Arctic sea ice extent highest in recent years

Sea-ice extent is at highest levels in recent years, and temperatures at the Pole have crashed to the lowest levels of the winter.

So much for global warming.

When a zonal pattern traps cold air at the Pole, Alarmists shift their attention further south and write about spring being early in certain places, calling it “unprecedented”. However when these winter patterns fall apart they sometimes hurl blobs of very cold air south, and mild winters can end with wild storms, as was the case on March 11-15, 1888.

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7 thoughts on “Arctic sea ice extent highest in recent years”

  1. 9.5 feet of snow in 3 days at Homewood resort at Tahoe in the Sierra. It may have snowed more elsewhere. Many other resorts are closed and not reporting.

  2. Again, convenient they cancelled their Shackleton experiment of getting intentionally stuck in the Arctic ice.

  3. At that rate, I think the snowpack will be caught up in no time with additional snow on the way, although they probably will say otherwise.

  4. It appears the Covid 19 is the real cause of Global Warming.
    It’s the new ‘guilty’.
    That changed all the focus, the most of people forgot all the catastrophic problems of ‘Climate Change’, don’t you know !?
    But the planet still continues his cycles.

  5. To Think that We are the Ones in Charge of the Climate is Arrogant to the Limit as The Plant Will do as She Wishes!

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