Arctic Ocean almost totally ice-covered – Map

On the 26th of June! Where’s that (so-called) global warming?

Look at this map.

  • Purple signifies sea-ice thickness of approximately ½ to 1½ meters (20 inches to 5 ft).
  • Blue or green signifies 1½ to 3 meters ( 5 ft to 10 ft) of ice.
  • Yellow or orange signifies 3 to 4 meters (10 ft to 13 ft) of ice.
  • Red signifies 4 to 5 meters (13 ft to 16 ft) of ice.
  • White signifies zero thickness of ice.

I don’t see much open water. Do you?

Here’s a map of the Arctic Ocean (the area in light blue) from Wikipedia.

(The Polar Portal is an Arctic monitoring web-site provided by Danish Arctic research institutions.)

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      UK time 8:35 2/7/2018
      .75C = 273.9K
      Not a lot of melting is going to take place at that average temperature. One third of the melt season is now over, with Average temparatures below mean.
      1977 shows similar below mean averages with the years during solar minimum between SC19 and SC20 and the solar minimum period between SC20 and SC21 showing below mean but with one deviation.
      Low EUV and SAW events have causation in this.

  1. This will make for an interesting Polar Vortex this coming Winter in North America. AGW zealots were right about a new NorthWest passage. They are WRONG about it being via liquid water!!!!!

  2. Yeah, and a winter storm just left Eastern Canada not too far north of the border, whose trailing section to the south might become tropical.

    • If you read the disclaimer on the page it states that the image may or may not represent the latest data to a satellite being lost.

  3. global warming is being used by the socialist and progressives to further their globalist agenda the far left wants to destroy this nation and will use any means possible to do it

  4. Sorry guys, you clearly can’t read graphs. The wavy graphs show that Arctic Ocean ice peaks in mid-May and reaches its minimum around October 1. Wait until October 1 to pass judgment.

    • “Political Science” IS Science Fiction.

      I remember taking BS Political “Science” courses in college and new it was BS then.

  5. Some people talk of the Ice Age as if it were in the past but we are currently in an interglacial period named the Holocene of an “Ice Age” that began more than 2 1/2 million years ago and which will not end until ice sheets no longer cover the Artic, Antartic and Greenland. The current interglacial or warming period is NOT a function of anthropogenic activity just as the warming period 16,000 years ago (when the earth’s temperature was 3 degrees Celsius higher than today) wasn’t.

  6. Yep-and the (myth) of global warming is still being pushed by Al Gore. We are now in a 50 year cooling cycle. Proof of this is the aridity in the SW USA is now at its peak.The Colorado River , which feeds Lake Mead is drying up.

  7. The orange and pink graph of Co2/Temp during the Phanezoroic era is the image most feared by Climate Cons. Just tell people to Google “Co2 eras”, and it will hit. The ice ages at 300mya (low Co2), and 450 Mya (HIGH CO2) are the Karoo and the Andean Saharan (wiki). During the Cretaceous Temp steadily rose, while Co2 declined. The exact opposite occurred during the Jurassic. No Climate Con can explain these long term inverse correlations.

  8. Well i guess there is no global warming, so we can just kkeep polluting the earth non stop with no consequences. Yea!

    • Robert does beleave in finding a cleaner way of earth but one that benefits everyone not the money selling scam that is man made global warming which benefits no one!.

    • no one wants pollution, real serious nasty toxic harmful etc
      however CO2 is NOT a pollutant
      put the koolaid down

  9. You do realize that if they turn this inside out, upside down and back to front, the ‘warmists’ will find a way to ‘prove’ the ice was caused by Global Warming!

    • Global Warming causes more evaporation

      More evaporation causes more clouds

      More clouds cause more rain and more rain up high causes more snow.

      More snow causes a colder Arctic which causes more Ice.

      Therefore, Global Warming causes more Ice.

  10. We have known for decades that “warming” was a hoax. Only Al Gore has profited from it. Thanks for this great site!

  11. And this is the height of Summer. I guess that Polar Bears are going to starve due to no water to swim in….. oh wait

  12. i saw a heaer somewhere…about yet another cluster**k of fools supposedly going to show how ice free it is up there.
    pommies i think?
    seems to have got quiet;-) chuckling

  13. Sure global warming is real. It’s called, the SUN. It warms the earth quite well. In fact, so well that the difference between daytime and night time temperatures are very noticeable during all seasons. In fact, if the earth were to magically stop turning, it wouldn’t take long for one side to get quite a baking, while the other side cooled down considerably.

