Are we going nuts?

Look at the number of deaths each year from other sources.

Thanks to Joe Herr for this visual

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  1. the whole world has gone stark raving bonkers.

    CoVid19 is a mildly lethal virus, nothing special at all.

    Any ‘senior medic’ who claims otherwise needs to resign. They are spinning globalist BS: the WHO wants one world government and it is the WHO pushing this panic the hardest.

    Why are they doing so and who told them to do so?

    We need to know……

    • Rhys, you are obviously NOT a healthcare worker. Mildly lethal?? Some of us risk our lives to take care of these patients. Educate yourself first before writing or opening your mouth.

      • Well its deadly for some, but not many overall. After all 80,000 died of Flu in the USA only 3 or 4 years ago. In 2014/15 in the UK 28,000 died of Flu.

        It might get a hell of lot worse yet, as predicted, but perspective seems absent at the moment.

  2. If the Chi-Coms were/are out to destroy the North American economy, they did a very, VERY good job of it. The stock markets have beeb tanking; and the USA/Canadian border has been SHUT

      The CDC totally shut down the US Military’s main bio-lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, due to an absence of safeguards against pathogen leakages, issuing a complete “cease and desist” order to the military. It was immediately after this event that the ‘e-cigarette’ epidemic August of 2019 the US had a flurry of lung pneumonias or similar, which the Americans blamed on ‘vaping’ from e-cigarettes, but which, according to the scientist, the symptoms and conditions could not be explained by e-cigarettes. He said he wrote to the US officials telling them he suspected those deaths were likely due to the coronavirus. He claims his warnings were ignored.

      In the past two years (during the trade war) China has suffered several pandemics:

      February 15, 2018: H7N4 bird flu. Sickened at least 1,600 people in China and killed more than 600. Many chickens killed. China needs to purchase US poultry products.
      June, 2018: H7N9 bird flu. Many chickens killed. China needs to purchase US poultry products.
      August, 2018: outbreak of African swine flu. Same strain as Russia, from Georgia. Millions of pigs killed. China needs to purchase US pork products.
      May 24, 2019: massive infestation of armyworms in 14 province-level regions in China, which destroy most food crops. Quickly spread to more than 8,500 hectares of China’s grain production. They produce astonishing numbers of eggs. China needs to purchase US agricultural products – corn, soybeans.
      December, 2019: Coronavirus appearance puts China’s economy on hold.
      January, 2020: China is hit by a “highly pathogenic” strain of bird flu in Hunan province. Many chickens died, many others killed. China needs to purchase US poultry products.

    • About time !! #3 sex trafficking, disease spreading monarchy.
      Grand children unite! Visit grandpa today. BTW James, parents long dead. Ran away 3 times, dropped out got, GED.
      Phi beta kappa in Jr. Collage.
      Applied Science. Go see your grandfolks. Obviously your parents failed. Re, your troll accusation, look in mirror.

    • I think we can excuse the PRC on this one. It was our own super gods that shut down Canada and the USA.
      It was also their own policies that made our nations vulnerable to disease pandemics.

  3. Are we going nuts?…… Nope.

    The current day ranchers make the Bolsheviks look like ladies baseball. 7 billion is big business. The beauty of their weapons beyond coordinated and efficient. Soylent Green will be the new Goldilocks and the Three Bears beadtime story for the kiddies.

    ice Age Farmer (horrific scenes to play out this year – and guess who was the friend of the Angus – likely going to be making a ton of jerky and pemmican and canned beef – fast zombies are the most dangerous)
    Prepared Mind

  4. None of those on the list are enough to overwhelm hospitals and scare the bejeebus out of people. Hazmat suits and masks are far more effective. Please, stop making these comparisons and look at the bigger picture!

    As I said in my other comment re: driver quarantine this is kickoff for another Great Depression via economic looting. They want the masses to be equally poor, starving and eventually dead just like 1929 and beyond.
    Buckle up, buttercups!

    • Just think of the size of the Toilet rolls!
      Bye the way elephant size dung is football sized, it drys as hard as concrete, try not to kick them you break your toes!

  5. None are contagious. Your life choices don’t determine mine future life.

    While there’s the potential to top the list, I hope it remains below murder.

