glaciations that have occurred every 140 million years, and other eras such as the Great Permian Extinction, the largest in Earth’s history that wiped out an estimated 95% of every kind of life-form on Earth. It was one of four mass extinctions over the course of the 3.5 billion years that life has existed on Earth. Remember the mammoths? They died a mere 11,500 years ago.

Do you really want to return to nature?

Last year, the Earth Month theme was “Returning to Nature.” Do you really want to return to nature? No electricity. No shelter other than a nice cave. No food except for the animals or fish you would have to catch for dinner. No vegetables or fruits except those you could find wherever you lived. That’s right, no supermarkets! And, if you want to go anywhere, you will have to walk.

Yes, nature sounds wonderful and, in its own way, is wonderful, but the human species has devoted a great deal of time to finding ways to survive it.

I was reminded that April was Earth Month when I received an email from the Saybrook Point Inn & Spa which said this Connecticut site was “excited to offer a special package to honor Earth Day.” It is “a Certified Green Hotel” and you will be treated to a “unique Ecotourism Getaway” that provides an “environmentally friendly stay without sacrificing comfort.” Why would you want to pay them for their special package if it didn’t include comfort and lots of it? Mostly what Saybrook Point wants is your money, just like any other perfectly ordinary inn and spa that isn’t “certified.”

One can be confident that we are going to be regaled with all manner of “environmental” messages and events throughout April, all of which have the same theme: the Earth is in danger from YOU!

Do yourself a favor. Ignore them. Get in your car and go where you want. Go to the supermarket and don’t worry about the plastic packaging or the plastic bags. Set the temperature in your home or apartment to a level of comfort that you like. It’s your life and you pay good money to benefit from all the conveniences of modern life.

Let’s appreciate the Earth, not worship it.

Environmentalism is one of the great scams of the modern era. Its emphasis on “renewable energy” has been a huge, expensive failure. Its claims of disappearing forests are bogus and its demands for the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will only harm all vegetation everywhere. The Earth needs CO2 in the same way you and all other living creatures need oxygen.

Let’s celebrate mankind’s mastery of the Earth in the form of agriculture, ranching, sophisticated shelters from the log cabin to the skyscraper, the channeling of rivers to produce energy and the technology that provides clean water for us. And, yes, manufacturing. You can’t even imagine what the world was like before the discovery of coal, oil, and natural gas.

The Earth is not in peril, only the truth and common sense are.

© Alan Caruba, 2015

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21 thoughts on “Don’t be an April ‘Earth Month’ Fool”

  1. Another excellent article. There is no event too absurd that it could not be promoted successfully in connection with “Earth Day[Month].” We should hold a contest.

  2. I can imagine what life was like before energy from coal,oil and natural gas. It was short, uncomfortable and brutal.

  3. If the oceans ARE warming … doesn’t that mean that the planet is warming … from the inside out? Thus, a “global warming dynamic” for the earth, physically … i.e., the ground … perhaps the question there being, given a planetary warming what would the dynamics be that might unfold for the layers of the atmosphere, given a warming planet … but one warming or heating up … from the inside out?

    If indeed the planet is warming … Robert, you suggest a process whereby the oceans are warming … that might beg the question, what’s that warming resulting from … AND … what effect might an interior warming of the planet have on the atmosphere “above” the surface of the planet?

    • The only evidence that the oceans might be continuing to warm is the miniscule increase in sea levels attributed to thermal expansion over the period since the previous glaciation period ended and the oceans rose to present day levels.

      There is precious little data about modern ocean warming however.

      When considering ocean temperature measurements one should remember James Joule’s experiment relating thermal and mechanical energy.

      Hence accurate ocean temperature measurement is difficult – mechanical energy in water results in an increase in temperature of the water – that is how all thermodynamic science began – the measurement of mechanical energy was possible and Joule discovered the relationship with temperature.

      The only feasible explanation for the ice ages is an inexplicable decrease in solar radiation from the interglacial periods.

      It is also unlikely that anything other than an inexplicable increase in solar radiation is responsible for the end of each glaciation period as the majority of the ice sheets were on land.

      OK – an enormous increase in undersea volcanism could impact – but that isn’t what climate science claims is it ?

      They claim the air heats the oceans.

      • Dont forget massive comet or massive asteroid earth strikes of the ancient past..kt layer is there..its real..irridium..measurable also spiral orbits??.This is not mentioned enough on this site but we all know murphys law might say otherwise…too many questions to answer not enough time.One day they say we will all know….were here for a reason not just to exist..much bigger answers will unfold ..should be good.

        • I always wonder why and where and how water came to be on earth with its dozen or so physical anomalies or properties but the moon is deader than a door nail..rite beside our house moon and it is said earths average wind speed would be 100km per/hr pre hurricane speed.. the time..hence no foothold for life.Now where did the water come from??Its all sacred..its good friday this week..and happy Easter to all.

          • Igor, I thoroughly agree with you and whole hardily applaud both your responses to this subject.

