Arctic blast shatters hundreds of records – And it’s not over

More than 232 million people shivered in temperatures of areas 32 degrees (freezing) or lower yesterday morning.

“Freeze warnings continue into the Deep South, with freezing temperatures in Florida this morning,” said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen yesterday morning.

Crushing 100-year-old records

“Hundreds of cold temperature records have been set over the last few days, including some dating back over a century to 1911,” Hennen said. The freezing temperatures made it as far south as Houston, New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle, he said.

By Thursday morning, the Mid-Atlantic region to Maine could suffer record-low temps, warned CNN meteorologist Michael Guy.

12 thoughts on “Arctic blast shatters hundreds of records – And it’s not over”

  1. The freezing weather in USA has reached FLORIDA…….in NOVEMBER !
    I wonder how the oranges are coping !
    This info needs to be sent to BBC TV in UK…plus the London Press !
    If it was global WARMING , it would be all over the News !

  2. all those folks on reduced gas flows due to some moronic state gov regs might be a whole lot less likely to be voting for the warmist green AOC types I hazard a guess.
    sounds really nasty for those who have homes- let alone those in tents in flimsy vans or on streets and any poor animals without secure loving homes as well.

  3. I wonder how long people will tolerate freezing before they rise up en masse and start marching on state and federal capitol buildings.

    Probably have to add hungry to cold before that happens, but when it does…

    I’m already living away from any cities, but thinking about moving further out if possible. My neighbor says if we go any further out, we’ll be moving back in. Time to start studying the maps.

  4. Some of the b.s. “research” being touted just this week makes me sigh and shake my head.

    1. A group sponsored by the UN and published in the Lancet claims that the climate crisis is killing millions of children, and that this could get even worse. Do you suppose that this was co-ordinated to coincide with the Greta crusade?
    2. The really absurd study came–I am ashamed to say–out of my own country of Canada. It claims that climate change is causing an increase in food borne illnesses.

    I guess these folks can get $$$ for these absurd studies, so they need to dream up some sort of crisis to fit the bill.

  5. In 1982 there was a very bitter cold winter in the NE part of the US. I worked in the gas&oil industry on pipeline control systems and was sitting in the control room for the main natural gas pipeline going from the Gulf to the NE at the time. Every pump and pressure reading was pushed into the Red pumping as much gas as the line could handle. As far as I know, there have been no major new pipelines built to deliver more gas to the NE and the population has increased a lot since 1982. God help them if there’s another really cold winter up there like there was in ’82.

  6. Stephen-

    I lived in my van for 3 years. Wouldn’t want to do it in a car, but some people manage it.

    For tips on survival and the possibility of hooking up with others in community in a warmer climate, check out “CheapRVLiving” on youtube.

  7. Its not just the US. Down here in Tasmania Australia we have shivered through a freezing cold spring due to the Antarctic polar vortex moving north. We have had snow, ice, frosts, hail, massive thunder storms and downpours and freezing winds, 2 weeks before summer. Its been about 12C for most of spring, that’s 10C colder than normal.

    • You never hear this in the news of course this forum is so good to get the real weather happenings….all those coal mine canaries

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