    The point is, the Sun drives the climate much more than anything else. And it’s what’s going on with the sun and the Earth/Moon orbital relationship to it that is of most concern at present….

    Good Journeys

  14. Dont forget we are in a grand solar minimum and the solar output is the #1 thing determining temperatures here on earth. Has been the case since we entered the solar minimum about 15-20 years ago, and will remain stagnant for about another 30-40 years. After that we will start another phase of the upward trend of increasing solar radiation, and energy, for about 200 years. Pollution and greenhouse gases have been increasing while solar output has gone down slightly. What do you expect once the solar cycle goes the other way with another 50 years of pollution and greenhouse gases? Don’t worry, your derp self will be dead.

    • im not stressing over a possible .6 of one degree supposed warming…in 100yrs
      and if that includes man and natural then find something useful to stress over and put time into correcting.

    • He predicted that he would make a lot of money, and he has.
      All snake oil sales men make money from the Gullible.
      When you have fake science at the heart of the educational system, that prevents anti AGW papers from being presented or worked on for research, otherwise they fail the course you know something “Smells in the state of Denmark”.
      AGW is the politics of redistribution, drain the swamp. Teach our kids real science, not Gaia hocus pocus

  15. the almost total lack of Solar UV radiation over this very extenuated period of Maunder Minimum is the direct cause of “global warming” not spiking.

    that’s it. and you aren’t talking about it.

  16. there may also be another possible, though unlikely, explanation…. As the Earth’s magnetic field lines continue to shift (as the magnetic poles begin to flip – for the first time in 700,000 years)…the magma under the Arctic may be being pulled away. Much evidence exists that Arctic Ice melts more from the bottom than the top – that heating is from below. This could be caused by magma below the ocean floor. If that magma is being reassigned in obedience to magnetic field line shift, then that would explain the increase in ice.

  17. Cue the swimming polar bear, we can claim its drowning, send to the networks, schools,
    quickly b4 the ruse is seen….

    Warming, cooling, change, the left is an Emotional Joke

  18. EVERY time anyone searches “global warming” this site should float right to the top of the list and should be required reading before proceeding to the rest of the “information”.
    The last thing “those people” want to face is facts!!!!!

    • Hah! It doesn’t even show up if you search for “ice age” … even though we’ve had more than 37 million hits over the years.

      • I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine, Robert (and I highly recommend it). I just searched for “ice age”, and your site WAS listed.

      • yeah cos the goog is NOT your friend
        its a control for the psyops the govts and interested parties want the gullible to kep believing
        other search engines are likely to be nore useful as firefox and duckduckgo and brave are.
        ixquick/startpage also.

  19. Climate change is a tool used to control the masses. The Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (50 million years ago) resulted in the earths ice caps melting completely. The fear mongering that is going on related to “global warming” is the same fear mongering they use to divide the people along social and ethnic lines. America is a bunch of Debt Enslaved, Obese, Robots, divided into “parties” oblivious to the police state that surrounds them. Quite frankly, global warming is the least of their concerns. But when you are delusional and oblivious, you aren’t worried about concerns. Back to work SLAVES. Oh, and keep voting “left vs right” or worrying about the NBA/NFL/MLB….all the while you lose your life to work. Robot Slaves….what can you do?

  20. All of Hudson Bay frozen over towards the end of June? That can’t be normal.

    So much for global warming. That’s just another conspiracy theory of the Left.

  21. I am 85 years old.Iwas born in South Carolina.When I was in grammer school we would build snow walls in the school yard an have snow ball wars many times a year as snowed often. Columbia is in the center of state an they have had a dusting of snow over the last 50 years.I would say that the climate in S.C. has changed in my life time but maybe not in a million years but I don’t think I’ll see it.Maybe some other area has cooled but S.C. has warmed.

  22. You are mentioned on Drudge. Get ready for lots of company visiting. Hope you can stand up to the huge task of moderating. And thank you for all the work you do.

