Arctic sea ice almost back to normal

The Arctic is still about -23 degrees Celsius (-9.4F) and sea ice thickness and volume back to almost back to within “normal range,” according to the DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute, as of the 7th April:

Thanks to John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia for this info

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  1. When the cold sets in, the ice forms up “right quick”.

    It’s a pendulum, not a rocket ride to warmth, and the pendulum has swung back to ice…

  2. What is normal? the grey area is the mean tempreture since the 1950s that corresponds to the warmest third of the 172 year Solar cycle. I would expect that the yearly track in volume to exceed the current mean within 8 years as this GSM progresses.

    Already we are seeing a massive build up of snow on the two major Ice caps of the world. Other glaciated areas will also expand as time goes by. Yet CO2 will continue to recover from its dangerously low level, without affecting GHG Warming what so ever.

  3. How can this be? By now the seas should have risen a hundred feet and we should have cruise ships sailing the northwest passage with ease!

    • Now that you mention the Northwest Passage, I recently picked up an interesting book: “The Year China Discovered America” by Gavin Menzies. It shows a world map with the Chinese Treasure Fleet of Zhou Wen’s route around Greenland and back to China via the Northeast Passage, 1421-1423.

      • The Carbon 14 proxy and AM chart shows a brief warming spike between the Spoorer and Maunder GSM
        With a strong Meridional air stream for several weeks from the South West from the Great lakes over the Canadian Archipelago and Green land moving the sea ice north east wards. The Canadian Archipelago would have probably retained its pack ice and the inner NW passage remaining blocked as it has done since the Wolf GSM and the start of the LIA.
        Time scale July to September just prior to the Arctic refreeze starting.

  4. The human monitoring of the Artic has been for a couple hundred years or so. The sudo scientists have no clue what “normal” is.

  5. Well this is interesting. NSIDC are saying the ice is thinner than ever in the history of time and the ice extent has never been so measly. There are icebergs actually fleeing the Arctic to seek colder climes because it’s so hot up there (heat rises don’t you know). The diagram that shows the temperature anomaly for March shows that it’s a few degrees above normal (what is the “normal” temp?). Anyway it shows the Arctic as green so it’s probably covered in trees now. Woe are the polar bears. Woe is mankind – and it’s all your fault (yes you).

    So then I looked at the DMI website and it all seems roughly normal. Sensible folk the Danes.

    • Very sensible are the Danes regarding the world of Ice, as are the all of the Scandinavians, but for a major military setback at the beginning of the Medieval Warm Period, England would have become part of a Danish Kingdom, rather than Saxon, Norman, and the Anglo Franko wars’ which have repeated since 1066 right up to the turn of 19th Century.
      Cold climate change can be seen throughout history and the changes it gives rise too of Human Civilisations and the rise and fall. LALIA GSM and the three T6/T& eruptions which occurred with it decimated the post Roman Western Empire with diseases and famine, over a third of the population of Europe died. The Angles and Saxons which followed them began there 300 year migration to the west from the Russian steppes, Islam began it rise in the tribes of Saudi within 200 years of the LALIA event

  6. They are struggling to open the “Barneo” jetport at the Pole, so very wealthy people can fly up there and cross-country-ski at the North Pole. They have to build on the new “baby ice” because it is flat. The thicker “multiyear ice” is to tortured and bumpy to land jets upon.

    I noticed they mentioned the baby-ice is 1.8 meters thick. This is 50% thicker than the 1.2 meter thick ice they built upon a couple years ago.

    Nothing to see here folk. Please move along.

  7. i see the NYT is pushing the no ice/ polar bears in crisis crap meme again today..and bashing susan crockford again as well
    losses in one population rises in others and NINE they have admitted they have not a damned clue about at all…

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