Arctic Sea Ice Volume Surges 3 TRILLION Cubic Meters Since Early March!

Media claims of “unprecedented” sea-ice melt in the Arctic are just simply not true.

Using data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) for a comparison, Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye at KiryeNet drives home how “the real Arctic sea ice volume is much higher than in 2008.”

It totally defies the panicky claims of a “melting” Arctic, she tweeted.

Here’s a screen shot from April 7th of this year. Note that sea ice extent is far, far greater than at the same time in either 2017 or 2016.

Thanks to Glenn Cuthbert for this link

As I posted last week, “The Arctic is still about -23 degrees Celsius (-9.4F) and sea ice thickness and volume back to almost back to within “normal range,” according to the DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute, as of the 7th of April.

Arctic sea ice almost back to normal

13 thoughts on “Arctic Sea Ice Volume Surges 3 TRILLION Cubic Meters Since Early March!”

  1. DMI annual report on the state of the Arctic ice sheet 2016-17 states the following:

    In the following, we will look at the most important results monitored in the Arctic in 2017:

    • High levels of precipitation, cool summer and weak and short melting season
    • Unusually small degree of melting
    • Final year with GRACE
    • The Ice Sheet’s albedo in 2017 was the third highest in 18 years
    • Weakened state of the Arctic sea ice was helped by the cool summer in 2017

    All things that suggest the possibility of an improving (colder) outlook in the Arctic but DMI of course has to end the report with:

    The situation at the end of the summer in 2017 was therefore very similar to that in 2016 at the same time of year. The
    temperature of the water around the ice was high, and there was more open water than normal, which slowed down the
    development of ice during the autumn – in fact, it meant the lowest rate of growth seen for at least 8 years – the period in which it has been possible to follow the rate of growth with the European SMOS satellite. This meant that the sea ice began 2018 with the lowest extent of coverage in relation to the time of year for at least 40 years.

  2. Typical, all talk of any ‘problem’ stops when the real one shows itself… remember when we were told about the big problem with mercury in fish? at FDA ~2000? now that some of the vaccines (flu) are reporting FDA ~25,000, all such silly talk has stopped… not to mention all the aluminum compounds as adjuncts … all of which end up seating in the brain… all of which are given more and more to all the sheeple from birth… and all the real problems such as autism, alzheimers etc keep growing exponentially. Same pattern of deception…. culling the herd is done by man as well as nature…. life imitates art, no? Now that the trend reversal has proven to be so obvious, not a word from the infamous Academy Award winning ex VP…. not a coincidence, just par for the course of deception, which includes themselves… as the NWO is currently outing their OWO… same gameplan every time… which makes room for the truth to escape that basement closet in ‘Omelas’… but only in the midst of cataclysm…. the ‘noise’ will drown it out to all not already paying attention… and isn’t it always this way? Wasn’t that the parable of Noah?

    • The greatest source of aluminium accumulation in humans is due to drinking water treatment. Aluminium sulphate is routinely added to raw water to cause flocculation which greatly assists in the initial step in water treatment – filtration – often in large sand filters. The same process is used in municipal swimming pools.

      A town called Camelford in the UK went insane when problems with flocculation in the treatment plant released large amounts of aluminium into the town’s water supply.

      If you’re that concerned stop drinking water. It poses a far higher risk of aluminium toxicity than anything else you quoted.

      And what actual evidence do you have for your ravings when EVERY REAL measure of human health indisputably shows the huge benefits that have accrued since the beginning of the 20th century as mankind began improving sanitation, drinking water purity and mass immunisation.

      In Brisbane in Australia, a sub tropical city, the average life expectancy was in the mid 30’s in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today it is around the mid 80’s – obviously evidence that we are all being systematically harmed by modern advances – LOL !

      And don’t think you can simply switch to bottled water as most brands are just treated domestic water supply with some of the hardness due to calcium and the sterilizing chlorine removed.

      • Fair points Rosco but I’d be avoiding all forms of Al given Prof Christopher Exley’s recent findings concerning Al in the brain tissue of autism autopsies. Deliberately injecting tiny amounts of Al directly int the blood-stream is illogical.
        There’s no metabolic pathway for Al excretion so the macrophages envelope it but frequently they end up in the brain and disintegrate there. I know people who have been diagnosed with Al toxicity and it has permanently impaired their mental faculties.
        Yes many areas of public health have improved over the past century but that’s no reason to ignore recently discovered problems.

      • ingestion isnt the same as injecting into the system blood supply allowing access to blood and organs , brain especially.
        and remember rosco the usa vax regime is for a massive number of jabs before kids are 4, the immune system itself isnt able to react/defend to the other stuff in vaccines.
        limited vaccines spaced out not in multiple combos and not for minor things like chickenpox n measles. which is what we older folks got and we didnt have the allergies and other issues todays kids have. though i personally developed juvenile arthritis symptoms after school jabs in the 60s. from none to a slew of them forced BY the govt back then
        as for water? rainwater and boil it if you feel the need.

      • Rosco, I don’t know about your water issue. I don’t think that the issue with immunizations is with aluminum, it is with mercury, so I think you read more into what he was saying about that then was there. But I don’t agree with you about mass immunizations having the huge benefit that you think it does. Immunizing against truly bad diseases when possible is okay, but stabbing everyone for household diseases lowers the immune system’s ability to respond to real threats.

        As for average life spans going up, go look at any old cemetery and you will see plenty of people that lived into their 80s. What you will also see are lots of people that died very young. Average age is like “average daily temperature,” it isn’t the average going up that indicates increases, it is the high end that is important. If people lived in to their late 80s in 1880 and still live only into their late 80s today but the average age has gone up, that is no more of an indicator than is the average temperature going up while the daily maximums are lower than before being an indicator of globull warming.

  3. Dear Rosco
    Just because someone views the world data differently than you does not make them a raver. You did not respond to the point on mercury, no doubt because it is to frightful. With regard to your aluminum story, do you think there is no difference between ingesting a substance orally, as apposed to injecting it directly into our bloodstream? hmmm. I think if you investigate, though frankly I think you won’t, you would discover something. all the best.

  4. The press has an irrational view-point.
    Less ice is bad, more ice is good.
    It’s simply natural variability and we don’t really understand the controlling factors yet.

  5. Never ever forget the claims of ice thickness are computer models. Don’t ever think someone actually knows.

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