Are We Playing Right Into Their Plan?

OPERATION COVID-19 Following Alinsky’s Communist Takeover Plan “Rules for Radicals,” reads the title on State of the Nation.

Originally posted on  May 18, 2020 by State of the Nation

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  1. In relation to your post here, I found this also interesting:

    Hillary Clinton actually met Alinsky and worshiped at his feet. Obama never met him but both he and Clinton esteemed the traitor as if he were a living god. BTW his book entitled “Rules for Radicals” was dedicated to Satan. That fact alone speaks volumes about him and his beliefs/techniques. I have read his book and all of his 8 points are indeed in play in the USA today. The book is Obama’s and Clinton’s “bible” and it is also for most if not all of the traitors in our midst today.

    In case you failed to notice when the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare) was passed our healthcare system suddenly changed. We were promised how great and fantastic it would be and how it would make healthcare “affordable” but we all soon found out that just the opposite was true. It preys on the sick and that is exactly what Alinsky had in mind.

    In terms of poverty, poor people are in fact easier to control because you control their healthcare, food, housing, and income. Also keep them uneducated because any good dictator worth his salt knows that an ignorant population is much easier to control than an educated one. Increasing debt has been going on for decades now and it does in fact increase poverty. That is why the middle class has basically been eliminated.

    Gun control has been one of the biggest obstacles to the manifestation of Alinsky’s envisioned “social state.” Most Americans have guns or can quickly get them and that poses a problem for the traitors in our midst. They’ve been trying to create a police state for a long while now. That is why American police have been militarized and it is why the friendly neighborhood cop is history. Today’s police shoot to kill not to disable and they will shoot you for any reason, apparently. I should say SOME police not all.

    Welfare creates dependence on government and a dependent people are very easily controlled and manipulated. You can easily incite them to riot, demonstrate, and/or anarchy. Just look at what is happening now in our nation. No further proof needed.

    America’s education system today does NOT educate. It indoctrinates! Every good dictator knows that in order for his/her oppressive regime to endure that he/she must gain control over the young so that they can be brainwashed and conditioned into supporting the regime at any cost. This is one reason they don’t teach civics anymore in our schools. Should our children learn civics then they might well rebel against the emerging tyranny.

    Not even the rich are safe in such a regime and that is why there cannot be a middle class. Society must be an ongoing battle between rich and poor. Besides if you create and keep class warfare going the poor uneducated masses will never catch on to what you are doing behind the scenes. Of course if all else fails then exploit a crisis and if there is no crisis then create one, as Alinsky recommended.

    Alinsky was in bed with Lenin’s ideology and, yes, he simplified Lenin’s ideology and fashioned it for America. The basic idea is to use media, educators, politicians, and anyone else to achieve the goal of establishing a Satanic Communist state based on tyranny. These are called “useful idiots” and they only serve to help create the regime but NOT to sustain it. Once the regime is established then all of the “useful idiots” must be eliminated. That is why Pol Pot ordered all “intellectuals” killed by the Khmer Rouge and those “intellectuals” were anyone who wore eye glasses.

    All of this is happening in America right now and all of you people who thought it could never happen in the good ole USA were dead WRONG! I advise you to drop the myth that American soldiers wouldn’t ever shoot their fellow Americans in the streets as well. THEY WILL because they too have been conditioned into Alinsky’s demonic ideology. And if they won’t do it then UN soldiers most certainly will.

    The disciples of Alinsky began to panic so they created a virus right out of a “B” sci-fi movie and thus far it has worked amazingly well. Oh the virus is real but I really do not think it is as bad as they claim otherwise there would be no need to count victims of car wrecks as having died of COVID-19. That should be your first clue that something is greatly amiss in the whole “pandemic” affair. And the mask wearing? It covers up your face, your identity, so that you are no longer an individual. There can be no individuals in the emerging Communist regime! Besides it will be easier for the police and soldiers to shoot us dead if they don’t have to look at our faces.

    The Alinsky “plan” is not perfect nor is it playing out perfectly right now so I am sure something BIGGER is on the horizon for America and the world. I expect some sort of major “false flag” any time now. One that will literally scare the masses to no end and look to government to save them.

    We are witnessing the end to America and to our Republic and few realize it today. The masses are mindless “sheeple” who will do anything they are told to do and the traitors in our midst KNOW IT. Kiss America good-bye because the so called “New Normal” is one in which you are a faceless useful idiot eater who is a parasite on the planet which must be eliminated before the Commie “utopia” can be made fully manifest. What sad times we live in but what’s even sadder is that the masses seem not to care at all. They seem content with just sitting by and watching our ONCE great nation fall. Unbelievable! Oh but we will ALL regret it once that “great” Communist-Alinsky “Utopia” dawns I guarantee you. It will be a literal living Hell for most of us. Why do you think Alinsky dedicated his book to SATAN?

    Benito Lorez, M.Sc., M.Th.

  2. Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!
    …. and this is important to understand too:

    Tools for Radicals
    Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), sometimes less precisely called immune enhancement or disease enhancement, is a phenomenon in which binding of a
    virus to non-neutralizing antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, and sometimes also its replication.[1] This phenomenon—which leads to both increased
    infectivity and virulence—has been observed with mosquito-borne flaviviruses such as Dengue virus, Yellow fever virus and Zika virus,[2][3] with HIV, and with
    There are worse things than death.
    Antibody-dependent enhancement – RNA type virus injections
    James Corbett – Gary Null. Bill Gates – Vaccine & Eugenics
    including discussion on engineered Antibody-dependent enhancement

  3. That part about “Useful Idiots” hurt my feelings… I’m reporting you to the YouTube thought police.

  4. Thank you Robert. One of their other tricks are treaties. Treaties override the Constitution. The Gatt agreement still needs to be rescinded. It is around 23,000 pages of regulations never voted on; simple things like if I ship a load of leaded gasoline to Long Beach Harbor but California environmental regulations prohibit to unload it US must pay me for the balance of the cost of shipping and what I would’ve sold it for. If an American company finds minerals on the seafloor it must share an equal amount of anything mined with Third World countries who have not the capability to do same thank you Madeline Albright. Is anybody aware of the fact that Warren Christopher was the pointman to destroy American police departments in the 1970s a la’ chief Darrel Gates and the LAPD. So welcome aboard fellow Sheeple, take your red pills, my parents taughtme this as I was growing up! Marx calls it the long march. They never quit, and can only be stopped by indoctrination of the truth, but they own academia and almost the entire media. Their only true enemy is the Islamic Caliphate. They will eventually win, by the way.

  5. A lot of comunism has been taken over in west-european countries from ‘Kommunistisch Manifest’. Like centralizing healthcare, education, and now due to the covidpandemic and the UN/WHO rules companies, citizens, patiënts, hospitals, and so on. That idea will also collapse like Russia once collapsed. When? Just wait and see. P.S. Lenin didn’t bother killing a million humans in order to get the political power.

  6. I am not convinced that what we see happening is actually a move towards communism as an end. It may be a “step along the way,” but 1984 wasn’t a communist state, if you will, it was a planned state in many ways.

    We are not moving towards a world where the government owns everything and we are only allowed to use it for their benefit. We are moving towards a world where we can own our little piece of personal life, living in another person’s rentals, directly profiting the elite, not the government, and the government will be there only as the enforcer. It will be the “security force” hired by those that own the world.

    And it will be far more desirable to limit the number of “worker ants” in the colony, so that they don’t spread into areas reserved for the owners. And that is where a “DNA” vaccine for a virus that no one has isolated can be best used for – limiting the number of worker ants.

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