  6. As in any scientific research, let us see what this virus brings during the next several months, Then we can determine the extent of the not yet full effects, in my humble opinion.
    Hopefully, it will then be laid to bed in the annuls of history; another scare tactic playing on the hearts and minds.

  7. If you think you are going nuts that means you are sane.

    The powers that be have long used their control of government and the media to retail their self-serving lies.

    For “one brief shining moment” the people could express the truth through the internet. That avenue has largely been shut now that control of the internet has been deliberately concentrated in almost as few hands as the media.

    So, to the rulers its payback time.

    They are spreading lies as preposterous as they wish — the stupider the better — because they can once again stifle any real opposition to their foolishness.

    All of this is occurring within the context of the collapse of the US empire, which makes the rulers desperate to, among other things, loot the public treasury.

    Don’t believe the US empire is collapsing?

    The Repo crisis has been in the news for three months. Repos are short term loans between banks with US sovereign debt used as collateral. The crisis is banks refuse to accept US Treasury bonds as collateral because the banks believe the bonds are worth way less than the “market” says.

    In fact the “market” is fake because the Federal Reserve openly intervenes to lower interest rates by bidding up the prices of bonds.

    The Fed response to the banks refusing to accept US sovereign debt should be to stop intervening in the market and to let bond prices sink. But interest rates move in the opposite direction to prices so much lower prices means much higher interest rates. That way leads to economic collapse.

    So the Fed is acting as Repo lender of last resort, accepting US bonds as collateral.

    Repo loans are usually unwound the next day. The borrowing bank returns the cash to the lender and the lending bank gives back the bonds to the former borrower.

    But there is no obligation for the borrower to unwind the loan.

    With the Fed acting as Repo lender they are probably getting stuck with a lot of the US bonds as the borrowers decide to hold on to the cash.

    If this goes on long enough the Fed could end up with all the Government debt, roughly $22 trillion. And where did the Fed get the cash to buy the debt? It printed the money out of nothing.

    $22 trillion in cash introduced into the economy means hyperinflation. The US $ would be near worthless.
    The US $ is the lynchpin of the US empire. Finis the empire.

    What does this mean to America and those within its sphere of influence? A lower standard of living.

    Right now Americans and others buy a lot of goods from abroad. The greenbacks that go abroad to pay for these goods never return stateside to buy goods and services. Foreign central banks hoard the dollars for reserve purposes and the dollars are used for trade between foreign countries. Since the dollars never come home to buy goods and services, the stuff the US got in exchange for that money was free to the country. That privilege is coming to an end.

    With the collapse of the US dollar and its empire, for good or ill, if the US wants to maintain huge defence forces American taxpayers will have to work harder just to maintain the forces they already have.

  8. I spent 15 years analyzing death data … and I totally agree with the message of this article.

    I do think there is something really “fishy” going on with all the “panic” messages and rules now being implemented to address the “crisis” … and the government response to all is is far worse in terms of the effects on the economy than the virus. Seems to me that it may be orchestrated to bring in “single payer health insurance (in the US), and a number of other kook-koo ideas from the far left.

    Depression here we come… hope you have some good recipes for “Spam” (my fathers favorite treat, after growing up in the Depression, Try it fried in butter, instead of baloney!)

    The weirdest thing I’ve seen locally (where they have been a grand total of 5 coronavirus cases) is: all stores totally sold out of toilet paper, beginning to sell out of much food items (about 1/3 of the grocery shelves in local Walmart where empty this morning when I went shopping). All schools here are closed, possibly until end of the school year. All restaurants now closed for any food except “take out” or delivery. Libraries, museums, etc. all closed until further notice.

    I hate to think what affect this will have on local small business. And I’m just waiting for this to start impacting gas stations.

    Personally, as a person who recently moved over 3000 miles to a new area and not yet having friends… I hate the recommendation that all “old people” stay home. What a depressing idea!

    I fully expect that at some point in the future the Democrats will use this as another excuse to impeach President Trump.

  9. There’s two things I will add:

    #1. If the Socialists wanted to wreck capitalism, they could not have done better than this panic (not the disease)

    #2. The Australian main-stream media is repeating Every Single Last Lie of the Chinese Socialists, and their puppet(s) the World Health Organisation. I doubt you could find a more pro-Socialist propaganda effort. The main-stream media is largely responsible for most of the trouble you see.

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