Arctic ice pack grew by 41 percent in 2013

Arctic ice pack grew by 41 percent in 2013

Al Gore said it would be clear water by now … Video

The Arctic ice pack has expanded dramatically despite years of doom-laden predictions that it was melting away for good.

British scientists discovered that it grew by more than 40 percent in 2013 thanks to cooler than expected temperatures, and say they were shocked at the speed of recovery in such a short time.

Three years ago Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University forecast that the Arctic would be ice free by 2015 – or 2016 at the latest. And Al Gore made strong claims that the caps would disappear by 2014.

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, Gore publicly and very hysterically warned that the North Pole would be “ice-free” by around 2013 because of alleged ‘man-made global warming.



The government-funded BBC ran an article under the headline: ‘Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’.’ Other establishment media outlets did the same.

Now Gore and his “climate scientist” friends have egg all over their faces — big time.

Not only is the Arctic ice pack growing, at the other end of the planet, NASA reports that sea ice in the Antarctic is at its greatest extent since records began in 1979.

The UCL researchers found that Arctic ice increased in volume by 41 percent two years ago when the Arctic summer had some of the coolest temperatures since the late 1990s.

Study leader Rachel Tilling admitted: “We were quite surprised by the findings.” 888728#.Va_jhU3bKP8

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20 thoughts on “Arctic ice pack grew by 41 percent in 2013”

  1. Watch the inconvenient truth. Al actually says that the ice pack melts in Greenland , the fresh water changes salinity in the N.Atlantic, stalling the thermohaline conveyer, and Europe experienced a Little Ice Age. That IS the inconvenient truth, and it’s about a 6 second sound bite in one of his glorious chart presentations. Read between the lines. This is all about puffery, profit, and hidden messages…. I think we can say the setup (current Gulf Stream conditions) for the little ice age is already upon us…

  2. would that be a “fried egg” all over their faces? ’cause… global warming… you know… so hot, that it cooks that egg. you know?

  3. New research has revealed abrupt warming, that closely resembles the rapid man-made warming occurring today, has repeatedly played a key role in mass extinction events of large animals, the megafauna, in Earth’s past.

    Using advances in analysing ancient DNA, radiocarbon dating and other geologic records an international team led by researchers from the University of Adelaide and the University of New South Wales (Australia) have revealed that short, rapid warming events, known as interstadials, recorded during the last ice age or Pleistocene (60,000-12,000 years ago) coincided with major extinction events even before the appearance of man.

    Published today in Science, the researchers say by contrast, extreme cold periods, such as the last glacial maximum, do not appear to correspond with these extinctions.

    “This abrupt warming had a profound impact on climate that caused marked shifts in global rainfall and vegetation patterns,” said University of Adelaide lead author and Director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, Professor Alan Cooper.

    “Even without the presence of humans we saw mass extinctions. When you add the modern addition of human pressures and fragmenting of the environment to the rapid changes brought by global warming, it raises serious concerns about the future of our environment.”

    The researchers came to their conclusions after detecting a pattern, 10 years ago, in ancient DNA studies suggesting the rapid disappearance of large species. At first the researchers thought these were related to intense cold snaps.

  4. Meanwhile, check out the Greenland Icecap snow and ice mass calculations at the Denmark Meteorological Institute showing a mass increase of snow and ice well above the norm in May and June. Currently it is within the norm for the end of July. Variability of this measure is high and can change dramatically from week to week and month to month, so it is extremely easy for alarmists to skew public perception by simply cherry picking the time when they report.

    This whole business of reporting ice loss in the Arctic is beginning to look like just another of many alarmist scams. They cherry pick information that supports their cause while totally ignoring any information that does not.

  5. Don’t denigrate Algore! He pulled off a one hundred million dollar scam, one of the greatest in history! Only the government and bankers can pull off a bigger one—and they have done and are doing it. Besides, he makes a great pompous windbag! Fiddlin

  6. This must be terribly inconvenient for the AGWr’s plan to rule the planet by regulation. I think the planet has other plans Mr. Gore. It will be fascinating to see how his rationalizations zig and zag through the coming big chill.

  7. So what if the polar pack-ice melts away completely. It won’t affect sea-levels. Sea-routes over the Arctic would be highly advantageous for global trade.

    • If that happened there would be even more water vapor available to feed snow squalls on land. Just like in snow squall areas round the great lakes in the winter time.

    • The alarmist claim is that the Arctic ocean will absorb all of the sunlight currently reflected back to space by the often very white snow and ice.

      This will cause more warming than is currently experienced.

      The major problem I see with this claim is that water moderates the heating power of the Sun because it absorbs considerable energy and evaporates with little increase in temperature. Large water bodies circulate the energy around by convection currents.

      Dry land surfaces increase in temperature much more than large water bodies subject to the same insolation – this is obvious at any beach on a hot day. The “wet” tropics are often cooler than even temperate desert locations even though always subject to maximum insolation.

      Further, with the tilt of the Earth’s axis the maximum effective proximity of either pole to the equator is effectively 67 degrees latitude. This occurs at the summer solstice and lasts only several weeks to a couple of months.

      You can think of this as the pole effectively being roughly equivalent to any location on Earth at ~67 degrees latitude at either equinox – when the sun in “normal” to the equator.

      This is roughly equivalent to say Reykjavík, Iceland .

      “Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from -3°C to 14°C and is rarely below -9°C or above 17°C.

      The pole would never approach these temperatures even if all the ice melted because of its short season of exposure to the Sun.

      Thus melting ice would have some local impact during the short summer but its global impact would hardly be noticed. It would still begin to freeze again as soon as the Sun began to set for the very long winter.

  8. This guy is such a nutcase SOB that I don’t want to see his face ever again. An idiot like Gore is not worth even wasting time on – especially during an approaching ice age now.
    Forget those idiots!!

    • Gore has managed to accumulate more wealth than most of humanity will ever see in several lifetimes in the 14 years since he lost the Presidential race.

      He may be a liar, a charlatan, an alarmist but he is most certainly not a nutcase or an idiot !

      Equally he is most certainly not an environmentalist or concerned for the vast majority of humanity or especially the underprivileged or poor.

      Like all of the wealthy celebrity alarmists the message is simple – YOU need to reduce your “carbon footprint” – the money jar to support the cause is over there – thank you for helping your humble servant save the planet – I’m jet setting off to spread the message – keep the donations coming in !

  9. Pity they can’t revoke his Nobel Prize. Time for a rule change me thinks! Look back at the predictions that this ‘anti-social entity’ has pronounced and you’ll soon see that he cannot be publicly humiliated. It’s the same with severely disadvantaged children from rough neighbourhoods with a history of sexual abuse. These kids feel no remorse about the hurt they cause others either but they weren’t born into riches like Gore. So what’s his excuse? He has Connections to Monarchy going back hundreds of years. One way or another, he was going to become rich, as all the doors open with the right connections.

    Put $2 billion in my bank account and you can humiliate me ’till the ends of time…everyone has their price and compared to Gore my price is a snip!

  10. The only reason Gore,so less than scHilary research was able accepted with llno vetting of his premises is the “good old boy” network universities like Harvard. Harvard alumni are expected rally around their own. It does not matter how inane what they are doing it pushup is. Harvard alumni help each other, and more than not. as they stuff their pockets, everyone else suffer.

    This time, as temperatures drop, pseudo elite universities like Harvard will try face a credibility crises.

    Perhaps, it us time to look at the last 50 years to see how many of the Harvard alumni were at the forefront of causing disasters.

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