Archeological find shows that northwest Canada has been warmer than today

Archeological find shows that northwest Canada has been warmer than today

Fully intact atlatl spear nearly two meters long (more than 5 feet) discovered beneath the ice.


“The feathers, the sinew, the sap they would have used as, like, a glue to attach the stone point to the wood shaft — all of it is completely intact,” said Jennifer Herkes, heritage manager for the Carcross/Tagish First Nation in Yukon (northwest Canada).

Atlatl more than 1,000 years old – Photo courtesy Carcross/Tagish First Nation

Herkes believes it’s the first full atatl spear ever found in Yukon. It’s believed to be at least 1,000 years old.

How did the atlatl get there?

According to an article posted last week on “Eye on the Arctic,” over the millennia, caribou would gather on the ice patches during the summer. Indigenous hunters would therefore gather in the area, and sometimes leave their tools behind.

“Many of those tools — frozen for centuries under ice and snow — are now being uncovered as the ice patches melt due to climate change,” the article explains

I hope that people reading the Eye on the Arctic article will realize that the climate had to have been warmer than today in order for the atlatl to have later been covered by ice.

I hope they will realize that “global warming” is not a new phenomenon, but that it is completely natural.

Here’s a graph, based on Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 data, that clearly shows higher temperatures in the past, long before “fossil fuels” were invented.

Here’s a modern-day atlatl.

“Eye on the Arctic,” initiated and co-ordinated by Radio Canada International, is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the consequences of global warming in the Arctic.

I’m guessing that they will not like my interpretation of the facts.

I’m guessing that they would prefer that readers blame humans for today’s global warming.

See more photos and a video:

Thanks to J.H. Walker for this link

 “MWA was not regional as claimed by the AGW Mannipulator,” says J.H.

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  1. FYI: Robert, I came across this paper which is of interest and relevant, I think, to your post here.
    “The temperature reconstruction also reveals warming from ca. 1,100 to 850 y B.P., coincident with Norse migration to Greenland.” Abrupt Holocene climate change as an important factor for human migration in West Greenland (see link below).

    From the Abstract:
    “Here we present high-resolution records of temperature over the past 5,600 y based on alkenone unsaturation in sediments of two lakes in West Greenland. We find that major temperature changes in the past 4,500 y occurred abruptly (within decades), and were coeval in timing with the archaeological records of settlement and abandonment of the Saqqaq, Dorset, and Norse cultures, which suggests that abrupt temperature changes profoundly impacted human civilization in the region. Temperature variations in West Greenland display an antiphased relationship to temperature changes in Ireland over centennial to millennial timescales, resembling the interannual to multidecadal temperature seesaw associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation.”


  2. pretty savage looking head on that spear;-)
    amazesme we ever do find them unbroken
    as the time and effort to get the shaft wood trimmed as wll as the stone sharpened and sinews etc would make them very very precious objects to be found at all costs,
    I wonder if this was embedded in an animal but fell out as it ran away? points intact but seemingly no remnant beast remains near it.

  3. People are too brainwashed to change their minds anymore. The entire globe could turn into a snowball and the “scientists” would convince the people that it was the fossil fuel industry’s fault. Any contrary information is fake news propaganda financed by Trump. I actually hate Trump, but I’m worried that if the pendulum swings the other way in a few years that the Greens will literally execute me for dis-believing that CO2 is a pollutant.

  4. Curiously Australian indigenous peoples used a device called a woomera to the same effect as the video – enhance the throwing power of spears. It was also the name of Australia’s site for satellite launches in 1967.

    The indigenous inhabitants of the Kimberley region of north western Australia frequently stole shovels and made spear heads from the iron. These shovel nosed spears allowed them to bring down cattle effectively as the stock owners cattle were far easier hunting than nimble kangaroos.

    Of course this lead to may tribal massacres by vengeful squatters.

    Scenes such as these played out little more than a century ago.

    Nothing to do with ice ages but interesting anyway.

  5. It’s a bit different now, hey? September 14, 2018:
    M.D. may call state of emergency as farmers lament arrival of snow
    More snow could be devastating for producers, says Humphrey Banack of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture.
    No one is lamenting the September snowfall more than farmers.
    In the Municipal District of Bonnyville, only seven per cent of the crops have been harvested, Matt Janz, director of Agriculture & Waste Services, reported at the M.D. council meeting on Sept. 12.

    With 70 per cent of the crops still standing and another 20 per cent swathed, producers are dangerously behind because of recent rain and flurries that have hit the Lakeland, making the soil water-saturated. Snow could make it impossible to harvest.
    “This snow has the possibility of pushing the crops to the ground, which makes harvest absolutely abysmal,” said Humphrey Banack of the Alberta Federation of Agriculture.

  6. One more nail in the AGW coffin.
    There are silver mines in Europe way above the current glacier line. Complete with tools and other artifacts. How did they get there if that area wasn’t ice free?
    There are huge fields of preserved tree trunks and stumps revealed by receding glaciers. How did those forests grow if the ice was always there?
    Why is there no mention of massive glaciers in Roman writings?
    Eskimo villages revealed from under the ice. How did they live there if it was covered in ice?
    On and on and on.
    Anybody that say the Earth wasn’t warmer in the past is simply living a lie.

  7. According to Wikipedia the first atlatia dart was found more than 20 years ago, “In September 1997, Gerald W. Kuzyk discovered the first of the Yukon ice patches artifacts, a atlatl dart fragment, on mountain Thandlät at an elevation of 1,850 m (6,070 ft)”.
    There’s more at links about the Yukon Ice Patches.

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