    What surprises me is the increase in the sea-ice volume. (Black line on graph.) It represents an over 4000 km3 increase. Imagine an ice cube with each side a kilometer long. Then imagine 4000 of them. And that is just the increase.

    Alarmists prefer to ignore the work of the Danish Meteorological Institute, and will refer you to the Bremen site, which shows more open water. Also many will tell you the least ice is seen in September.

    But the main point is that there was suppose to be no ice at all by 2013. It is a failure of Global Warming forecasting that the ice is increasing.

  23. You and Trump. Damn Global Warming deniers. First off tell us how Antarctica is doing! The sea ice is melting so fast down south. Second. How can you ignore the evidence of this by so many credible scientists. The artic might have some sea ice but all that says is about ocean currents and weather patterns. Sea level is going to rise you don’t have icebergs the size of Rhode island cleaving off and melting for nothing.

    • The calving icebergs don’t raise the sea level if the interior of the icecap is gaining mass due to increased snowfall. The calving is caused by that increased mass. The sea level is either rising very slowly (definitely much slower than the alarmists had predicted) or actually falling.

    • Thanks for your input. So if you think warming is a problem (cooling would be a real problem) and that co2 causes it (very doubtful but giving you the benefit of the doubt) can we count on your support to promote vastly expanded use of nuclear power, reduction of wasteful high-carbon activity such as the US post office and government bloat, and policies that discourage unsuccessful people from having children? If so, at least we can work together on those things, all of which would reduce CO2 production.

    • oh boy your lack of research and facts are showing…a lot.
      antarctic ice SHELF snapped off. no big deal its what shelves do.
      shelves form from the compressed snow tuning to ice and being forced down and out over the sea you fool. if you care to go look at the temps there youd be damnedlucky to find anything above minus 20c on the fringes in midsummer usually
      more likely to be minus 40c and down down down from that.
      stop trusting media misleads and get off your lazy bum and GO LOOK at some real world charts. can give you ocen and land surface tmps globally realtime.
      but that might trigger you , snowflake!

  24. The liberal’s crusade to punish anyone or anything for flatulence or mowing their lawn is an obvious ploy for control over everyone and anything. They are globalist pukes. There is no doubt that the weather patterns are changing but it has become very obvious that it is not a man made phenomenon. I am anxiously awaiting a movement to shut them down for good.

    • I confess.

      I am to blame for the cooling.

      Ever since I stopped eating Grains and Dairy (bread, milk and cheese), I stopped Farting. Really.

  25. “Warmies” – what a pathetic bunch of losers. Some people will believe anything they’re told, unfortunately for the country.

    • the opposite of skeptical is????
      its what conmen rely on
      PT Barnum “one born every minute”

  26. This proves global warming, remember, Globalist claim that warming causes colder winters and more snow and ice, so…more Arctic ice has to prove global warming…right…..I’m an engineer with a PHd, don’t understand the logic in warming equals more ice, but hey, I’m still learning after 45 years at it.

    • No what this really proves is it a on going cycle a cycle that no matter what we do won`t be able to change the cycles of ices ages and natural warm periods and we have little to nothing to do about it as Robert said it’s a cycle it’s a cycle.

  27. Well, well, well. What a surprise. Antarctic ice is growing too. Is it a coincidence that Europe is running out of CO2? Hmmmm. It’s time to take Mann and other Globull Warmists out behind the barn and flay them mercilessly for all the damage and tremendous waste of money they have caused.

  28. How could this be? algore said….. , and he won an Academy Award and the Nobel Prize. Comrade hussein obama said global warming was “settled science.” How could this be?

  29. Its a figment of your imagination as the real experts like algore, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson say it is ice free.

    • A l Gore was never a expert to begin with and he and many others is what is truely wrong with this entire thing climate has no business in being policalised.

  30. Hmm! After 25+ years of dire predictions about sea ice loss in the Arctic, it would seem the alarmists may have been mistaken.

  31. Show this to Fake News and Al Gore and record what their lies are.
    USA Today cannot admit Global warming is a massive tax scam like the United Nations itself take from America and give to whomever looks Marxist.

