Arctic air to surge into the Great Lakes region

Hazardous weather outlook – Well below normal temperatures.


The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather outlook for northern Lower Michigan…eastern Upper Michigan…and adjacent nearshore waters of Lake Michigan…Lake Huron and Lake Superior.


“Arctic air will surge into the Great Lakes region Thursday through Friday, leading to well below normal temperatures. Lake enhanced snow, heavy at times, will occur Thursday and Thursday night, with several inches of snow expected downwind of the Great Lakes. Gusty winds will lead to lowered visibilities due to blowing and drifting snow.”

“Gale force wind gusts are expected across much of the northern Great Lakes Thursday and Thursday evening.

“Another period of accumulating snow is possible later Saturday into Saturday night.”

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2 thoughts on “Arctic air to surge into the Great Lakes region”

  1. That sounds about right Robert. In Barrie Ontario tonight we are getting our first lake effect snow squall for the season and it is possible for there to be a 6 inch accumulation of snow by tomorrow and bad driving conditions. It will take drivers a bit of time to make the adjustment to winter driving conditions as usual. I am currently at Tim’s staying out of the weather.

  2. It was closer to 4 inches but it was cold…. Have you ever made a habit of sleeping in your car during the winter?

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