Arctic sea ice volume growing, not shrinking!

Arctic sea-ice volume was higher on June 1st than on the same date in 2011 and far, far higher than on the same date in 2012, 2016 and 2017.

Now that the Arctic melt season has started in earnest, we find a surprising trend. Instead of shrinking rapidly — as is often claimed by global warming alarmists and the click-sleaze media — Arctic sea-ice volume has not shrunk in 13 years!

Arctic sea ice volume has not fallen in 13 years. Data source: Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

As the above chart shows, the ice has in reality even grown a bit!

The figures are based on calculations using DMI’s operational ocean and sea ice model HYCOM-CICE.

This is why today it’s more important than ever to keep the focus on the real data and not the hysterical headlines that currently dominate the hype-filled media.

Thanks to Sonya Porter for this link

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  1. Summer in Russia: Massive Snowfall Rocks Cities on Arctic Circle (VIDEO) 06.06.2019
    Snow fell in Salekhard, the administrative centre of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, on the morning of 5 June for the second year in a row, Artem Koshkin, head of the Yamalo-Nenets Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, told reporters.
    The first week of summer has been marked by heavy snowfall in the Russian cities of Salekhard and Labytnangi.
    The strongest snowfall covered the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the neighbouring town of Labytnangi on 24 May when the equivalent of two month’s of snow fell in 24 hours in Salekhard alone. About 50 units of special equipment took to the streets for two days to clean up the aftermath.

  2. Strange how “NSIDC” claims the Arctic ice is far below the 2012 as well as median average per their “Arctic Sea Ice Extent graph. (See site below)
    It seems “We” can’t trust our government since, it seems, that most of the data comes from: National Snow and Ice Data Center, NOAA, and NASA! Obviously, there is data manipulation going on. I remember that NASA stated: “The Earth Cooled Sharply”, but questioned why they would claim this unless it was to cover up previous temperature manipulations. I wonder how many other agencies have been infiltrated with manipulators?

    “May saw above average temperatures over nearly all of the Arctic Ocean, Baffin Bay, and Greenland. Early sea ice retreat in the Bering Sea extended into the southern Chukchi Sea. Northern Baffin Bay and the Nares Strait have low ice cover. By month’s end, open water extended along the northeastern Alaskan and northwestern Canadian coasts, all well ahead of schedule. However, this was partly balanced by slower-than-average ice loss in the Barents Sea. At the end of May, Arctic sea ice daily extent stood at second lowest in the 40-year satellite record.”

    • There is always “maybe” in Warmista so-called predictions. Do you have data showing ice is melting. The ice is innocent of that until proven guilty.

  3. picking individual data points to make a wrong impression instead of looking at the overall trend.

    • That’s a nice chart derived from a model. It is not data. There is no way that accurate data could have existed back in the 19th century and a chunk of the 20th century. I’m not inclined to substitute reality for the non-existent world of a model which has preconditions added that may or not actually exist.

  4. Wrong. Stop putting retarded information out there. Ice free arctic is a near term reality that will happen and change everything.

    • You should maybe look at the ice coverage graphic put out every day from NISDC as I have for years. Year after year predictions have failed against that graphic.

      Were you making a religious statement by any chance?

  5. so ARCTIC GROWING ANTARCTIC IS NOT HEATING AND IS FAIRLY STABLE(sorry caps lock issues) but it should be shouted loudly really;-)
    meanwhile we have wittering fools daily wailing about worlds end in 10 yrs or so.
    really does show they have limited IQ and blindly follow a meme unthinkingly.
    a recently lost old friend stated- I may trust in the lord, but I still question everything…he was a very wise and learned man.

    • The version of that chart you are showing was purposely modified to a different standard. NISDC no longer uses the standard deviation from the mean so they can make it appear as though recently there has been even additional melting.

      There is no doubt that there is less ice than existed from 1980 to 2010, but that period is too short to mean anything. I wouldn’t hold my breath for there being an ice free Arctic anytime soon, if I were you.

  6. I just looked over the figures you linked to.

    There is a clear trend DOWNWARD for sea ice in the summer months since 2003.

    Why lie?

    • Hey Climate alarmists, even your own contrary links show that Artic ice bottomed out roughly 2010, despite 2 warm El Ninos since then. There’s a lot more to climate than co2. You have to take in all the evidence and make a careful analysis. Climate Change Emergency is making a joke out of science and eroding people’s confidence in it.

  7. The plot only shows data from 2011 not 13 years of data as claimed in the “article”. Plotting the data from DMI in the link you provided shows a clearly decrease in the ice volume. Moreover, the same link has data starting from 2003 which supports the ice volume is decreasing.

    • And how does that effect the reality of where I live. May was the 10th COLDEST May in the satellite record. It was the coldest May ever in Arizona and was capped off by accumulating snow in Flagstaff on Memorial Day.

      Under ice melting off the islands around the Arctic they found plant remnants and seeds, some of which grew when planted. There’s nothing new about the current melting. Most of the warm periods of the Holocene were much warmer than today.

  8. This site has been invaded by “snowflakes”, trolls, whatever, Robert………time to block the marxist
    warming clowns

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