Arctic “mission” aborted after only 15 days

Blocked by sea ice

“I am hearing way too much back-slapping and bravado for a “mission” that was aborted after only 15 days and 678.5 statute miles short of their North Pole destination,” says reader Norman Grant Smith.


To demonstrate just how dramatically Arctic ice has melted, polar explorer Pen Hadow has been attempting to lead a team, the Arctic Mission, to the North Pole on two 50-foot sailing yachts.

By reaching the North Pole, Hadow hoped he could make the world aware of how many arctic creatures will be adversely affected by the melting ice.

Hadow also hoped his trip to the North Pole would lead to “protecting OUR North Pole’s wildlife for the benefit of everyone.”

(I simply see it as leading to another land grab.)

“We want to raise awareness of a situation that is upon us now and it’s about to get worse,” Hadow said.

“In our two 50-foot yachts we will be demonstrating to a global audience just how much open water there already is up there, where there used to be only sea ice. ”

Trouble is, the team has been blocked by too much sea ice and has had to turn back.




16 thoughts on “Arctic “mission” aborted after only 15 days”

  1. And if we were to stay in a warm period just like the Medieval Warm Period then the creatures of the North would survive as well now as they did then.
    However as we are probably at the dawn of another cool period we’ll likely never know.

  2. when permafrost is melting here, it is melting every where and nowhere else nature isn’t creating permafrost? what does one want to show by melting ice up to the north? There it is melting and only there and the forming of ice elsewhere isn’t the case? Since short, people are talking about climate change and not about climate change caused by human beings. There is progress. That the weather is constantly changing is accepted but not that climate can change too, apart from the question what climat actually means. CO2 has become a good buisness, one can become a billionaire by trading it.

  3. I couldn’t resist to follow through on one of the links. I do believe that its on the “Not A Lot People Know That” site, where you find a plot of his position every 2hrs. He may have stopped after 15 days, but if you look carefully, Hadow didn’t sail quite in the way you’d expect. It appeared more like a meandering drunkard! This tells me that Hadow is a bit mischievous with his daily logs. The only reason why he would be sailing so irregularly us to avoid dangerous ice-berg flows, which do occur at those latitudes.

    In short, Hadow may have stopped sailing after 15 days (of which the previous several days were of going more in circles), but the writing on the wall was already in place only after a week of sailing.

    I suppose the bright side to all this, is that Hadow didn’t had to be rescued like the other morons.

    Hadow is an anachronism of a dead age. I a wannabe Victorian Era Geographic Exploration Society buffoon. It was bad enough the British went on all out thieving trips to steal all the available antiquities of the time throughout Asia. Now that those days a thankfully over, the British Explorer now has to settle himself to creating fanciful stories on failed explorations, to boost his over inflated ego, so that he can compete with the past crooks, thieves and larcenous achievements of the past infamous Royal Geographical Society explorers scallywags.

  4. Lots of misleading statements on this failure to try to suggest it has achieved something such as trying to suggest the pole wasn’t really the destination. And trying to paint this as just a couple of yachts sailing in the Arctic when in fact they are ice-strengthened yachts. Similar to the gas tanker that didn’t need an ice-breaker simply because it is one.

  5. They made it to within 1113 km of the pole – they should have walked the rest if a few days instead of giving up.

    A circle with a 1113 km radius has an area of about 3.9 million square kilometres so the predictions of open water were slightly off.

    Perhaps they just chose the wrong route ? I hear the air route is hardly ever blocked by ice.

  6. They picked the right destination, the right time of the year and the right vessels; they just picked the wrong year. They should have tried in 1958 when the North Pole was virtually Ice Free.

  7. Since those Global Warming Sailors missed their alleged Ice-Free Destination to the North Pole by almost 700 miles exactly because of the Ice that they said did not exist, no amount of Damage Control Spin can cover up their Epic Fail.

  8. Way to go Mac-face piles of trials of ice and go around them and not a word about his shortcomings.If only the dimwit had asked me I would have sent him there anyway..A fool and his money are soon parted. Except Big Al Gore.

  9. They must be true believers. They”know” the ice is not there and go to prove that it is not there.
    So they go and the ice stops them. Same holds for the Antartic.
    When do they quit?
    When their sponsors stop funding the expeditions.

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