Arctic sea ice controlled by solar cycles

Thanks to solar cycles, sea ice is now recovering slowly in the Northern Hemisphere.

Chart from Danish Meteorological Institute

Thanks to J.H. Walker for these links

“This chart show the effects of Solar Induced climate change from the high sea ice level stand at the end of the Solar Cycle 20 cool-sun period though the three High Output cycles SC21, SC22 and SC23,” says J.H. “With the effect of the modern Grand Solar Minimum only just commencing with lagging temperature effects.”

7 thoughts on “Arctic sea ice controlled by solar cycles”

  1. The mainstream media will never report this.
    The Canadian government is totally committed to the Global warming scam and taxes from carbon taxes.

  2. No surprise here.
    Oh my! Some people may have to give up their radical alarmist theories.!

  3. Couple of point. This modern Grand Solar Minimum was predicted.
    Its energy output in terms of UV in particular is much lower than the Dalton GSM 1780 to 1820.
    The next is aleady predicted for 2188, as is the single Cool sun cycle like SC20 for 2144.
    NASA is already predicting a cool Sun in energy output no higher than SC24 for SC25, with the the following cycles slightly higher in output than 25 but less than SC20.
    30 more years of rapid cooling to follow, it might return to more tepid levels after 2056.

  4. Thanking any influence for recovered sea ice sounds implausible to anyone who needs to set sail be they Captain, Trawler, Pirate, Navy, Merchant Navy, Pleasure Tripper, Explorer, Cruiser, Frigate or just someone considered mad by all who know him LOL.
    Some fools get the urge to document both the North West and North East Passages. I wouldn’t go there. Surely we have satellites to keep track of the ice anyway.
    Getting stuck in the ice like Shackleton is no fun and I doubt if a helicopter has enough range to come and rescue you.
    The only ice I wish for is the rocks in my Scotch.

  5. actually .. the one thing James Hansen was right about many years ago was that 90%+ of excess Arctic sea ice melt was and is due to carbon dust from coal burning that decreased 1970s-90s with the West cleaning up real pullution then increased from late 90s to now because of China’s coal burning

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