    • Warming of the oceans has little to do with volcanoes at this time. The sun and the real greenhouse gas – water vapor – have everything to do with warming oceans and their effect on the atmosphere. Both the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation and the AMO (Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation) appear to be at the top of their warming cycles and are starting to cool down.

      A great deal of the modern warming period has been caused by a series of El Ninos, but that also seems to have peaked. There has been no measurable global warming in 18 years give or take.

      Also the sun has peaked at a much lower level of activity this solar cycle than in the last 200 years or so and may be going into a quiet period, perhaps presaging another mini ice age.

      • At present the Sun has entered a Grand Solar Minimum phase, Geoff Sharp on has predicted a Dalton like Solar minimum in duration which covers SC24 and SC25 with SC23 and the following SC26 cycle of a similar solar strength.
        However, in looking at one of Geoff’s charts regarding AMP events which caused the Sun’s disturbed orbit around the Solar Barry Centre, SC23 had a B type event similar to SC16 which caused the brief cooling period during the seventies, immediately followed by an A type event at the start of SC24. This is possibly the cause of the temperature pause over the last 19 years, only now are we on the temperature rollercoaster downwards into the Modern minimum and this is just the start!
        Another poster noted that an US East Coast town ship had recorded the lowest temperatures for 101 years and that was at the end of the Dalton Minimum not at the start.

  4. And let us not forget that “Earth Month” contains “Earth Day”, or more commonly known as April 22nd, Vladimir Lenin’s birthday.

    Vladimir Lenin, a hateful man, was born April 22, 1870, precisely 100 years before the first Earth Day. The number “100” is auspicious for the communist movement. It reflects the number of human beings exterminated by the Marxist-Leninist ideology over the last 100 years. According to the seminal Harvard University Press work, The Black Book of Communism, communist governments killed over 100 million in the last century. This, incidentally, is a conservative figure. The total number of dead is probably closer to 140 million—more than double the combined deaths of World War I and II.

  5. I think April 1st should be declare Al Gore Day. I can’t think of a better candidate for the “honour.”

  6. Please. I’m pagan. I revere the planet, I don’t worship it. And, since all life is amazingly interdependent, I see a healthy planet as necessary for good -human- health.

    Otoh, I have a whole passle of Christian neighbors who think I am in league with their devil because I -fail- to believe that Earth is in danger from eeeevil carbon dioxide. (I think Robert is spot-on about the return of the ice!)

    I am happy to passively heat my home with my attached greenhouse — and I’m perfectly happy to (gasp!) burn propane when it’s too cold to hang my laundry out, or burn wood to roast sausages, or light candles — heh, sometimes all at the same time!

    You can’t lay all the warmist hysteria on paganism.

    I think you can lay it on humanness. We depend on a good climate — AND it is NOT in our control. That’s scary. How much more comforting to think that we CAN direct it, even if (as the warmists think) we are doing a bad job of it just now.

  7. It is sad for someone’s girl friend called April. Anyway, if we cannot control the climate(at the moment), we better be in good control of our own life. Do not let this alarmists of AGW spread fear among us. Agree with you that those are total idiocy. I am from the third world, our leader still believe in data that show global warming.

  8. Yes, anthropogenic global warming is nonsense, but that doesn’t mean the planet is doing just fine. Oil and gas have made us powerful, so powerful that we created a sea of garbage the size of Texas in the middle of the northern Pacific. And that sea is becoming more poisoned every day by radioactive water from Fukushima. So while there is nothing wrong with enjoying life, we cannot ignore that massive problems do exist. What can we do to redirect the good people who want to reduce CO2 because they love our planet to start work on solutions to real global issues?e

  9. Wait. There are now an “Earth Month” and “Earth Day?” I just learned on Monday that last Saturday we were supposed to celebrate “Earth Hour” by turning off our lights or something. I totally missed it, since there was little talk of it where I live – nothing on the local news that I recall. It tells me that most people are ignoring this nonsense.

    Sooo, in the spirit of benign indifference, perhaps we should also inaugurate an Earth Minute, Earth Second, Earth Evening, Earth Morning, Earth Season, Earth Week, Earth Year, Earth Century and Earth Millennium to make sure we’ve got it all covered. Sheesh! These idiots will ultimately destroy environmentalism with overkill.

  10. Don’t exactly understand why Caruba is down on pagans.

    What has become “Earth Day” used to be called “Arbor Day”. As school kids, we would clean up the yard, plant trees, etc. Kind of taught us about the benefits and responsibilities of being a part of the natural world.

  11. The Saybrook Inn is a “certified” green building.
    “Certification” of being green is meeting certain bureaucratic regulations – not actually doing anything positive for the environment.

    I am also from Connecticut and they recently built a school that was “certified” as one of the greenest schools in the country. They destroyed 10 acres of forest and wetlands to build the school. That gives you an idea of what green certification means.

    They then planted some trees around the school so that students could appreciate nature. I am not making this up.

  12. I wonder if the women ever wonder what living without any of our present technology would really be like for them?

    – one in six dying in childbirth
    – no cheap contraception
    – three out of six children not making adulthood
    – no cheap (if any) vaccines and other medicines

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