  32. There is, always, the specter of starvation on the continent of Africa. Babies are not, usually, made when the participants are cooking on a stove,, reading a book, watching the telly, or playing card games. Trouble is all four of those activities require electricity which, largely because of the worlds environmentalists, is being denied African families because of their resistance to the building of cheap coal fired energy plants and, even cheaper, Thorium Nuclear power plants. They are dictating that only, too expensive, wind, and solar powered energy sources, be built. And, when that next continental starvation occurs they can, and will, sit in their Ivory Towers and commiserate with, and likely, and unfairly, blame President Trump. But those African children’s bellies will still hurt like the dickens, during, and while they die of starvation, caused, in part, by rich elites throughout the world , who can’t see the African forest, for the trees.

  33. I guess Al Gore has done such a good job halting Global Warming that we need to combat Global Cooling now.

    People please drive your SUV’s so that we all don’t freeze to death!!!


  34. But Mr. Gore said, by now, I could go over the pole in my Kayak. All I needed was some sunscreen. What gives?

  35. The amount of ice in Hudson’s Bay and packed up on on the east coast side is likely why NFLD is still getting snow in June.

  36. OMG, the new Ice Age that that so called experts warned us about in the 70s is finally here. Buy your winter cloths now!

  37. Wait a minute! I thought Al Gore told us the polar ice caps would be completely melted by now? What happened, Al?

  38. Hmmm, it appears that the globe is in violation of the laws of physics. I mean I was always taught that as the temperature increases, it tends to MAKE ICE MELT thus REDUCING ice volume. Someone send out out the Global Warming zealot cops!

  39. It reminds me the book of Art Bell & whitley Strieber : “the coming global superstorm”, inspired by the movie : “The Day After Tomorrow” (Roland Emmerich, 2004)…

  40. 28 June 2018: Snow on the cards for KZN (Kwa Zulu Natal) in July
    Durban – Snow watchers will be thrilled to know that, according to Snow Report SA, the cold front heading to the province at the weekend, is likely to bring a blanket of snow across the country.
    Posting on their Facebook page, Snow Report SA said on July 1 (Sunday) a cold front will arrive on the shores of the Western Cape.
    “By Sunday evening, we should see some snow fall over the peaks of the majority of Cape mountains. We may see more than 15 cm on some ranges including those of Hottentots Holland, Cederberg, Matroosberg and the Boland mountain range. At the same time Northern Cape areas such as Sutherland, Calvinia and Fraserberg are expected to receive snow, reaching up as far as Springbok by Monday morning,” said Snow Report SA.

  41. If you hurry, you can get your reservations for National Geographic’s Private Jet Around The World, for *only* $84,950 per person. While on board, you can yuk-yuk with all the Eco-Hypocrites about *Climate Change* and how all the little people should tighten their belts and burn less of that AWFUL fossil fuel. Reduce their carbon footprint 80% from 1990 levels, while all of YOU live life very large, like Al Gore, like Barack Obama, like Richard Branson, Hollywood Limousine Liberals, and *academics* who travel around the world all the time. National Geographic is always preaching climate change and AlGorian consciousness in every single issue. Then it rakes in millions selling tours around the world, advertised in its 135 page glossy magazine, mailed out to millions of loyal *environmentalists* (wink, nudge).

  42. ” Where’s that (so-called) global warming?”
    That was the modern maximum and it is over. Welcome to the Eddy Minimum.

    • Its a pity the person who predicted this Grand Solar Minimum and provided the math to predict others in future and hindcast correctly previous grand solar minimums has been cut out of being rembered for his discovery.
      Particulary by a Solar Community who has supported the CO2 fraud by maintaining TSi only varies 1% over a solar cycle, and that there would not be a Grand Solar Minimum at this time
      The fraudulent Ologist climate models are based on this fiction.
      This Grand Solar Minimum should be named after Dr Theodor Landscheidt

  43. Why is there no source or citation for the image that is the main point of this article? This whole thread just feels like an ignorance echo chamber for people who think they know better than an entirety of global geologists and climatologists. People who, despite how they feel about the data, report it. (i.e., science) Sure, there are some who might use it for their own gain, but in my experience in higher academia (B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, will return someday for M.S. or Ph D because learning is the whole point of life), most scientists care more about data than their own bias. Much like the people in this thread, the fringe scientists exist on the outskirts.

    So yeah, you can use a source and citation from another image that further “proves your point”, but this entire discussion is moot without a source or citation on the original image.

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