Arctic Ice Volume Growing

Arctic Ice Volume Growing

This animated map on shows unmistakable growth in Arctic ice volume, even as other headlines scream “thinning ice”.

“PIPS2 is now offline and hidden,” says real-science publisher Steve Goddard, “but I captured all of their imagery before the dirty deed was done. They showed a large increase in thick ice area between July 31 2008 and the same date in 2011.”

“Why NSIDC (National Snow and ice Data Center) seems to be now trying to claim that the ice is getting thinner, is beyond my comprehension.”
Thanks to Robert van DeLeur for this link

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  1. Follow the money!
    Carbon credit trading and carbon taxes could be a big deal if the big lie of global warming can be protected. If the public started to believe the truth enmass the big boys would lose a chance to make some money at everyones expense. That is one reason why they are so desparate to defend the big lie.

  2. ALGORE’s time of “repeating a lie often enough that everyone starts believing it as truth” appears to finally, at long last, coming to an end. But everyone should stay vigilant, and never ever let his/her guard down. And we do have quite a ways to go– the fact that the EPA is still there, with its federal tentacles EVERYWHERE, means that we still have a LOT of work to do. EVERY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE must be made to answer how they plan to deal with it– ones like Chris Christie who have stated that they still plan to “regulate global warming”, are the WRONG candidates– avoid them like the PLAGUE. Because “global warming regulation” by the government IS an economic plague– or cancer– with only one goal: to suck the lifeblood out of every (viable) economy on the planet, all for the singular purpose of massing one big pot of cash for the global banksters to OWN then “redistribute” only on THEIR authority. That results in the effectual destruction of EVERY sovereign govenment on this planet, which is their ultimate goal, of course.

  3. It is your president Mr Barrack Obama and nobody else manipulating others to defend the big lie that carbondioxide is changing the climate and once mother nature does not play along any longer then the data must be manipulated . What is the reason that the beautiful sea surface temperature anomaly of unysis needed to be modified other than showing an alarmist map where the real statistic showed a decrease of these temperatures ? How low can you fall when you start to manipulate the day-to-day reality ?

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