Arctic air, freezing rain, snow across US

Temperatures plunging to 25 to 30 degrees below normal across much of the country.

23 Feb 2015 – Cold, slushy weather crawled across much of the U.S. on Monday, dumping snow on several Southern states and leaving dangerously icy roads from New Mexico to Oklahoma to New England.

A snowstorm was moving through Oklahoma, and snow was expected in parts of North Texas.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain were forecast for  both Carolinas, while parts of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi were under winter weather advisories.

Meanwhile, more snow was forecast for parts of eastern Tennessee, where schools in many counties remained closed and thousands remained without power.

2 thoughts on “Arctic air, freezing rain, snow across US”

  1. It was snow in mid North Carolina. max temp was 21 °F yesterday and 27 °F today. (32°F is freezing) That is ~15 degrees below normal.

    we are coming up on planting time about a month from now for North Carolina and the ground is going to be too cold. You need about a 50 °F ground temp for seeds to germinate.

  2. well, looks like kids will know exactly what snow looks like 86 years from now, even down to the deep south.

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