Argentina – First snow in Misiones in 48 years

15 June  2016 – The Province of Misiones characterized by its subtropical climate.

Misiones suffered heavy snow in some places and sleet falling in almost the entire length of the province.

On August 20, 1965 was the last time the National Weather Service reported snow in Misiones.

Kusik MARCELOK said more snow could occur in the coming days and predicted that tomorrow the entire north of the country will be frozen at very low temperatures of between 3 and 7 degrees.

Paradoxically the provinces most affected by the polar wave are in the north of the country where the weather is warm and dry.

According to the Meteorological Service the lowest temperatures recorded in Oran (Salta) with 6.4 degrees, very close to the 6.8 degrees that hit Ushuaia at the other end of the country. Chaco, however had the lowest temperature with 1.5 degrees below zero in the town of Saenz Pena

Two deaths from hypothermia were recorded in the province.×300.jpg

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