Argentina – Some areas running out of firewood and bottled gas

:Intense cold increases demand, and half of  Río Negro province is covered with snow.

24 June 2017 – The storm affected 11 million hectares, with snow accumulations of 20 to 80 cm  (8 to 28 inches)

The snow knocked down many poles that now must be replaced. There are still problems in El Manso, El Foyel and the El Bolson area.

There is still no official report on the mortality of animals, although there may be a small number of them killed.

JOSÉ DE SAN MARTÍN (ADNSUR) – Twelve people isolated by the snow were rescued by agencies of the Government of Chubut in  the areas of El Molle and Cushamen.

Pablo Garcia, Undersecretary for Citizen Protection of the Province, reported: “11 people, including an 80 year old man, were isolated by snow and were rescued in the El Molle area and Tres Picos in the vicinity of José de San Martín.”×420.jpg


21 June 2017: Parts of the South Region rionegrina remains covered with snow and ice. Yesterday morning in Maquinchao the thermometer marked 18.5 degrees below zero. In the rest of the region the mercury dropped  to 8 and the 13 under zero and for most of the day temperatures remained zero.

The streets of the various localities remain covered with ice, creating a great danger for motorists and pedestrians.

The intense cold increased the demand for firewood and gas. In some places they distributed what little they had left. The municipality of Jacobacci awaits the arrival of a shipment of firewood for the next few hours and in Los Menucos the arrival of bottled gas.

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4 thoughts on “Argentina – Some areas running out of firewood and bottled gas”

  1. It makes you wonder if unusual cold is the reason Easter Island doesn’t have trees any more; cut them all down for firewood?

  2. Best I can remember, it seems like the winters have been getting more severe south of the mid latitudes in the southern hemisphere, just like it is getting more severe north of the mid latitudes in the northern hemisphere. Back when it was just CO2 we were concerned about, they said it was going to be the opposite, but now that we have “climate change with GHGs,” well, I am sure that is also why the magnetic pole is shifting and the magnetic field is getting weaker as well.

    I think these people had better start “stockpiling” heating supplies and trying to get a little ahead of the curve. What you don’t use this year is available for the next, but what you don’t have this year can’t be replaced by what you get next year.

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