Arctic blast to bring snow to the U.K.

“Winter will roar in next week as a bitterly cold Arctic blast brings snow and freezing temperatures,” says this article by Nathan Rao.

“Next week we are looking at the first real taste of winter. It is due to cold air being dragged in from the Arctic. We expect widespread frosts and snow in the North which may come down as far as the Midlands,” said Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster at Positive Weather Solutions.

He said freezing temperatures on Monday would “fall away sharply” towards the end of the week, plunging to minus 4C (25F) in parts.

Then, 21 paragraphs down, Rao mentions yet another forecaster calling for a mini ice age.
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6 thoughts on “Arctic blast to bring snow to the U.K.”

  1. Only just had our first frost last night here in southern UK. Pretty late this year. Dramatic change though from 13-15c nighttime temps for pretty much the whole of October and of course the 30c odd we had in the first few days of the month. Looks like Corbyn got it half right – mild but definitely not wet and now looks pretty cold from now on. Good old Daily Express being drama queens about it as usual.

  2. Ya, i kinda feel like everyone is just jumping on the band waggen about this whole mini ice age thing to boast sales of winter stuff… tires, clothes etc. going by the solar cycles we would expect a decrease in temps over the last 10-11 years.. which we’ve had.. and a very cold year for this and the last.. which we’ve had.. however solar activity should be expected to increase after this year so winters should once again begin to return to a more normal state..

  3. Quite right, Matt. The Daily Express weather headlines were completely OTT. I would take their weather stories with a giant pinch of salt. A few cms of snow on high ground in the second half of October is nothing to get excited about.

  4. N. Ireland had a bout of very heavy rain and strong winds today. Early in the afternoon, as a cold front moved south-east, reports of sleet and snow started to come in to our local television station. Pictures of snow lying below the 1000 ft level were shown on the evening news.
    The last time we had snow this early was on today’s date in 1964.

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